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13 > Image 13 of 1985 NCAA Championship, March 30-April 1, 1985

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Programs (Men)

Alliance L THE TVnnTfir It's no small feat. Bringing an TOT^llT ATTT TW% a^ov^'d^ bottom line to Euro- J^JuJNjnLw JlJJL pean technology, then engi-A T T T A TVT/1TJ1 neering it into a soft top. Now XX III IAjHLXM wJEi Renault introduces the Alliance Convertible. As the wind blows your hair, your body rides smoothly on Alliance's 4-wheel independent suspension with rear twin coaxial torsion bars. Pedestal seats add comfort and extra AMERICAS LOWEST rear seat legroom. wmmI^ Electronic fuel PRICED CONVERTIBLE. injection with the new 1.7-litre engine for exhilarating acceleration and fuel efficiency 36 MPG HWY, 39 MPG CITY** Options include: Systems Sentry to keep an eye on vital fluids and brakes. Power windows. An electronic AM/FM six-speaker stereo cassette system. The new front wheel drive Alliance Convertible. Built in America. And priced at the rock bottom of * TkT W TW America's soft-top class. K^J _|J^IimA_J JLlJ Comparison of list prices. **Use EPA est. for comparison. Your results may _ . differ. All options not available on all models. HimBI ^^Hl^GI tWlf^ ^UP^klWifl^^ m%k Buy or lease. From American Motors j Safety Bells Save Lives. JLJt^Jj v/JEll JCi JL\f Wj*^JL^^X*%#