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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 16, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

1 PAGE KENTUCKY KERNEL SOCIETY NOTES Lam-per- unttm:umijmntKt:tut:ttMtMmmtmttn!tnmtttttJt:i absent-minde- t, d 27 Mrs. Thomas' Candies Have platinum has been found in certain f clirnmlum nml in Iron plpctrn- - ihiMrorl Pi'rlrrn EXPECT TO HAVE "Rlno ruu Tc OllUcUlAl niy In the Land of tho Sky t',nU,(1 MANY DELEGATES bers of the Chi chapter of Transyl vania College, the Lambda chapter of the university and the nlumni. Actives; Miss Emily Conlcy, EHz nboth Glascock, Harriet Glascock, May Murry Harbison, Mnrcla Marie Louise Middleton, Fannie Minimum Quota of RepresentaDnines Metcnlf, Jnnet Mctcnlf, Betty Art exhibition closes. YOURS FRATERNALLY tives at Blue Ridge From Ileganstcin, Alma Snyder, Elizabeth Saturday, April 1- 7University Is 10; WorkAn editor in Knnknnee Sophomoro cotillion in the after- Steele, Mnry Katherino Sutton, Mary ing for More Mnry Whitfield, Jane Hello Vaughn, Once falling in n burning nnssion noon in the gymnasium. With n vexntious rival, lie Kappa Kappa Gammn entertaining McKee, Virginia Price, Caroline Uice, Dorothy Lawson, TO TRAVEL IN MACHINES Hibbs, Wrote him ri letter in this fnnhion: with n formal dance in the evening at Dorothy Catherine Dishman, Eliznhcth Clay, "You are an nss uncouth and rude, the Phoenix hotel. The Y. M. C. A. of the University Dorothy Chapman, Margaret Elliot, And will he one eternally," large quota V ranees Von Grunlgnn, Dorothy of Kentucky wil have a Day Hnmiuct mood, Then, in an Founder's delegntcs to the Summer Monday He signed it "Yours fraternally." evening the Chi Darnell, Ilnllie Hayncs, Henrietta of student Lnst Ridge, North CarEugene Field Omega fraternity gave their annual Blackburn, Mnude Van Buskirk, Lilly Conference nt Blue olina, June 15 to 24. With 10 men Founder's Dny banquet in the palm Parrish, Mndgc Reynolds, Mnxinc ns the minimum they nrc working Parker, Elizabeth Sampson, Lucilc room of the Phoenix hotel. CALENDAR toward a much larger Short, Helen Buckner, Jo Lawson diligently representatives. Miss Helen Curtis presided as the number of Tnrlcton. toastmastcr nnd responses were given Friday, April 16 Until last year nil the delegates Mnry Virginia Mnrrs, Pledges: Kernel banquet at the Lafayette ho- by Misses Evelyn McLoncy, Elizabeth from Kentucky went through on the Lily Frances Poor, Florence Kny, Roberta Coleman, .Tennettc Metcalfe, tel in the evening in honor of the tr?.in. This proved a very expensive Parrish. The guests were the mem Conglcton, Virglnin Thompson. members of the staff. plnn averaging about SflO a person. Kentucky Wesleyan started the idea Henefit Ilriilge M. C. A. Alurtml of the Chi Omega fraternity of traveling in cars. The Y. plan. Four of will give a benefit bridge on Friday here is adopting this their autoafternoon, April .11, from 2 to B o'- the students have offeredThis not only mobiles for this purpose. clock at tlie Lafayette hotel. gives a chance for a more pleasant trip but reduces the expenses from Cadet Hop person: Tho fifth cadet hop of the season $30 to $10 a With college parties on One of the purposes of Blue Ridge wns given last Saturday afternoon in You Our famous ' 'O" steamers of the university gymnasium from .1 is to mnkc more trained men to work Delicious The Kentuckians for the Y. M. C. A. This Conforence until G o'qlock. The Royal Mail Line furnished the music. A large number affords n chance for the equipping UalTcnlty Tours with College Credit! of capable men to fill the offices of of guests attended. MCA, hm U MDWM,Jnm26 the organization and to prove themDmiTA,iuly3 Wrill fir iUutrttti itMtt selves religious leaders on the uniFraternity Initiates TUTBAVU Mill THMPArMPTrn In Charge of Mrs. Mary Webber Alphn Gamma chapter of Alpha Chi versity campus. 