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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 14, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Page Two '05 LOST LIST Along with his alumni dues this week, comes change of address for concerning the Keith Frazcc Adamson, Major OrdAny information persons whose names appear on this nance Department, U. S. A. He is now list will be appreciated in the Alumni located at Camp Bragg, N. C. office. As the Directory copy is now being checked for the printer this in'07 formation is needed at the earliest posArthur Liston Donan, mine supersible moment. intendent with the Providence Mining Class of '15 Esther Mac Bailey, Company, has been with the company Jcncttc Torrcncc Bell, Logan Bcntlcy for several years. During the World Caywood, William Patrick Crawley, War he was in the service of his counJr., David Dallas Donohoo, Elizabeth try. Since his return to civilian life Pierce lie has been constantly on the active Eldridgc, Zcchariah Fcam Hays, John Hamilton, Mclvin list of the Alumni Association. Ligon, Archie Xavier Pfcffcr, Douglas Enibry, ex-- , formerly of Rice, Thomas Paris, is now located at Hammond, Gustavus Adolphus Mart Robinson, Clarence Barbour Ind. Shoemaker, Newell Pembcrton Smith, Arthur Eugene Wegcrt. '08 Class of '10 Ralph Emerson Frank H. Graham, telephone engiNorberto Dcvcra, Sue Hunt Frost, neer with the Development Branch of c Logan Noursc Green, Mrs. Bessie the Western Electric Company, asks Judd, Charles Frank Ktinili, George that his residence address be changed Page Ncagle, Homer Lloyd Rcid, to 605 West 156th Street, New York Dudley H. Starns, Orvillc Robert City. Willett. 10 Class of '17 'Carrie Frances Blair, Frank Moore Crum, Benjamin Frank"You will find enclosed my check Kindly lin Foster, Jesse Forrest Gregory, covering alumni dues Ronald Hutchison, James William send my Kernel to 14 Ralph Place, S. Lauren N. Norris, Floyd Wcllman Potts, Burton Morristown, J." ' F. Williams. O'Roark. Mr. Roark is head of the of the department Class of '18 George Clifton Brad- general service ley, Ernest Berry Fleming, Henry J. Western Electric Company at 463 W. Kolbe, Sara Winn McConnell, Minnie Street, New York City. NeVille, Todor Nicholoff. '12 Class of '19 Ruby Karl Diamond, Thomas Lowe, better known Mose Smith, James William Whitfield Elliott, as "Jimmy Lowe," is in charge of Carl Albert Timmer. Class of '20 Commodore Bascom general contract sales of the Western 1414, 195 Fisher, Herbert Proctor Haley, Ruth Electric Company, Room livPhyllis Hoag, William Hugh McCord, Broadway, New York City. His Mt. Joseph Stuart Misrach, John Caleb ing and mailing address is 312 N. J. Morris Dean Slagle, Petrus F. van der Prospect Avenue, Newark, Vilcofoky, William Watt, Morris 13 Yourish. Roscoe C. Preston, who received his Class of '21 Reginald Ernest 1913 and LI. B. in 1914, Mervin Kohn Eblen, Gustave B. A. degree in Eugene Sheridan Per- is a successful lawyer at Williamson, Berry Foster, West Virginia. Mr. Preston pract'eed ry. law at Catlettsftntrg, Ky., from the '22 Eugene Louis Dwyer, Class of time he graduated until the summc of James Newman Faulconer, Lafayette 1921 when he became a member of the Brown Herring. firm of Damron and Preston, conducting the largest law practice of that section of Wesit Virginia. He married Miss Jane Gaines, April 26, 1915. They have two children, Roscoe Preston, r., and Robert, aged seven and five years, respectively. Alumni Notes Editor Alumni Secretary s list was immediately compiled uid mailed to him. It contained the names of fifteen alumni of the University, some of them men who were very prominent on the campus. As ,ive is the number required to organic a Kentucky Club there seems to be no reason why the fifteen alumni ;n Atlanta should not organize and have a very good club. It is the intention of M'. Hall to look up some of the older members and sec if he can interest them in the work of organizing the club this winter. While campus Mr .Hall showed on the considerable ability along the lines of organization and there is no doubt but that he will be able to get togcth-;- r a real club. In his letter written soon after the game with Georgia Tech, he said: certainly made a "The Wildcats creditable showing here in the Kentucky-Tech game. The local sport writers, recognizing that, went a little farther than the Centre College Cento by giving the Cats the credit which they rightfully deserve. The band also covered itself with glory and was called by a band leader here, who is in a position to know, the best college band in the and snappiest The ; CALENDAR Buffalo, Dec. IS. (Third Satur- day Regular) luncheon at 12.30 p. in., Ellicott Club. Chicago, Dec. 17. (Third Mon- day Regular) luncheon at 12:30 p. m., Marshal Field's Restaurant, Men's Grill. Detroit, Dec. 29. (Last Sat- urday Regular) dinner, Dixieland New York, Jan. 8, 1924. (Sec- Regular-- luncheon ond Tuesday Savarin, 120 12:30 p. m., Cafe Broadway. Inn. ) : hi : LEGISLATIVE HELP PROMISED During the second week in November the alumni secretary sent out a number of