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50 > Image 50 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1989, no. 1-2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

* The population of the United States is 62947,714. In 1989 the population exceeds 246,11},000.) The 23rd President of the United States is Benjamin Harrison. His VP is Levi R Martin. Chicago has surfaced only about 600 of more than 2,000 miles of streets. Un ij; North and South Dakota, Montana, and Washington become states. The first PanAmerican Congress is assembled, with delegates from 19 American nations in attendance. Charles W Foushee, a respected merchant, is mayor of Lexington. Lexington The first train arrives at the Cincinnati Southern passenger station, having made the i' gi};-: trip from Louisville via Shelbyville, Lawrenceburg, and Versailles. E The Daily Press of Lexington reports that the city has a new patrol wagon used in hauling prisoners __ , f' l _' to the workhouse. It is bright red and looks almost nice enough to ride in. ` The Eiffel Tower officially opens in Paris, despite vigorous protests of one hundred leading writers, :;;j;;~-ef, j` composers and artists. ln a petition attacking "this horrid nightmare," authors Guy de Maupassant g - and Alexandre Dumas condemn the Tower for looming over Paris like a huge, black factory smoke- stack, ` 2.. ' V jj, fi cursing Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, overwhelming our architecture? The writers add: - *" * We protest with all our might, all our indignation, in the name of French taste which is outraged. . } T V "";, Efrem Zimbalist, violinist, is born April 16. 5 HH T Adolph Hitler is born in Braunau, Austria, April 20. A C OWN Visitors to the Paris Worlds Fair are all agog over an automobile" exhibited by an Austrian, Karl ` Benz. The vehicle has an internal combustion engine that burns liquid fuel. 1 johnstown, Pa. suffers a disastrous flood after heavy rains cause the Conemaugh Dam to burst. In the wake of the flood waters, more than 2,000 lives are lost and thousands of buildings are leveled. Europes Orient Express completes arrangements for through travel between Paris and Constantinople l without change of train. The first through train leaves the Gare de lEst june 1 and arrives at Constantinople in 67 hours, 35 minutes more than 13 hours faster than in 1883 but 71/2 hours slower than the time that will be standard in 10 years. ]ohn L. Sullivan fights the last bareknuckle heavyweight championship boxing bout as. he takes on , ]ake Kilrain in Richburg, Miss. Sullivan defeated Kilrain in the 75th round, the time being 2 hours, 16 minutes, 23 seconds. Curtis R Brady receives the first permit issued by the Commissioner of Parks of New York City to drive an automobile through Central Park. The permit is subject to Mr. Bradys pledge to exert the 1 greatest care to avoid frightening the horses in the park." jawaharlal Nehru, statesman, born November 14. George F Kaufman, playwright, born November 16. V People throughout the South are saddened by the news of the death of jefferson Davis in New j Orleans December 6. r Robert Browning, poet, dies December 12. A The Mayo Clinic has its beginnings in the St. Marys Hospital opened at Rochester, Minn., by the n Sisters of St. Francis who 6 years ago ministered to the injured in the wake of a tornado that devastated _ the town. The hospitals medical staff consists of physician-surgeon William Worrall Mayo and his sons William james Mayo, 28, and Charles Horace Mayo, 24. i The man who dies rich dies disgraced, writes steel magnate Andrew Carnegie in an article on the - gospel of wealth. He is praised for his philanthropies by oil magnate ]ohn D. Rockefeller. g l .;.......... .......-..-.~.... l is KY :\l.l'MNl`$