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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky in the NCAA, March 1, 1980

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.,,, . . tion of higher learning in the Common- " V ,_, wealth, Dr. Singletary is greatly con- __ cerned with the Universitys role as a landgrant institution, a people's uni- ; "*i`> versity" accessible to all who can profit . B from education. A iis . ii I the i wm he im bm presi- ,6 V V/{rj? as rr dent, the University has grown to where V V " . V V ` V? VV there are now more than 22,000 students ' V j>,iV on the Lexington campus and more than -32%. 17,000 students in UKs 13 community , r. if colleges, and the University has become g ` if one of the major research institutions in l 1 V . l the COl11'1[[y_ l _;V_:iQ * A Reco nition of his service to the Uni- V I `'' ` &<` ;... U versity gvas evidenced by the UK Alumni ` Association, which resented to Dr. l V V Singletary its Alumni Service Award-an i ` _ honor rarely bestowed upon a non V i " alumnus of the University. _ _ _ Dr, Sin letarv is the author of two DR. A. gfghe Ufuvirslty m Augush 1969 _HB books andicveral monographs. President, University of Kentucky 8 Pmvwus Y served as xecvttve vice` A N t g W ld W II ri chancellor for academic affairs 1n the WY Vc cmu O OY m` an University Of Texas Systam arid director the Korean Conflict, he is a commander The University of Kentucky has be- of the ]ob Corps program for the Office ie the U- S Naval Reserve- HF and MYS- come one of the major institutions of of Economic Opportunity, SmgltTY th? f0FmF Gloria \Vli<>. higher ]C;ii-ning ju the United States uri- Dr- Singietary, a native of Gulfport) hrave three children: Bonnie, Scot and def the ladYShlP Of DL Otis SigltaYY Miss., holds degrees from Millsaps Col- Kendall the eighth President Of the UniV1`sitY lege and Louisiana State University. The Singletarys live at Maxwell Place, Dr. Singletary was named president As president of the principal institu- traditional home of UK presidents. . ._ ._ .. _,,,._ ___. V _. canic iu NT2, win-n lic was innnod as- _ ii *__ i "" _,, _f: sistant to llarry C. Laiicasttr and given V W _ tho tasl; of iinplcmculing the lrlluc & r_ , 'g_ _ V \\'hitt lfuutl for 57,(i()(l-scat Common- , " __ V .:q` __ wealtli hiatluuu and later forV Rupp Jigs w ~ {Vg} Aruiirj. rl lic irriiis lo;} his llirlttors Ill;. this _ _ . g` x area raw iro\1<<< in at ( i ion;1 inan- V_ ciijl suppoit that has trltjvritctll the UK . _ i V ~ [TY '_,. L 1ll'lltliL`S irogriiiii into ai `irst c ass over- j ation. I I 1 . ji llagan was narucd Atlilctics ]')iroctor Difgcfof _, V"_i% L lp si r in july 1975 following Laiicnsttrs retire- Expansion ot the football training _ _*ij , lri'.g.s,r.,.i,gY iggggis Zi"? ml mr i i-ooin anti rnidiiioii oi a boaniifnl players j { H"g*" "l" lm l""" l"""*l$` "fjl j jmmgc nt Shivejy Sports Ccurm., New Cru, rr _ strong stliolaratlilt:tc program, feeling a Pcring in thc Stadium rootjmjj MHCCSV rr , S t gciiiiiiio connnitnn~nt to provitlc all thc j now basketball office complex in Mcinor i """l""" "Pi"" "l """""g"""f WC l iii] COhsCiimV i-Ghri-aiigciiieiii Of ihc bass- si x ;;:::;;;::;;;;i;;@Eg can toV hclp our athletes lcavo inn- gain- jmjj fcnccs and H new Surface {O, thc : ..TT.. ~ ~..I pus with ri college education and a do- running track are just a few of the recent "" improvements that signify the continuing wommfs Programs were merged in Juiv Ori tho pcrsoiial Vsitlt,V llrigtui reccivctl progress of Ulx athlCt1CS SIIICC Cliff of hq _C_u_ G ' one oi his highest iiitlivitlttnl liouors last Hagan loincd the Vlfildcut Staff SCVCH A Ll y L I Nav wlicn ho liccaruc thc first Univer- years ago. The I11Cl`gCI`, under 1IL`tg2`lll,S di1`CCti0H, sity of Kentucky liaslsctliiill player to he f Rcwgnizcdlmtimmuyas Hpmgl_CSSi\_C has been orderly, with office space IC- iiistrillotl in the Naisnnth l\l(IIi<)l`1i1l hen- i ,_uShwSS_OriCmCd and PI_OmOtrOn_miudCd modeled and in some cases created to tional naskoihatl Hall of lfzunc in Spring- _ , make room for the women s coaching and {ich] htiige administrator, Hagan has seen and over- qdminigtmtrvc Starr { seen vast improvements in all phases of ` ` ` ` lic is married to the former Martha an everexpanding operation that has en- The indoctrination of Hagan into thc Milton of Owensboro. They have four compassed 16 sports since the mcn's and UK athletics administrative structure childr