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47 > Image 47 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1989, no. 1-2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l 9 8 5 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I UK Rally Night for Higher Education supports UK Colleges of Dentistry and Agriculture as well as the Community College System, with That pattern of involvement continues 34 itiS r<>SS the today. Many alumni who take leadership roles CmllKinwahh in the Alumni Association migrate to leadership 1 "i,,__ Pamclpatmg _ MJ, SImUl[3HOUSlY. roles with the Development program. ;;t_ to . . . . .> in sj: AspartoftheirSO-year While the fund-raising effort was A___ ' reunion Celebration flourishing, the alumni program also was growing _ , \ rg, the dm of *33 mab. in strength and reaching out to more and reg? g { lishes a scholarship . K- To * l mO,. gI.3du3tS 1 Q3 _ J. fund that now A formal procedure for electing alumni lg YP jh? f. ./ ' xdS $lOOOO . . . , V- l- fp - . to the Assoc1at1ons Board of Directors was set ` V ri sill Tm C"'" l . 1 .=?j{Fe22c 7 no lr-? * C ll 8 up The world was divided up into districts of t U qi mm Om"` ` _ _ ii A V its l~lth college; this one equitable numbers of alumni. Betty Thomas, Willie Nelson, Tom Moseley ,,, O,,.C,,,l,,,,,,_ in annual elections, one-third of the Atlanta UK Alumni Derby Party, May 1986 Thirteen people are board members stand for re-election. No honored with induc, member can serve more than two consecutive to alumni and their hometown communities tion into the Hall of three-year trms, but can be reelected after a Cluring his first year in gffier; Distinguished oneyear hiatus. The president and president- The Clubs are an integral component in ni:t?;?l;)?:;n?::;S elect are selected from the elected members of alumni supported scholarship opportunities for is ,91_ the board. students as well. Club scholarship support has Brumfield has focused on communication grown from less than $2,500 to over $50,000 in 1 9 8 6 with alumni throughout his tenure. In his the past 10 years. U a apprentice year as assistant director, he launched On the pleasure side of the equation, Giftsdcsrgnatcd tothe the Open Door publication that goes to all clubs often entertain coaches and officials of UK Nfl?l Alumni . . . . . h d h b { ASSOCIEIHOII EIHIOUHI alumn1 of record. Filling an important void t Bt t1CS 3SS0C1Ht10 HH Ot t mm BFS O ,0 $64 573 Thefunds between alumni and the University, it continues tht! UiVfS1tY community, and enjoy club nights make gr possible {Or rO be rhe Only regular Comrrrurqrcarlcrr with all in Rupp Arena and afternoons in Common the Association to alumni. The Kentucky Alumnus is a benefit of Wtilth Stadium- i l$l*'d membership in the UK National Alumni Associ- A0thf development dufiug Bfumfildls Schcgizrglnlps TSS! m ation, The magazine highlights alumni and directorship is the provision ofsolid management student Emcmim University personalities, programs and research. for H growing d0Wmut that helps support mom group and Alumni clubs provide a grassroots, alumni programs. The Life Membership Invest- conduct UK Rallies. personto-person network for alumni/ University ment Fund began with a few thousand dollars communication. The Alumni Association in 1971. Today, the market value, on a good through its alumni clubs was the first to day, exceeds $2 million. sponsor a higher education awareness rally A higher level of technology has also prior to the 1986 legislative session. come to the Alumni Association. An on-line, Alumni clubs in 198788 hosted a number comprehensive data base is being shared by the of events to introduce President David Roselle Development and Alumni Offices. ., . . And, so as the UK National Alumni ` Association celebrates its Centennial year, it- looks forward with certainty to the continuation . ; ; ; 5;;; - 2 ;#=i;-smssa;.;, . . . . . of its service to cherished alumni and service i _.- s. . . . _$:ci:tai:.t2;$z` : 3 ig, i ~.; ~n to a cherished University of Kentucky. . . . . . . .............. -.-. `"`.j,f _-,. ? Q, H D 68 , f Al p by i _ ig . emomnr is manager o _ zlmm ie ications ii .<-o -_.-. ;,;:;=;- for the UK National Alumni Association. . li-Rl5TP,-19.% we i* I $9 KY ALUMNVS 45