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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Harrison County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

_ i .. 5 - t Boy Scouts of Lmcrica, Troop 58 (Continucd) Q F ~ . _ yi Mombcrship: 56. Opcn to boys 12 to 18 yours, ablc to pass Scout tost and `Q milling to comply with oath and laws. Q` Committcos: Harrison Council, Robcrt M. Popc; Camping, Gsrnctt Arnold; g ~i_*_ ndvanoomcnt, J. M. Hartor; Troop, R. H. Poindoxtor, all of Cynthiana. . Purposc: Building oharactcr and citizcnship, training in outdoor activitios, T "ET"*T"'. ._p, . _ s 9, iirst aid, lilo saving ctc. , Normal Civic nctivitios: First nid and Lifo Saving with local Firo Donart- , Dcfcnso Activities: Engagod in Rod Cross Assistance, First nid. Training ; for ;uxiliary Firo Protoction, First nid. 'Intorostod in nir Raid Thrdcn g Sorvicc, Civilian Aircraft Warning Scrvico, Zmorgoncy Ropair Sorvicc, Lmbu- ` lancw Scrvico, Oporation of Ccntocns, Signal Sorviccs, Touching Classcs in Mocnwnical Skills Ncodod in Dcfcnso lndustrios. Loca? Eubliactions: Nonc. ..,.. -.,.1.I,, -,,.. - . ., ., _v T . . _ ,.,_ ._ _ , . / Bbolnnso nnNS CLUB CF_ClNTHlnn (United otatcs Chambor of Commcrco), c,o J. M Eartor, 515 East Fiko Strcct, Cynthiana. Foundod 1920. Prcsidcnt, Q. S, n rton, East Plcansant Strcct, Cynthiana. Tclcphonc 5lE-R. Sooro tarv, J. M. Hzrtor. Tolophono 45%. Torms oxpiro Fobruary, 1943. Mcnbcrship: 250. Qualifications, civic mindod businoss and prcfossional . x1nunito and of good roputation. ' Committwos: Youth Work, Chas. E. Smith; lmprovomcnt and Publicity, Davis C T. ijiorvcyg Civics, R. H. Poinioxtcr; Rural-Urban, Whltor NcCouloy; Bub- lic Qi?;irs, Rcv, E. B. Wooton; Public Hcalth, C. L. Caso, all of Cynthiana. / { Furposo: To promoto highcr bnsincss standnrds and bottcr spirit of coopcr- , @ ation among businoss and profossional mon. is Normal Civic Activitios: Ctudont loan fund; Emcrgoncy nir Fiold; Pronoto L Tublic Building; Coopcrctos vnt}1Cornunity Chost; Fublic hcilth Sorvico ; and othcr civic organizations. Dcfonso nctivitiosz lntorostcd in guxiliary Firc Jrotoction, Rod Crops Assistancc, First nid, Radio Oporation and iopuir, Tublic Spcaking, Sig- - A nal Sorviccs. _ . l Local Fublications: Yoarly Pxnphlct. COLORED TGLFQKE LEnGUB OF H;1DlQOK'LCUTTY, o/o Tilliam Nichols, Hill Strcot, Cynthiana. Founiod 195c. Prosidoit, Y. I. T;tson,;tcr Btrcct, Cynthiaha. Sccrctary, William Nichols . Corus cxoiro Octobcr, 1943.