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The Kentucky Kernel, April 16, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

ANNUAL BLUE RIDGE EDITION If.' I THE KENTUCKY KERNEL FOOTBALL GAME TUESDAY SPRING PRACTICE TO CLOSE WITH CLASH ON STOLL FIELD UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY VOL. XVI LEXINGTON, KY SWEET S MAMMA! PETITION DEAN KRANKE von Jons as house mothers NO. 25 APRIL 16, 1926 BLUE RIDGE PLANS BIG CONFERENCE SUMMER SESSION Art Works Are Now Being Exhibited Here PLANS GIVEN OUT Display of American Federation Art BY DEAN TAYLOR of Close Paintings 25Will April the The walls of the Art Strongest Faculty in History University of Kentucky building ofwith are hung of the University To Be an interesting collection of paintings Here for the 1926 from the American Federation of Art. ' Main Hall at Blue Ridge First Annual Banquet for Budding Journalists To Be at Lafayette Hotel 312 Term ffr 'ft The exhibition, which began April 11, and is a traveling one sent out by the DORMITORIES TO .OPEN federation, is open to the public until April 25. Special Trips Planned for the According to Prof. Allan Swisher, ; Two Vacation Students of the department of art, the paintPlays Scheduled ings, with one or two exceptions, arc of commercial value rather than Dean Taylor announced that the representative of the best museum 1926 summer session of the Universi- work. ty of Kentucky would consist of two Among the better canvasses one by terms this year. The first ter'm will Walter Ufer. formerly of Louisville, open June 14 and close July 23, and portrays a Mexican Indian with the second will begin July 26 and e'nd vivid tones suggestive of the hot the cliAugust 28. For the 'first time in the mates. Another Kentuckian, Charles history of the summer school the de- C. Curran, has a portrait of a girl partments of Journalism and Physiol- which took the second prize in the exogy will be open. Bacteriology, which hibition at Nashville last year, when was not scheduled in the catalogue, Professor Swisher took the first prize will offer a full program of work. with his canvas. t The summer session has grown in Two sea pictures, "The New Eng- size during the past few years and in 1926 every college on the campus ( CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) will offer a full program of work, and the entire plant and facilities of the University of Kentucky will be available for instruction purposes. The tuition fee for each college, With the exception of the College of Law is $18.00 a term. In the College of Law there is just one term n Graduate of the of 11 weeks and the fee is $50 for the University in 19 2 4 Is term. Victim of Pneumonia Dormitories Will Be Open in New York City The University dormitories, Patterson Hall, Smith, and Boyd Halls and ACTRESS also the men's dormitory will be open WAS TALENTED during the summer session. The Miss Marjorie Warden, 22 .years rates are as follows: old, In the women's dormitories $1.50 to of formerly of Louisville, a graduate the University of Kentucky, and ?3.00 a week will be charged accordpopular ing to the room occupied. In the tre, died actress at the Romany theaat noon Sunday in New York, men's dormitory all rooms available where she had made her home for a year. Her death came sixteen hours (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) after she was stricken with pneu- MISS MARJORIE WARDEN DIES mm Robert E. Lee Hall with Swimming Pool in Foreground BLUE RIDGE FOUNDED BY DR. W. D. WEATHERFORD Builder Embodied His Ideal In students wno attend the conference this year will find a mountain top Institution in North Caroexperience. After a long school year, lina Which He Created with the grind of the classes and 20 Years Ago Well-Know- 8s . i'V' Si Y.W. ELECTS BLUE RIDGE DELEGATES monia. Miss Warden was graduated from the university in 1924. While on the campus, she was very prominent in student activities, social circles, and Romany productions. Her untimely death came as a great shock to her Virginia Heizer, Margie Smith, many friends here. Besides being a Lydia Roberts, Irene Mortalented actress, she was a violinist of gan and Virginia Boyd To (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) Represent University ALL OUTSTANDING -- (V- - hi . wp CO-ED- S For Women Students The Y.W.C.A. delegates to Blue Ridge this year are Virginia Heizer, Margie Lee Smith,' Lydia Florence Roberts, Irene Morgan, and Virginia Boyd. The election was held at Boyd hall, Tuesday evening, by the senior members of the retiring Y.W. cabinet. Virginia Heizer, the newly elected Y.W. president, is a junior in the College of Agriculture. She came to the university from the University High school and has been prominent in Y.W. work ever Tsince