letters to citizens in different counties of the state enclosing a list of the things the University needs most at the present time and an estimate cost of each. The list is probably, the same one that will be presented to the legislature in January and makes but moderate re- quests when the actual needs of the SQUtn university ana uie apyiuii" other state universities receive are BUFFALO CLUB MEETS considered. There has been a quick and encouraging response to the letters from The Alumni office received last Acek an interesting letter from Chara good many prominent and influential men. In practically every case ley Graham '23, in which he described the writers of the letters expressed the last meeting of the Buffalo Club. their friendship for the University and TImc mootinn wa e rnllprl "Ladies stated that they were in favor of ad- - Uay an about 20 members of the ditional appropriations to meet the , brought their lady friends to the demands of the increasing enrollment nlCetiiiE, which was held in the new of students. :ome of the Buffalo Athletic Club. One of the first letters came from The meeting was presided over by of the Arch L. Hamilton, who was elected Luke Milward, state senator from Fayette county, the :lub, in the absence of Phil Blumen-th27th senatorial district, at the Nov'09, president. After the luncheon In his letter Mr. he party made a tour of inspection of ember election. Hamilton said: the new quarters of the Buffalo Ath"Needless for me to say that I am letic Club and found them very satisthorjughly in favor of any appropria- factory, according to the letter. tions we can get for the University The letter also reported that a few in addition to our 1 4 cents tax. I minutes after lunch were devoted to with the a pep rally giving the University of will be pleased to authorities of the University in the Kentucky songs and yells a chance Plans1 are future as in the past and trust we o be heard by the gues-tswill be successful in getting an infor the net already in progress crease if not the entire amount." eeting of the club. It would naturally be expected that a Fayette county man would be a REPORT UNSOUND, SAYS HEAD However, friend to the University. here is a statement from a man in Vumnus Reported Deceased Denies Bowling Green, a town that is priThat He Has Ever Been That Way marily interested in its own instituKentucky State tion, the Western Normal. This man says: "The report of my death is greatly "I cannot imagine a legislature of exaggerated," wrote Mack Twain to being unfriendly to the the newspaper which published his Kentucky University." obituary "a little too previous." The A letter was received from Judge ?a.ne thing was true of one of Old Clem S. Nunn, formerly a justice of S.ate's alumni lately Early in Aug- the Court of Appeals and later state senator. Judge Nunn declared him- - john paui Head, '20, containing a self on the side of the University by .hcck to pay h s aUmrni dues and a saying ot the list enclosed in ine lei cf nnvment on a subscription to the l snail be giaa to Qreatcr Ken'tucky campaign ter he received: The in every possible way to- - .i2Uer part of tl,js nlont, the check ward the carrying out of this pro- was rcturneci marked "deceased." The gram." , 0ff ict: then sent a letter to his former Almost every mail brings an addi- employers asking them to veryify the tion to the pile of letters of this na- , report. ture to the Alumni office, from men On December 6 a letter was receivpromising to aid the ed from Mr. Head, who many of the of influence, Univcrs'ty dur'ng the co .lins session former students may remember as of the legislature. In his letter '.'ohn, the Hypnot'st." this unusual reMr. Head made ATLANTA MAY HAVE CLUB quest: "I beseech you not to put nie down B. Hall, '22, Secures List With us 'deceased,' for I am not, honestly I'm not, and I have nsver been as Hope of Organ'z'ng Them 'ar back as I can remember." Of course there is great rejoicing The Alumni office has recently been in communication with L. B. Hall, among the alumni to know that John peo '23, who is now ass's. ant Y. M. C. A. 's still goiiH? about hypnotizing mirnHrv nt fienwla Tech. regarding ple. Many of the old students may the organization of a Kentucky Club recall a show he put on in chapel one ; Night" when he called a r fin. , "Amateur 01 UIC MIUNIIM ... Atlnnti .. ..i...: w tiii :t lin. n ti c;icr niifi made him do i ms leuer ivir. iuu in spell was such a club in existence and if some wonderful things under the . n( ... mrimo r..,,ilite . n: u ...e. ine ui .w n were ,i. umtcrs. ii hum uuu- At the iirescut time Mr. Head is as- .,n nrc ligation of the University of Kentucky alumni istant chemist at the State LaboraMr. Hall wrote and asked for a ory of Hygiene, Concord, N. H. there, Tailing address 3 Cambridge St. list of the alumni in and near Atlanta. Bit-nc- r, 23-2- Betwixt Us '95 -- .c The marriage of Hart Perry exand Miss Helen Woodward was solemnized November 28, in Louisville. Mr. Perry was a student in the Agri cultural College, University of Kentucky, and afterwards graduated from the Louisville School of Pharmacy. He is a member of the firm of H. L. Perry & Son, Richmond, Ky., and was one of the first to enlist in the navy when the U. S. entered the World War. Mrs. Perry was assist' ant registrar in E. K. State Normal. They will make their home in Richmond. ac-t.