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Y I KENTUCKY KERNEL WEATHER SLOWS FROSH PRACTICE Some 10 Ciinclidnlca Try Hard for Places on Team : Georgetown Cubs Will Have Strong Club This Year NO SCHEDULE A It It A NO ED Coach 13111 Hansen is hnving n hard time holding bnck his Kitten proteges for they nro raring to pet nt Fred J. Murphy's diamond candidates Since for some dnily scrimmages. their first practice was inaugurated last week, Old Man Weather has been holding a grudge against them and lias not permitted them to gain much ground in the way of a workout. Only three days of real practice have been available, but it is about time, for the fields about here to dry. VISIT Next week the Kittens will drop train ing at Woodland park and return home to Stoll field to get accustomed to the lay of the ground so they will be able to tease the Wildcats. Coach Hansen has some 10 candi dales out for his Kitten team and he say? that he will have to make a slice in thr Hat as soon as ho can get a line on the men. Prom all indications there are several promising athletes out for the Green and While ball team nnd Coach Hansen is some what optimistic over his chances for a championship nine. About the only team that they will have to worry about is the George town Cubs, with their outlay of frosh athletes from Texas, as they will cor tainly face the Kittens with a formid able nine this year. Word from the Cub training camp indicates that they are out for the state title and will stop at nothing. No card has been arranged for the Kittens as yet but S. A. "Daddy" Boles says that he will complete it as The games probably soon as possible. will be played with Centre, Louisville Manual, Eastern Normal, Kentucky Wesleyan and maybe another high ONE OF THE POINTS OF INTEREST PAGE SEVEN at Spoi'tS AT BLUE RIDGE BlllG Ridge 1021, the university boys won the championship at basketball. One of the main features of the Phi Beta Kappa, honorary Blue Nidgo camps are the poppy. has decided that it will not in the Aft-- : elmn, well organised sports. re entirely de- - l0BCS which St noons nnd nights restrict liberty of thouBht VOtml to the various activities. nn,i speech by such intolcrcnt policies Swimming is perhaps the most pop- - as forbidding the teaching of ovolu- ular, hut basketball, baseball, tennis cion. and hlkon are In no way neglected. (Jolf will be introduced this year for Th University of West Virginia is the first time. The last night of -- nid to hnve the longest steam heated camp is stunt night, when states pre- 3idewalk of any campus in the country. This walk is always kept clen 1 sent original programs. Each sport has n promoter nnd del- - of snow by the underground stcasn cgatos are at liberty to participate nt henting system. We wonder If I. any time. Various contests arc held also keeps the co-efeet from free.-wit- h honor nwards for the winner. In ing. THE COLLEGE MAN AND NETTLETON SHOES school nine. Buck Quite the thing to do nowadays is to form a club. The club at the University of Texas formed ex AT The Hut clusively for the "crimson craniumed" students is called the Texas Cardinals, the one at the Iowa Wesleyan is called the Blazers, while that at the University of Tennessee is named the No.050-T- an No.055-BU- ck Calf, Calf C7t club. Why wear any but the best? of the woman's athletic association Thursday, April 28, in the old gymnasium. At this time, the officers for next year will be elected. No member of the organization should fail to Cinder Meet Gives attend this meeting. Shoes sold on a price basis alone cannot honestly be expected to give quality service. In the long run you will pay more for them, than you will for Nettletons, although Nettleton shoes are priced a little higher. . 