she was a freshThis year Virginia has been man. secretary of the Y.W.C.A. and has ably performed her duties, despite her deep interest in other campus activities. She is a member of the Alpha Delta Theta sorority. Margie Lee Smith, the treasurer of the organization is a junior in the Margie College of Arts and Sciences. came to the university three years ago Miss Florence Heintz will arrive of Kentucky this week to conduct a two weeks' course in campfire work for women students in the University who expect to become teachers in the public schools. The group will hold its first meeting Monday afternoon, April 19, at 3 o'clock in the high school at the University auditorium. This course is offered through the courtesy of the national organization of Campfire Girls and will bo given free to the women students of the university. All girls who are interested in this work should see Miss Virginia Franke or Dean Taylor at once. (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) "Hot Tamale," Guest From New Mexico, to Be Sent to Queen City Zoo; Impressive Ceremony Planned Unheralded by advance publicity agent?, neglected by the professional and unknown even tc the best informed gossips on the can pus, a mighty change is aoout to be made in the whole working plan of the University of Kentucky "Hot Tamale" is to be sent away to the Cincinnati Zoological garden! No longer will the savage visitor from the jagged mountain peaks- of New Mexico ramp in his little cage in the basement of the men's gym. No longer will he snarl out his von-- , genco at those, who annoy his slumbers. No longer will Louiso Atkins, y the capable treasurer of tho circle, be gripped in the throes of thought, attempting to conceive some plan to secure the finances necessary for the appeasing of his insatiable appetite. Peace Kelgns For a time now perhaps peace will jreat on the university campus. No '.'news-hounds- - Su-K- COMPRISES 1561 ACRES examinations and the constant round of activities don't you sometimes long to steal away for a few days into some secluded spot in God's green outdoors away up high to meditate and pray to gain inspiration and vigor for the great task, before you? Our Master needed this refreshment, how much more must you and I need it. Beautiful Scenery There is no hetter place in all the world for such experience than the great outdoors in the Blue Ridge. For generations western North Carolina has been called the "Land of the Sky," and it has long been characterized tas one of the most exquisitely beautiful regions in all America. United States Government, created by the National Congress, and through this reserva- - Blue Ridge the "Land of the Sky" was started in 1906 when the first tract of land was purchased. Since then seven tracts have been secured, making an aggregate of 1561 acres. Ly 1912 there were three buildings on the grounds and at present there buildings, in which are more than 800 people can be accomodated. The present valuation of the property is six hundred thousand dollars. The founder and builder of Blue Ridge, Dr. W. D. Weatherford, has builded his life and ideals into the in stitution, and the equipment is used to the maximum during the summer months for the promotion of these ideals. It is here that each of the 500 (CONTINUED ON PAGE TO LIMIT GIRLSj IN. ACTIVITIES! LIGHTEN longer will news-reel- s photographer (CONTINUED ON PAGE be buzzing around the men'. gym. No longer will reporters for local papers, feature writers, associated press representatives, interviewers, et ad infinitum dog the steps of "Hot Tamaje" from morning to night in an attempt to get his opinion of the case. Tho humune officer has declared truco and many of tho pious folk of the ulue urass city who wero so upset over the idea of having a wild feline in their midst, have now returned. tr. their peaceful pursuits. Tuesday afternoon nt tho regular y meeting of the circle the biography was almost finished. After u lengthy consideration of the matter it was decided to accept the offer of the Cincinnati Zoo to take tho 'cut off the hands of the pep organization. This decision was reached only after Many of the a most bitter discussion. Su-K- CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) Law Tests Given Operation Proves Fatal to District Passenger Agent of Southern ; Was Ardent Supporter of U. of K. SONS FORMER STUDENTS ten-da- y conference at Blue Ridge. According to Mr. Kavanaugh's figures the cost should vary between $47 and 62, according to the mode of travel. If one travels by automobile the secretary figures that each individual's, share for transportation should be 12; the registration fee is 10 and board for the 10 days is $25, making a total of 47. Plans are being made to take all the university representatives