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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky in the NCAA, March 1, 1980

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During has mst season as neau coach, the Wildcats won their last nine con that included five of his own players, to the first World Invitational Tourna- ference games to sew up the SEC title. ment championship with wins over Cuba, Yugoslavia and Russia. Later that Intamaticnal Flavor Q$;g\T2;;iQL(Bg:dSlI9S of chmcs an Holland, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Hall'; basketball renown has attracted world-wide attention lin interna- Hal] was B busy mgm inlomseason 1979 as We", Coaching the victorious 3*3;;; grggiifnd has catapulted hm" mm a much 5U9hYafY' l"`*lla" and East team in the East-West College AIIStar game at Salt Lake City, and the Southeastern A||Stars in the Shone Classic at Charlotte, N.C. And last H9 has taken Wildcat teams On tours Ol Australia and Japam Where he Sept., he again was called upon to coynduct clinics in Warsaw, Copenhagen conducted chmcs and shared his basketball philosophy. Following a 1978 and London Summer mw Of Japam the Japange were SO tak? with Haws aFp'ah Hall considers one of his major coaching honors came when he was named V $23*%;i;t;h;;a;;};g?n$Lggg the KBMUCKY Wal/"MtOaka Kohama '" guest lecturer for the World Basketball Coaches Congress in the Canary Hall was instrumental in landing an invitation to the University of Alabama IS|;ngd;;a`;u;;y;A2;7$E;?;lq;(lrg;64g?y(n2;;;h;;;;?g;}detgglilvzlileoellaalrldtiln 1972 fm '79 Summer mw of J arid later accepted an ivirri rv i the served under Hank nba in the Olympic mans at the Air Force Academy. Bap/$Od$J;g:';;tr returning to the U S the Japan National Team arrived in While at Regis in Denver, he also coached the Capital Federal host team in Lexingtonayvhere Hall, serving in an advisory role, put them through the giiiplg, :12%|;?,:;;a;2;|;t;3gmV;?;a??\l?$TEd as head coach Of the AAU _ l` igglgf(ig;i'|?B;gav2:r?act'C 'ut'"&$ that have kept the Wudcats at the In addition to the Globetrotters, and the Australian and Japan tours with - the Wildcats, he has hel ed cond all clinics for the U.S. Arm in l H*'S ffS <=>vr s mm brismtv when the JS team placed Anchorage and Faarbankz, Alaskalltlgignigjat Ramsrein Air Base in Fralik- 11th at the 33 team WOlld University Gams in NIXlC0 City this summer after fun, Germany and the RAF Base at Mgldenhaul England in 1975. A finishing 25th the Year before- The Japanese Credltd Hall and the month He is married to the former Katharine Dennis of Harrison County, Ky. They they spam in L>` _ join the basketball staff on El full time given annually for the player best exem- * l V _ ,____ _;_ ;; ` __ basis, he molded a baseball team (1971) {Jlifying the qualities of leadership, scho- Z _ t ` _ which established or tied 15 school arship, character and ability. Only four _ W _ J P1?l{; records. He is a graduate of UK where other Wildcats have twice been so . l he played guard under former Coach honored since the award was originated Q' t - g. 1* -`i Q { " Adolph F. Rupp. in 1951. .._. t * 4 . , Parsons came to the University in 1958 He is married to the former Celia ` gg . Q tj.}; after an outstanding career as a four- Cawood of Harlan. They have zz daugh- i i-i U-i .,. *1; yp_ ___ {ij " `a ; sports star at Harlan High School, where ter, Kathy, and a son, Ed. LEONARD HAMILTON is beginning philosophy. A native of Gastonia, N. C,, ` A his sixth year at Kentucky after serving he lettered three years in football and A three years as assistant coach at Austin twice in basketball. An outstanding col- {TM g 9. l Peay. An outstanding recruiter with legiate player, he starred at Gaston Com- *= seemingly tireless energy, Hamilton has munity College in Dallas, N. C,, and at f_ .;____ contributed heavily to maintaining a high University of Tennessee-Martin. He is _ L A level of young talent at UK. Specializing married to the former Claudcttc Hl 1 - in coaching defense, Hamilton has had They have a son, Lenny, 7. A: a positive impact on Wildcat defensive Q A. , V \ IOE DEAN, ]B., played against the La., he attended Baton Rouge High W Wildcats for three years at Mississippi School where he earned letters in basket- 6; ., State University, before serving as Bu l- ball and football. In addition to regular Q V ;;,__ dog assistant coach while earning a coaching duties with the Wildcats, ~ masters degree in physical education. Dean's primary responsibilities will be _ A . V An outstanding student, Dean was recruiting and scouting. He is married to named to the 1976 Academic All-SEC the former Ellen Elizabeth Anger of second team. A native of Baton Rouge, ]ackson, Miss. l z