28 Broadway, Hew York t" One must not. wait, however, until Sigma, nntional honorary chemistry fraternity, held their initiation service the time of the conference to decide Saturday evening, April 10, at the whether or not he will take advantage If any student of the opportunity. Lafayette hotel. At this time eight men were initi- wants to' go he must be a registered ated into the mysteries of the fratern- delegate from the Y. M. C. A. office of this university. The University of ity. They are: Messrs. James France-waFred Hendon, J. D. Nantz, J. V. Kentucky last year had five men in Schulte, J. W. Ramsey, Frank Walk- Bl"e Ridge. This year Ihey are looking forward to more delogates. If er, and Leroy Keffer. Active members of the chapter are: interested one may see George t, the secretary of this organizaMessrs. W. P. Blackburn, J. S. R. K. Fledge, L. B. Turner, E. tion on the campus. S. Hill, G. S. Willey, R. W. Bushart, wmHimtmtH lounst miracaoin EUROPE Tried Caramels? Canary Cottage Collegiate Shoppe New Departments Highest Peak of tho Range "The Land of thP Sky," another name for Hlue Kidgc, the ineccn for nil college students, in situated junt 20 miles from Moiint MITCHELL, BAKER & SMITH (Incorporated) "THE QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE" " r, KENTUCKY COHEN SHOP No doubt you are interested in Apparel of Art, not just cloths 145 East' Main hnnter were: Messrs. Joseph Wal- 'ers, Robert Williams, Guthrie Bright, Alpha Chi Sigma Entertains Alpha Gnmnm chapter of Alpha Donner Brame, William Burtas, Wal- HarChi Sigma entertained with n ban- ter Robinson. Richard Mcintosh, quet in the private dining room of the iv McChesney. Elliot Flanery, GuyCoLafayette hotel, Monday night at :."() Briggs, William Hodgen, James Wnl-oo'clock, in honor of their new initiates. ;ar, Charles Headley, William Rotwan Saufley, Oney Gifford, Interesting talks were delivered by Ulys-:e- s Dr. M. H. Bedford and Dr. Charles lomer Carrier, William Scott, Grant Willis. Jr., and the pledges., Barkenbus. Thnso nrflsimfc were: Messrs. W. P. Messrs. Jack Whitlow, Benjamin Van RWkhurn J. S. Stockhnrdt, R. W. Meter, Henry Maddox. Fledge, L. B. Turner, E. S. Hill, G. S. Engagement Announced Willey, R. W. Bushart, M. H. (Jrow-deThe manv friends of Miss Josephine and the new initiates, Messrs. in the fol lames Franceway, Fred Hendon, J. D. Evans will be interested Nantz, J. V. Barton, E. V. Schulte, lowing announcement: eroy Mr. and Mrs. William Henry Evans, J. W. Ramsey, Frank walker, of Lebanon, Ky., announce the en- Keffer. of their daughter, Jose phine Rav. of Jacksonville, Fin., re FRATERNITY ROW TT5o TVTnKnl P. nmhnm. of Frank- - cently of Kansas City, Mo., to Mr. r,.f nml Mnrcareh Hill, of Paris, T.owis Batchelor Stuart, of Kansas of the City, son of Mrs. Lewis Batcherol were the guests last week-en- d Tri Delt fraternity at tneir nouse on Stuart, of St. Louis. The wedding will take place in October. East Maxwell street. Kappa Alpha rormal Personal Vinntnv nnd nlederes of t:,f mi Mr. Oskar Hambleton. of Hender Kappa Alpha fraternity, entertained New York with a delignttul lormai uaocu m son, "hns been successful in he has the ballroom of the Phoenix hotel last during the past winter where juvenile lead with hnpn nlavincr the Saturday evening. The affair, a bv several Margaret Anglin. He is, now appear- hundred guests, among whom were nc in Cvrano do Bereerac with Wal u ter Hampden, in the Hampden theatre representatives ot irniermuea Mr. Hambleton has sororities on the campus anu visum,. on Broadway. hnnn emnloved as designer for one Kappa Alphas. shops of the east At the far end of the ballroom, of the fashionable both the scenery i .,i,,m tVi nrrhostra. were two fiKtios? and designed i Miss Anglin's confederate flags, symbols of the fra and the costumes for new play which opened last week in ternity. These togemer wun u fraternity Albany, N. Y. cn of the badge of the Prnf. L. J. Horlacher and Mrs. Hor- formed the principal decorations, n,M1.t nf TCiinoa Alnha was lacher were at Purdue University, La no fayette, Ind., on Friday of last week, plaved during the fourth by the Rythmn