in automobiles. By railroad the cost would be some- what higher as the train fare for the round trip from Lexington is $27. The total cost would be approximately 62 according to the secretary. LOST A Tri Delt pin somewhere between the campus and the Greeks. If found, return to Helen Sampson at tho Tri Delt house. L Lucille Short Honored Awarded Cup for Most Valuable, Chi Omega Pledge Lucille Short, lege of Arts and ed tho cup given Omega sorority freshman in the Col- OF K. PLANS TO SEND LARGE NUMBER OF MEN Held at Southern S t tt d e n t s' Camp in North Carolina, June 11 to 24 Kavanaugh and "Y" President To Go SCHOLARSHIPS OFFERED Cost May Be Greatly Reduced Through Making Trip by Automobile The university in general and C. A. in particular is making extensive plans to send a large delegation of students to the Southern Students' Camp at Blue Ridge, N. C, June 14 to 24. Two official delegates, the new president of Y. M. C. A. to be elected in the near future, and George Kavanaugh, general secretary of the Y. M. C. A., will be sent to renresent the university and will have their expenses paid but all the men students oi the university are invited and urged to attend this camp. the Y. M. The triD to the camp has previously been made by train but this year they are planning to go in automobiles as the delegation from Berea drove through last year and found it a very successful wny to make the trip. In this way the cost of attenumg tne camp can be greatly reduced and thus more boys will be able to go. Sponsored by National l This camn is sponsored by the nat ional Y. M. C. A., for the' benefit of students atending southern colleges, with the purpose of fostering student contact among the colleges of the South. Last year 100 southern col- - (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) FRATSMUSTHAVE HOUSE MOTHERS Board of Trustees of University Pass Resolutions Compelling Orders to Have Matrons by January 1, 1927 MIGHT ACT AS DIRECTOR Resolutions to the effect that each fraternity on the campus of the Unichampionship in 1921. versity of Kentucky would be comMr. King took an enthusiastic inter- - pelled to have a house mother on or before January 1, 1927, were adopted (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) by the board of trustees of the University at a meeting held by the board on Tuesday, April 13. The board of trustees strongly feels' May Queen To that in view of the past actions on the Most Popular Girl Will Be part of fraternities that house mothThis, the board ers are necessary. Named April 26 believes, is the only way to insure good conduct on the part of the boys. The election of the Queen of Not for this reason alone has the May, who will preside over th,e board adopted this resolution as they May Day festival at the university, feel that the presence of a woman will will be held Monday, April 26. insure better living conditions. Only male students of the univerfact thitt fraterIt is a sity may vote. nity houses are not models of cleanliAH arrangements for the elecness, but with a competent director of y tion are being made by the affairs they might be made so. It is circle. The girl who receives the suggested that the house mothers highest popular vote will be named might act as the directors of the the May Queen, the second highhouses, thus insuring better service est, maid of honor to the Queen on the part of the servants, and conand the next four, attendants. sequently less waste. Elect n Su-K- "No Use Looking at a Gift Horse's Tonsils," Says Smith, in Speaking of The Romany and Their Romaniacs (By LeROY SMITH) I was parked comfortably in the office the other day, Morris bein' out at the time, when in come a damsel who turned out to bo one of them Romaniacs from the theater over here on the alley. She asked me would I write her one of my stories about tho theater and how lucky we was to have one. I say that she was right, wo was lucky, and there wasn't no use lookin' at a gift horse's tonsils, no matter how much he coughed. I explained that I couldn't write no story about it because I didn't know any thing about a theater, and all I had against this particular one was the paint job on outside, never hnvin' Leon inside. I Byronic Atmosphere Prevails Sciences, was awardEighteen. Students Take Examannually by the Chi to the pledge who inations This Week best represents the ideals of that Col-leg- o University of Kentucky Law organization. The award was made sent 18 of its members for en- at the Founders day banquet which trance examinations to the Kentucky was held at the Phoenix hotel Monday Bar Association which was held at night. Frankfort Thursday of this week. The prize, which is a handsome silThose who took tho examination ver loving cup, was awarded on