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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 16, 1926

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PAGE KENTUCKY SIX will surely add greatly to Kentucky's CLASS TRACK MEN1 cinder squad next season. The performances of Gcss, Brady, and Hoot SHOW GOOD FORM Hrown, Cochran clipping offwere outhis disstanding, each Results of Kvents Kxpectod to Uncover New Finds Tor U. of K. Cinder Path Tenm in 192G FURSHIE TUTS SHOT flf) FT. tance in fast time. Oess especially, did well in the quarter, finishing out the distance in ififvl on a slow track. The following are the results: d dash Hrady, first; Tracy, second; Sandifer and Shipley tied for third. Time, 10.1. dash- - Gess, first; Brown, t second; Akin, third. Time :f3.r; Mile run Cochran, first; Brnmc, second; iJowden, Ihird. Time, 4:80.4; Two-mil- e run Brnmc, first; Klliott, second; Hichnrdson, third. Time 11:47; Mile relay Brown, Coons, Ross, Time, 3:55.4. Browser. Despite tho fnct that the weather wna apainat the annual inter-clns- s track meet hold and on Stoll field Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, some pood times were turned in by many of the contestants and Coach Ray Kklund had n chance to form his opinion on some of the candidates and decide LOST A Duofold pen with gold who should go to Vanderbilt tomor- band. If found return to Virginia row. Phone Kellev and receive reward. Hill Oess was the outstanding find 132 IX. as a result of last year's moot and Knvanaugh, weight man, is regarded Athletics in the United States hold of the ninety world's recby many as the find of the 11120 meet, thirty-fiv- e lie threw the shot about ords for track and field events. Great and 39 feet and won his event easily. The Britain is next with twenty-fiv- e Slurps boy is a freshman now and Finland is third with twelve. COME IN Avail yourself of our t. KERNEL 0- - nnd Heed iMilcr nrc two oticr reasons why thnt event should tnkc plnce. In the Inst tfnmc John Rnrnored three two-bas- e nnd hits nnd n home-ruMiller four siiiRles from the delivery of "Hljr Swede" on0 of the hest pitchWestern Conference. Chuck Georgetown Nino To Furnish ers in thowill greatly strengthen the Alberts, Opposition For Blue and infield. White Here; Alberts ReFloat Georgetown Last Ycnr to Lineup turns Last year the Wildcats succeeded in I'l.AY 'I'lC.KItS TOMOHKOW CLOSK OA MR RXPRCTRD defeating the Tigers In the home UniTi'tin1 rjii'n. snow mihI xleot luul the other things which old game, rain causing no game to he Still without the services of Jesse played in Georgetown This senson 1ms boon sendintr rather regularly around these i in Pluvins UitTe, premier pitcher, hut with little the return game will he played on pnrts for the past lVO or three Weeks, the Wildcats will tie up -two weeks after Kentucky re- with the Georgetown Tigers tomorrow at Stoll field in their sec- - chuck" Alberts, peppy shortstop, re- t .l KnoKn inimn nf in lionann. Ittill Mill iHJ UIV t:., r i. t..,I nit. 1.11.-1fllll J. Vllillll Ullll UdOUUtlli Although Murphy's men outhit the Michigan Wolverines Murphy's baseball team will play the nmttmjittmm last Saturday, they were defeated, due to the wildness of Charlie Georgetown Tigers on stoll Field rt and Skinner, more than anything else. morrow. The existence nil week of a CEEN FROM THj7 'CATS AND TIGERS MEET TOMORROW By UOOVEJ PRESS BO The Tigers are not reputed to have much, having been beaten wet (nnmonl has hampered practice. Eastern Normal nine m tho opening game oi tne season ,lmvvill. rw,, uv..,.r i,... i,., nv. purieneing the same difficulty over nt and the Cats are respecting easy sailing tomorrow. hv tho COME TO i Georgetown nnd the odds should he fll'"t. even, the Wildcats having drop- TRACK RESULTS INTERESTING ii linanl v.tilll Viwl unmn tn Minlii. and fraternity track meet gan lnsl we(k,nnd Georgetown having Tho results of the annual inter-las- s Which appear in other columns of this issue are quite interesting unable to piny Knstern Normal last in view of the good times made in the running of the various (Tuesday on account of rain. ....,. .... ,.,,......