'CAT TRACKMEN MEETVANDERBILT Inter-Clas- tL WE RE-BLOC- K g WILL TAKE HATS for both men and women. Change them into the newest shapes and return them thoroughly cleaned and just like new. It is uneconomical to throw away old hats. Very few are actually worn out. All they need is a little attention from us and they will be as good and as good looking as ever. SHOE SHINE PARLOR 3725-- 112 W. Main X 12 Southern Junior College, Oltewah, Tenn., has been .purged of all carnal sin. Following a recent chapel exer- cise a search of the boys' and girls' dormitories was made and all novels, pictures, story magazines, lipsticks, and rouge were cast into a roaring MEN s With the g track meet a thing ofand fraternity history, the Wildcat cinder artists will entrain 5 for Nashville, Tenn., where inter-clas- NEW YORK MAT CLEANERS AND Phone s Coach Eklund Chance to Round Out Squad for Coming Meets they will engage the Vanderbilt Com modores in a track meet tomorrow afternoon. Twelve men will probably make the trip with Coach Eklund and Manager Woods. meet held the first The part of the week uncovered an abundance of good track material and also showed that Kentucky's status on the cinders will be rated high during the season. The meet also proved that former stars never get stale from the Captain Brady preceding season. showed by his performance this week he is still one of the greatest that track men that ever attened Kentucky State. Tracy ran the 100 with the ame fleetness that marked his efforts last season. Dowden anil Brame who won their letters in the distance ruru last year, displayed their ability c handle these events this year. Bill Gcss will take care of the 440 end half mile runs. the Little ui Known concerning strength of the Commodores, but eveiy year they are represented by a strong track aggregation. Vanderbilt mat was otuertamea uy ivpntucuy year and defeated the 'Cats by a 25 point margin. intra-mur- i 5 HimmuS campus And today, when we do sixty miles an hour without hurrying . . . and good mixers are popular everywliere, BUSCH (A-- PALE DRY is the favored drink of college men because, like the college man, Busch Pale Dry is a good mixer everywhere anil every time. LUIIHWIMll SiLouis Anheuser-Busc- h JOSEPH PAPANIA Distributors Lexington, Ky. -- Sold j j locally by- - Kaufman Clothing Co. Lexington, Kentucky j Dealers Everywhere j 0! W. A. A. NOTES campus on Sunday afternoons, Anheuser'Busch was nationally known among good fellows. H. W. COOK, PrtslJtml i Every Important University is studied for style by BRAEBURN al O- - Back in the days of Dobbin . . . when the college sheik (then known as the "dude") gave his best girl a great whirl around the bonfire. "Nettliton is one of America's Quality Names" CO., SYRACUSE, N. Y. A. E.'.NETTLETON o- - -- TbaStud O (By MARTHA KEEP) In the spring' a your.;,' girl's fancy turns to thoughts of track and tennto. E'er long one nu-- y bo able to see fair aspirants out on the great open spaces of Stoll field hopping the hurPractice dles or hurdling the shot. for the spring meet is starting now. All girls who arc interested in this form of activity should be putting in their time practicing, as a certain number of hours preliminary work' will be required before a girl may bo eligible to enter the mass field day in behalf of her clans or sorority. I'lie Patterson hall tennis court will be put in tinier as soon as the weather permits. Those who have never play ed the game may make use of the student coaches who will be provided for this sport. This year as never before we intend to play tennis on a large scale at the university. A ladder tournament for women's singles" has been arranged and several elimination matches in doubles. Practice has been started for spring soccer and a schedule of class games All girls will be announced soon. who are interested should report to the women's gymnasium for the daily work-ou- t at 4 o'clock. This year for the first time, the W.A.A. is going to publMi a Varsity Handbook. This book will contain a complete resume of the year's work, together with curtain information concerning the association which every The woman student should know. editor- handbook stall' is us follow: Martha Heed; assistant editor, Petty hell'ernan; associate edi-- ! tors, Prewitt Evans and Mary Atler; business manager, Francos Osborn. This publication will appear the fir 4 week in May. There will be importuut meeting f Th Smooth Guy ThaHiuky The Wet Thins A Braeburn For Every College Man No clothing concerns have ever gone to such lengths to get correct, authentic style as Their designers and style experts Braeburn. are in touch with every new development at the universities where the new styles are We get these things immediately created. for you. Easy fitting coats are the thing for Spring; wide shoulders, rounded lapels new shades, too, of silver grey, cedar, chamois and acid blue they're plenty hot. $35 to $45 SEE OUR WINDOWS I I Kaufman Clothing Co, (Incorporated) LEXINGTON'S BETTER STORE