a are; J. Rryce Johnson, Adrian II. basis of scholarship, activities, and During her short Terrill, Henry Reed Prewitt, Eugene general conduct. B. Cochrane, B. A. Robertson, S. B. stay at tho university Miss Short has Triplett, Richard Clayton Smoo t, taken an active part in many extra-- I Paul E. Keen, Lawrence E. Luigart, curricula activities and social affairs Hubert II. White, Richard P. Maloney, of the university. She is a company William Franklin Simpson, M. T. G. sponsor in tho R.O.T.C, In uddition Daughcrty, "'Harlan Hobart Grooms, to her numerous activities Miss Short Woodson D. Scott, Charles S. Dur-ret- t, made, an unusually high scholastic was a Byronic atmosphere in the Joseph Bradley and Kathleen standing for her first semester in the simplicity of the Kernel office which EIGHT) Mulligan.'' I took to be a wise crack, but I ex university. cet-er- a W has compiled a table of costs for atY.M.C.A. student BURDENS tending the Acording to a rating mark worked out in the office of the dean of women, assisted by the Women's Student Government Council, activi ties for girls at the university will bo regulated by a point system. No girl will be allowed to carry more than 15 points in addition to her school work. If figured on the basis of the now rating some of the girls are now carrying 30 and 40 points. Next year a chairman of activities will be appointed to see that no girl carries more than 15 points. The students are in favor of the plan because it gvies opportunity to more girls for office holding, and lightens the burden on prominent girls likely to be elected to more offices than they can manage, Organizations are electing their now officers with the point system in mind. Officers carrying 10 pqints are: the presidency of the Woman's Student Council, of the Young Government Woman's Christian Assocation, and of HOWARD C. KING DIES AT HOSPITAL Ridge. Trip to Prom Work of Women for Attending Conference Students Will Be Graded on Point System Basis George R. Knvanaugh, student secNext Year retary of tho University Y.M.C.A., WILL Tho first annual Kentucky Kernel banquet will be held tonight at 6:30 o'clock in tho private dining room of the Lafayette hotel. The banquet, which is financed by the business department of The Ker nel will be for the members of the staff and their three honor guests, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, Miss Irene McNamara, and Prof. Enoch Grehun, head of the journalism de partment. There will be a short busi iness session, nnd the staff for the coming year will be announced. This event will mark the close of the old administration and the inaug uration of the new. After the close of the most enjoyable exercise of the evening, that of feasting, those present will have the honor and pleasure of listening to addresses by the retiring managing editor, Arthur H. Morris; the retiring business manager, Jack Warren, the distinguished associate editor, Kyle Whitehead, and the notable professor of journalism, Enoch Grehan. Howard C. King, district passenger agent for the Southern Railway System, died at the Good Samaritan hospital at 4:15 o'clock last Thursday morning, April 8. Mr. King underwent- an operation for the removal of gall stones, Monday night. He rallied 2nd grew stronger Tuesday, recognizing members of his family, but took a turn for the worse .Wednesday, growing gradually weaker. He was prominent in Lexington's civic and business life, widely known 35 years' association with the EIGHT) from Southern railway, and actively interested in college and high sv ool sports neighboring Will in Lexington and "Bill" King towns. Blue Father of Ccst $62 His son, William B. King, former $47 student of this university, and star Secretary of University "Y' athlete, pitched the foul goal that won the Southern Conference basketball Compiles Table of Expenses ic Course In Campfire Work Will Be Open to University Girls Kernel Staff Will Be U. Entertained To n i g h t plained thaft. it was just cigarette smoke and let it go at that. She says that she would enlighten me a bit about the legitimate stage, but I says she needn't to bother; if they had police protection, it was all right. We didn't seem to be gettin' very far, so she departed. A pair of officer's boots come clumpin' in after while containin' Jack Warren. I asked him how was the Boy Scouts doin', and he udmits that his particular army seemed to still bo tho prize outfit, and would I please I say I was just go chase myself, leavin' and ho wus so cheerful over it that I sat down again, and inspired for details concerniu' tho state of his health. Distributes Himself Over Chair Jack distributes himself gracefully over the most of a chair and Morris' (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT)