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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Daviess County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

i4__i_ _W il .:-.......-v-. @ I DAVIESS COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS _ A Q AMERICAN LEGION, JAMES L. YATES POST #9 (National American Legion). { Founded 1920. Commander, Delbert J- Glenn, Fourth and Allen Streets, j Owensboro, Telephone 185. Term expires June, 1945. Adjutant, J. 0. Q Boswell, 1020 East Nineteenth Street, Owensboro. Term indefinite. gg Membership: 458. Open to honorably discharged veterans of World War I. EQ Committees: Executive, Delbert J. Glenn,pJ. O. Boswell, William OFlyn, Qi R. P. Wimsatt, O. S. Kelly, W. E. Johnson, V. E. Carden, Mike Callas, Q Charles Asdell, John`W. Polkinghorn, Simon B. Smith. { Purpose: Promotion of public welfare and aiding cx-service mon and ,5 their families who need assistance. E, Normal Civic Activities: Teaching by precept and example true Ameri- _ j canism. Cooperating with governmental and civic defense programs. Q Defense Activities: Engaged in Auxiliary Police Air Raid Warden Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection, Motor Corps Service. Interested in Consumer Protection Activities. I Local Publications} None. A AMERICAN LEGION AUXILILRY, OWENSBOR0 UNIT #1 (National American Legion " Auxiliary), 217 West Twenty-fourth Street, Owensboro. Founded 1925. I Prcisdgnt, Miss Margaret Burks, 550 Ewang Court, Owensboro, Telephone ' 8 2894~J. Secretary, Miss Sidney Neal, 2019 Littlewood Drive, Owensboro, Q Telephone 1518. Terms expire August, 1942. Civilian Defense Sec4'" x rotary, Mrs. Y} M. Kirtley, 215%West Second Street, 0wensboro.. Term i` indefinite. A l A Mcmbership:H i72. Open to wives, mothers, sisters, daughters of j Legionnaires. l { Committees: Child Welfare, Miss Ella P. Slack, West Eighth Street; A ; Rehabilitation, Mrs. I. M. Hendricks, Vest Twontyfourth Street; _ Community Service, Mrs. Delbert Glenn, Fourth and Allen Streets; ( Publicity, Mrs. John Gilmour, West Seventh Street, all of Owensboro. 7 Purpose; Community scrmice and voterans' rehabilitation. y I _ Norma1Civic Activities; =Cooperaeing with American Legion, Rod Cross, A A Salvation Army_and.other civic organizations. ' ' Defense Activities: Engaged in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dress- ings, F1rE% Aid, Child Caro, Entertainment, Recreation, Interviewing. Local Publications: None. V I A I