- '01 ( ( '15 Richard J. Colbert ex- - is practicing law with offices in the County Court House, Lexington, Ky. lie is an member of the Alumni Association and a loyal supporter of the Alma Mater. He married Miss Kathryn F. Ireacy, September 21, 1916. They have a son, five years of age, Richard J. Colbert, Jr. ( o- 19 Lee McGain and Miss Catherine Spalding, of Bardstown, were mar ried quietly in Louisville, November 28. They have returned from a short wedding trip and arc living at the Lafayette Hotel, Lexington, Ky. Mr. McClain is state representative of the Allyn and Bacon Company and his headquarters will be at Lexington for the present. G. '20 d The wedding of Elmer B. Allen Miss Mabel Sinclair, was solemnized in Lexington, Sunday, November 25. They left for a short wedding trip and will go to housekeeping in Georgetown, Ky., as soon as they return. Mr Allen was formerly a student in the College of Engineering and is assistant superintendent of 'the Georgetown Water Company. 21 y, al um 17 "Here is a mere donation to the big fund. Wish it could be bigger but we lieutenants have our limitations. Hope she goes over big and that the enterprise is a success in every way." Charles R. Smith, 1st. Lieut. Inf., U. S. A., R. O. T. C. duty, University of Akron. Lieut. Smith married Miss' Bernicc Arbcnz, March 31, 1920. They have a little daughter, Margery Arbcnz Smiith, born December 2, 1922. 1'he family res dc at 264 West Market street, Akron, Ohio. Fo-gl- j , burn was formerly Miss Catherine Brown Cox, of Houston. Lena M. Phillips, executive secretary of the National Federation of Professional and Business Women's Clubs, New York City, asks that the Kernel be sent to her home address, 26 East 35th street. j j i William Snyder Wobb, head of thi Department of Physics, University of Kentucky, received his B. S. degree in '01 and his M S. in '02. He has been connected with the University practically ever since graduat'ng except for the period of the World War when ;e served as a captain in thv artillery, U. S Army. As an active alumnus and. devo.cd supporter of his Alnn Ma.er he is always busy He is chiirnnu 01 the Student Loan Fund and tiirou h .is personal efforts has done much to increase this fund. He is a member oi the Greater Kentucky Campaign Executive Committee and chairman of the clean-icampaign, giving the months of July and August to that work. Dur-n- g that time he conducted the Summer School drive on the campus as he had nreviously conducted the campus drive in April. In November he wai at the head of the freshman drive for $40,000, an effort to get the basketball build. ng dedicated to the class of '27, which will be carried back to the counties the various freshmen represent Professor Webb is also the first President of the Kentucky Reserve Officers Associa tion, and is a member of the Kiwanis Club ar.d chairman of the Education rnmniitti Mrs. "Webb is also a graduate of the University, formerly AIIpimi M,Uc ........ T.nrv '01. Thev have two children. Win. Lary Webb, aged elev en years and Jane Alleen, seven. The residence is 363 Transylvania Park, Lexington, Ky. A circular letter sent out in the early fall said1 "Do you know the student here today looks to 'the alumni' about as the small boy does to Santa Claus?" Quoting from a reply received recently: "It is about time to teach the student not to look so much for Santa Claus but that he soon must be Santa Claus. It will be better for him." James H. Taylor, Blue Valley Creamery Company, 2722 Pine Street, St. Louis, Mo. This is good advice but it is only fair to the student body to say that they have un- of 1923-2- 4 (Continued on page three) -, 16 A "babygram" received in the Alum ni office this week announces th earriv- al of Edw. A. Blackburn, Jr., at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Black burn, 1509 Indiana Avenue, November Mr. 1923, 28, Houston, Texas. Blackburn is district sales manager for the Delco Light Products Company. 807 Franklin Avenue. Mrs. Black 1 NOTICE TO LAW ALUMNI Sufficient money for final payment on the Dean Lafferty portrait for the College of Law has not yet been subscribed. Checks may be sent to W. S. Hamilton, '07, 707 Marion E- Taylor Bldg., Louisville, Ky. - Dues and The Kernel One Year $2.00 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, University of Kentucky, Lexington. Carrier Engineering Corporation 750 Frelinghuysen Avenue, Newark, N. J. Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia l MANUFACTURERS OF WEATHER to make "Every day a good day" with the help of the following Kcntuckiani: Lyle. '9S Lyle, '00 L. L. Lewis, '07 M. S. Smith, 'OS R. L.Joaes, '12 J. R. DtmcM, '12 K. It TaUaferre, '13 41. I. E. Bolliag, 'IS H. Worsham, 'IS R. Waterfill, '20 J. H. Bailey, '20 W. B. TkeratM, '21 N. O. Btk. '22 A. P. Ikaaklta, '2 J