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The Kentucky Kernel, March 5, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, KY., MAR. 5, 1920 VOL. X. No. 20 TRIANGULAR University Comes First in Oratorical BE Contest With Smith as Representative TO ORATOR PREPARING CARRY OFF 10 LAURELS CENTRE-KENTUCK- Delegates Hear Important Speakers at Danville To Trim Visitors "The hope of China Is that the United States will take her place In the League of Nations where she can effectively champion China's cause. The United States always and everywhere has heen the defender of oppressed peoples and it is our own nation, the great republic of the West, to which the struggling republic of the Far East is looking for action and for continuance of that policy which will preserve for her the possibilities of a great future," was the concluding paragraph in the speech that won first place for the University in the oratorical contest held here Monday in chapel, as presented by .Clifford E. Smith, a freshman in the College of Law. ' Smith will now represent the University against winners of state contests in Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan, to be held in Wisconsin April 2. The decision was rendered by men from other states who were entirely neutral as to contestants, Professor H. S. Woodward, Western Reserve University; Professor iC. H. Thurper, Purdue University, and Professor B. ,C. Van Wye, University of Cincinnati. The decision in favor of Kentucky shows that a new era in the art of oratory is being recognized, for Mr. Smith's oration was one that appealed to the audience thru logical reasoning and not alone by appealing to the emotions thru "flowery English." It was not however a easy matter to decido acordlng to statements mado by the judges, for the Kentucky Colleges were ably represente dby gifted 4 orators. Mr. C. MdCoy Franklin, representative of Berea College, who came second, spoke on "Americanizing Amorlca by Education of Labor." Tho theme of his speech was the power of Christian education. Mr. Frank L. McVoy presided, welcoming the audience and introducing tho speakers. A largo number wore present, Including a number of peoplo. Mr. Smith will again represent U. K. at the second contest, the Southern League, which will bo held Friday night in tho Representatives Chapol. from the stato universities of Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Johns Hopkins and Vanderbllt. Tho following list of ora- - Interstate Oratorical (Continued on Page 7) The University of Kentucky basketball squad will end its 1920 basketball scnedule with Che game in Lexington Saturday night. The Centre aggregation has the better claim to the State championship in basketball, since it defeated the Wildcats in Danville February 14. Should Kentucky defeat Centre Saturday night, however, the two outfits would be tied for Stute honors. The Wildcats are now in better condition to handle the Centre outfit than when they were defeated 44 to 15, and it is generally thought that the game will be a close one, and that probably a surprise or two will be sprung on the visitors. Because of the recent illness of Everett, Coach Buchhelt had intended starting the game Saturday night with Wilhelm in the center position, but the latter sustained a broken nose In practice Wednesday, so it is highly probable that Everett will be back at center with the remainder of the reg- Secretary Owens and four delegates, George Gregory, Bob Davis, Robert Raible and George Baumgarten attended the annual Kentucky State Student Conference of the Y. M. C. A. at Danville, February 27 to 29, returning to Lexington on Monday. George Gregory made a speech Saturday, on "What Can the Y. M. C. A. Expect of the Faculty?" Representing the faculty of this University at the conference were Dean Boyd, Dean Melcher, Professors Clelland, Freeman and Bureau, and Dr. Best. The convention delegates and faculty were entertained by citizens of Danville. The Kentucky colleges represented were Berea, Georgetown, Transylvania, Union College, Eastern State Normal, Centre and University of Kentucky. Speakers of importance at the conference were: Hon. J. Stitt Wilson, California; Dr. W. D. Weatherford, . ular Tennessee; Dr. B. J. Bush, LexingEnlow and McGregor will stage a ton; P. IC. Dix. Louisville, and Harry wrestling match between halves. F. Comer, Tennessee. Centre-Kentuck- y line-up- STUDENT LEAVES TO TRACK WORK TO BE FILE CLAIM ON LAND ARRANGED BY S CO-ED- 'Kit" Carson First To Accept Homestead Offer. University of Kentucky To Have New Feature in Sports. Daniel C Carson, of Richmond, Ky a sophomore in the College of Engineering, left Monday night for Cheyenne, Wyoming, to file on a claim of 1G0 acres of Homestead land offered by the Government in the North Platte Irrigation Project. "Kit" Carson, as he is known in school last the University, fall after having served in tho army for moro than two years. Ho was with Expeditionary North Russia tho Forces as an officer at Archangel, Russia all tho time ho served overseas. "Kit" has promised to writo to several friends as soon as ho arrives "out wost" and tell them all about how conditions really aro and tho prospects and desirability of filing claims on this land recently oponod up in Wyoming. Tho dope from him is awaited with much interest by a uumbor of students in tho Univoratty, who have expressed their intention to "take up a claim." recently-complete- d Patronize Our Advertisers Spiked shoes and track suits are being ordered for the University coeds. Beginning April 1, classes In refined track work, weight tossing, hurdling, high jumping and hockey will be added