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Part of Blue-Tail Fly

Anonymous X:,., ,,.. The Hlue-tail Fly lii free rhythm ifHgggj Unison11"'1" Minstrel Song i a Unison'1"'1" rT. F . I .When I w.xn yutitii; I used to wait On man - ter," anil Onr d.iy In* utile a - round tin* farm, The flies ho nunV-rnus M ' limln. * 31pi i r?J^ m^^rg jjivn him his plat-, And pass tlir. w,i - ter when he got dry, And they did swarm One chanced to bite" him on the thigh. The .;^..L=^.-J--^"-r=l Vr------ J. i 1 Cliomrs (faster) ft X brush a - way the bluo - t.iil fly dev - il take the blue - tail fly I (Mel.) Jim - my crack corn and X " r Jim - my crank mrn and 1 don't care, My maa-tcr's gone a - way. I t F F\* lf.f';f-:pf M p-Ifl 'I. The pony run, he jump, he pitch, lit' throw my master in Uio ditch, lit' tlictl, and the jury wondered why " The verdict wan, "The blue-tail fly." ( Chorus) 4. They laid him under a 'simmon tree, Ilis epitaph i* there to see : -"lleneath Uiis stone I'm forced to lie, Victim of the blue-tail fly." ( Chorus) Right on, Jimmy There's only one problem: man cannot live by corn likker alone. Neither can a newspaper. The message--it's here somewhere--is that the blue -tail fly has to increase its income or it won't survive much longer. Since birth last October, it's barely made it from issue to issue. , Several things can be done. We have to get more of them out across the state; if you know someone in another city who could sell them' (we send them a stack, they sell them and then send us. back a dime for each issue sold) or any bookshops, head shops or what-have-you, please plug us into them, or vice versa. We're also raising the subscription cost from $2 to $3 a year. I mean, what's a dollar these days anyway? If you don't have a subscription yet, you can use the blank below. And if you have a small surplus at the moment and can possibly send more than three (like five or ten), please do and you will automatically become a Patron of the Fly. And if you have any suggestions about how to sustain the fly, please pass them on to us. Thanks. See you next month. i---------------------------n I would like a one year's subscription (approximately eight issues) to " the blue-tail fly. Enclosed is my three dollars. i " NAME______ I ADDRESS______ I I CITY_._STATE__ZIP Mail this to the blue-tail fly. 210 W. Third Street, Lexington, Kentucky 405 07