-.jiauu. events, consuieringane poor conuiwun ui uiu Bill Gess ran in winning the .. J The outstanding race which (IeUverIefll,of 'the quarter mile in :B3.4 augurs well for Coach Ek unci and his team, vo pitchers, this year. He has a pretty stride and is bound to do better under Wcrt nnd skinner( pa3SC(1 barely oul. favorable conditions, mayoe oreaK tne u. is., record lor uus event, g,, 0f tiie pinte jnBtcnti of over, cnus Cochran, in winning the mile, went in fine style and will sure- ing 12 bases on balls. That trouble may be attributed to tough luck, inly be heard from if he comes out for the varsity. experience or the weather, either was expected of him by winning the a likely alibi. Jim Brady did what d dash from Len Tracy in 10.4 over the slow course. Len One of those two boys will pitch was injured seriously as he lunged over the finishing tape, spraw- against the Tigers. And, with the seasoning gained from tho first game, ling on the cinders. the first four innings of which passed without the opposition scoring a run, MERE'S A WISE CRACK Georgetown should inaugurate their I'm a millionaire. Don't I own a flower pot in Florida ? schedule with a defeat. John Riffe Course 1 Schange Candy Kitchen ."u FOR 100-yar- Fountain Service Our Specialty Malted Milk We Serve Regular Dinners Fresh (Course I didn't crack it) . I Fountain of Youth Phone Ralph Jones, Prop. 2770X Welcome Students Lexington Drug Co. 102 E. Main Phone 154 Street xztx xxxxxtxxxxxx THE TAVERN ALWAYS At Your Service With Sodas Bruce Puller ear FLORSHEIM at all 25n e 5 T5 Candies LIKE A SAILOR Yachtsmen Favor One Uniform Rule," says headline over item in New York sport page. What'll they do while it's being washed? WOW! King of Clubs won famous Lincolnshire Handicap in England the other day. The ones who laid down their hard earned jack on him sure played the right card. rriin Tumor. Tthirk :innnuiu(nient caused no little amount of favorable comment and surprise, as well, a couple of weeks ago. Wonder who's going to keep house for our "sender of notices". now? HOW ABOUT THIS? We've just been wondering when our honorable "J. Frank Norris, known from one end of Lexington to the other, is going to jump on the "frivolous youth" of the University of Kentucky? It's about time. Watch the papers so we can have a block of seats reserved in the tabernacle. "Correct Glasses For Students Mints DR. C. W. BURKE Nut Baskets Registered Optometrist 108 Walnut Street Over Party Favors Of All Kinds Union Bus Station Scientific EYE EXAMINATIONS Prices THAT Please P. B. ROBARDS PRESSING COLLEGE Phone 929 BOYS' TAILOR ALTERING 216 S. Limestone . "iHiiiliiiiiiiiMMMWUiHmiiiii The store that caters to the college men. and co-e- ds THE LOVELY DRUG THE COLLEGIATE Where Everything is STORE Lovely hardened t?.,( wn nrn inh lw'hnfl one of the old gamblers of the Blue Grass crying oodles of tears down there' last Sunday. if We Are Near You Ray Ellison Home-Mad- Salted Almonds SHE FELL FOR IT Mile. Suzanne Lenglen has been offered $250,000 by C. C. Pyle, "Red" Grange's manager, to turn professional. This does not include revenue to be derived from dental arid silk sweater ads. 'RAY (HICK) 'RAY! "German" Tank Stars Arrive,", says headline. This on top of the announcement of the possible opening of the St. Louis and Milwaukee breweries. clnnkety-clan- k of a pair of nail studded leather heels around here from now on. Wonder how Ottie ever makes so much noise anyway? Well, we'll miss Regular Meals Sandwiches Upper S. 113-11- 5 times the fast I've been trying to find out when the T. S. P's. are going to put out their annual next year. The Phoenix Hotel Co. pays especial attention to Poor little LcRoy! It seems he is the most harrassed boy on the campus. If it's not Ted, it's "The 'Red' Letter." SO'S YOUR MALE PARENT Heads of the University of Pittsburg have been asked to take the Pitt eleven to Honolulu for a game next New Year's Day. The University of Hawaii offers a guarantee and expenses but the boys are holding out for some asursance that the hula-hul- a will not be under the ban by that time. At that, I don't blame them a bit. To Your Health . FOR UNIVERSITY ORGANIZATIONS tttttttntttttwtHHttttu ' PARTIES, BANQUETS and DANCES and Happiness' JOHN G. CRAMER, Manager SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM DIRECT LINE FROM LEXINGTON TO--ALL You can afford Florsheims. Their qualityleathersandfmeworkmanship mean months of wear. Their style and perfect fit give that well dressed look. Fountain Drinks of All Kinds Best Fountains in Town. We have one of the Candies We Manufacture Our Own Candies and Ice Cream. We Deliver Anywhere in the City. Baynham Shoe Co 152 W. MAIN "A North, East, South and West Cincinnati, New Orleans, Jacksonville The Carolinas and St. Louis Schedules HAST MAIN NEAR UMIJ - POINTS IN THE 1MIONE 219 urranged to suit the convenience of our patrons For descriptive literature, tickets, reservations or further information, communicate with W. R. CLINKINBEAKD II. C. KING City Ticket Ageat District Passenger Agent KY. 118 East Main Street, LEXINGTON, 4