to the curriculum of women students of tho University. Censored classes in boxing may bo added later. aro going to The University entor tho track competition In earnest and havo booked contests with the University of Cincinnati and Louisville College to bo played If those educational Institutions havo luck with their feminine track and field representations. for tho hockey team will bogin shortly under tho direction of Miss Sarah Blandlng, of tho UniverAll aspirsity Athletic Department. ants for hockey honors aro "dark horsos," so to speak, nono having had any previous oxperlonco In that sport. Tho Kittens, University girls' basketball team, will probably wind up its season hero in a contest with Peabody College, of Tennessee, March 17. s Try-out- s CHANCE TO WIN STROLLER PRIZE Next Friday In accordance with the usual custom of awarding two tickets to the Friday, March tho detriangular bates will be held simultaneously in Lexington, Cincinnati and Oxford, Ohio. The proposition to be discussed is one in which there is much Interest, Inasmuch as it deals with industrial relations and labor organizations. The nature of the proposition, and the careful study which the men have given to the debate tills year give promise of some lively foren3ic contests. An affirmative team representing the University of Kentucky will meet a negative team representing the University of Cincinnati In the University chapel here. There will be a musical program furnished by Professor On SUBJECT 12 AT STATE TO END 1 SOUTHERN CONTEST Wildcats In Good Condition Four "SHANTUNG" HELD MARCH GIVEN One of Intercollegiate Con- Two Tickets To Be Award-'e- d For Best Cover tests in University Chapel Design CAME U. K. IS Y ARTISTS DEBATES 12, Lam-per- t. On the same evening a negative team composed of A. P. Bell, H. P. Haley and N. B. Conkwright will represent the University in the debate against Miami University at Oxford, A negative team from Miami Ohio. will meet an affirmative team representing the University of Cincinnati in that city on the same evening. The program for the debate to be held here is as follows: Proposition Resolved that for purposes of bargaining between employer and employee, the organization of all labor within the Individual plant or Industrial organization offers a better solution for industrial problems than the present system of national unions. Affirmative, University of Kentucky, Mr. George T. Robinson, Mr. Charles W. Richards, Mr. P. H. Vincent. Negative, University of Cincinnati, Mr. Herald G. Gardiner, Mr. L. Emerson Tull, Mr. Herbert T. Leyland. Constructive Speeches (ten minutes each): First Afflrmatlvo, Mr. Robinson, Kentucky; First Negative, Mr. Gardner, (Cincinnati; Second Affirma tive, Mr. Richards, Kentucky; Second Negative, Mr. Tull, Cincinnati; Third Afflrmatlvo, Mr. Vincent, Kentucky; Third Negative, Mr. Leyland, Cincinnati. Rebuttal Speeches (six minutes each): First Negative, Mr. Gardner, Cincinnati; First Affirmative, Mr. RobSecond Negative, inson, Kentucky; Mr. Tull, Cincinnati; Second Afflrmatlvo, Mr. Richards, Kentucky; Third Negative, Mr. Leyland, Cincinnati; Third Affirmative, Mr. Vincent, Kentucky. Presiding Officer President Frank Stroller play each year for the best design submitted for tho program cover, the management announces the opening of the contest Saturday morning, March G, to last until March 18. Any student In the University is eligible to compete in the contest and their drawings will be considered by three competent judges, who will be selected later. Drawings must be turned in to Emory Frazier, at the Stroller rooms. Further information on the contest may be obtained from Mr. Frazier. Rehearsals for The Climbers are being held each night and the play is rapidly being rounded into shape. Plans for the sale of tickets on the campus and prospects for a ticket-sellin-g contest among the students are being discussed by the management. "The iClimbers" is the first serious play ever presented by the Strollers and serious work, commensurate with Its worth, Is being put into the practice by every member of the cast. The leading lady is Mary Elizabeth Downing, and those who have had the opportunity of hearing her Interpretation of the part say that she is a remarkable interpreter of emotional parts and exceptional for a college actor. Emory Frazier Is playing the male lead. He needs no introduction to audiences of the University of Kentucky; all that is necessary to say is that his work is as good or better than ever. The supporting cast has been chosen from an unusually large number of aspirants, and Is perhaps the most capable ever got together for an amateur performance in the city of Lexington. PRIZES AWARDED FOR SUBSCRIPTION WORK Total Sold Nears 450; Copies May Be .; Ordered Until March 10. As a book agent, E. E. Kelly proved his worth by winning the $15 prize for selling the most "Annuals," in tho threo weeks subscription contest, with the sale of 240; Adolo Slado Avas In the money and won second place, totaling 95 while F. T. Bell came In on tho show with S2. A total number ne.irlng 450 books have been sold and tho staff will bo compelled to order more books than they had contemplated to sell. Any-ondesiring an Annual must bring In cents before his dollar and twonty-fivL. McVoy. Judges Professor T. L. Harris, tho tenth of March, as after that date Miami University, Oxford, Ohio; Pro- no moro subscriptions will bo acceptfossor S. J. Brandenburg, Miami Uni- ed. Subscriptions will bo taken at versity, Oxford, Ohio; Professor R. A. tho Kontucklan room In tho basonrent Jolliffo, Oberlln College, Oborlin, Ohio. of tho main building. year-book- o o -