Kings, who furnished whom Professor Horlacher attended the annual meeting of Indiana Cattle the music for the occasion. The hosts, members ot tnc acuvt- Feeders. Street- -. GIVE US A CALL Millinery, Dresses, Coats, Silk Underwear for the College Girl Mitchell, vhe highest peak enst of the Rockies. It rests on a brond shelf of u mountain slope, which is covered by trees, man- high ferns, nnd rhodendrons, watered my numberless small streams. Farther down the slope is a natural chap-- ) el and amphitheatre, in which the general meetings nrc held. At sunset, a bentutiful view is nflorded one of' the mountain opposite, looming nmpng tho clouds which hang over it. In the valley below, nenr the chapel, ' is a large lake, which is used for swimming and rowing. There i3 ;ih?o an swimming pool, in which the campers take their daily plungns. The delegates stav at Blue Ridtro for a period of two weeks, in cottnges and huts, living a real outdoor life, roughing it to the extreme. The main buildings of the association nre white, adding to the multi-colore- d j d of the scene. Tho main nssembly building is called the Robert h.. Lee hall, and follows closely the outlines of a typical Southern mansion. Seen from the drive, as one approaches the camp grounds, the white biuldmgs with the mountains risincr behind them us u itvi.miv,. v.wl-- . ground, make a picture which is not An effective cheap Canadian Pacific our group of college Instructors, nlumni and friends who will tour Europo this summer. A thirty-si- x day tour for $.105, including all necessary expenses. JOIN Free ido trip (via Toronto) to Niagara Falln. Opportunity to hm caatern Canada, romantleMontrcalnnilplcturcsnueQuebce. Ocean voyage on board Canadian Paclfla teamhlp9, with American Unlvomltr danco bands to furnish mutlc. Plenty of deck paco for dancing, rent, recreation, dock game, eporta, dramatic. Comfort-abl- o bertha. Appetizing meals. Two day voyage down tho mighty St. Lawrence Only four daya open aea. Kivcr. Landing at Liverpool, wo visit Chester and Iamlngton. Ily motor to famed castles, thoShakenpearacountry, rural England nnd Oxford University, Four daya in London. the IIku, Amsterdam and Schevenln- In Holland; Uruseli, llruirn, Xttbragze, Srn ami other In Ueltrtum. Ily train through the battlefield, to 1'arn. where we spend a week, with trips to Versailles and the American battle sector. Ample g time for Individual and .hnnplntf. Keturn sailing from Cherbourg. Shortertnurtlf desired, atl'&Osnd $330. to Switzerland, Germany and Italy at mod-PHotels, PP . crate coat. fees and meals, traveling guides Included "penaes, ..7 ,n t0,lr Prfca. Management arranges HoiJiVr secures desirable hotel accommodation.; personally conducts party. Write for complete Itinerary. t,lC,.n.DiuT....ia Gentlemen! Without oblif.Ubn n.. on mr cmrt. pleaee Tour Folder. Namo Addreas City aod easily forgotten. ..... substitute for i University Lunch Room We Want You To Enjoy Lunching and M. H. Crowder. n, Beauty Parlor, Art Needle, Infants and Downstairs Economy Store. LEXINGTGON Kava-naug- Stock-hard- with chromium. Y. M. C. A. Camp Is Situated in Ideal Spot Near Ml. Mitchell, Opposite Ky. Theatre Special Sale of Dresses $22.50 Reduced from $35 THREE Here. Try A Toastee Sandwich MR. and MRS. 0. D. CiEDDKS, Props. OIM'OSITH THE CAMPUS .l." SOUTH LIME PARRISH & BROMLEY CLEANING DRY l"i2 AND PRESSING Lime South Phone QUALITY AND lSHO SEItVICE Oak Soles Sewed for $1.25 Goodyear Wing Foot Rubber Heels 50c McATEE SHOE SERVICE SHOP J. A. Vonderllaar W. C. Stagg ALL MAKES TYPEWRITERS FOR SALE Oli RENT SPECIAL RENTAL RATES TO STUDENTS mANDARD Dealer: L. TELEPHONE C. Smith & Bros. TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE Typewriter Co. OPP. COURT HOUSE 2fvf k - Special! WHAT IS A WELL-DRESSEMAN? a man doesn't need the profile of a Barrymore, the bearing of a Westpointer, or the income of a bank director. Good looks are not necessary, as long as a man has good taste. 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