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[3] > Image [3] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1965-04-apr6.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

3 G. Establishment of Teaching Improvement Fellowships Approved (PR 4) Dr. Oswald called attention to PR 4, Teaching Improvement Fellowships, and indicated the recommendation to establish ten Teaching Improvement Fellowships was the first in several steps of a positive nature aimed at evalu- ation and improvement of teaching. This area has received a good deal of con- sideration by members of the faculty, groups of students, deans, and vice presidents. As the University grows and becomes more complex and increased emphasis is placed on graduate programs, steps must be taken to insure that undergraduate teaching remains strong and is improved. A special faculty com- mittee has prepared recommendations as to how teaching may be improved, particularly at the undergraduate level. Last year summer research fellowships were established to encourage research; now it is recommended that an experi- ment should be made in providing similar fellowships for instructional im- provement. If approved, such a program would be administered by the Acting Provost. On motion by Dr. Murray, seconded by Mr. Ezelle, and without dissent the President was authorized to establish a program of teaching improvement fellowships in the amount of $1, 200 each to be awarded to faculty members presenting proposals designed to enhance their effectiveness as teachers with priority to those proposals involving improvement of undergraduate courses. A total of ten such fellowships was authorized for the summer of 1965. (See PR 4 at end of Minutes. ) H. Honorary Degree Recipients Approved (PR 5) The Graduate Faculty and the University Faculty have indicated their ap- proval of the recommendations of the Honorary Degree Committee that the following persons be awarded the honorary degree listed by each person's name: Edward Thompson Breathitt Doctor of Laws President Philip G. Davidson, Jr. Doctor of Laws Harry Best Doctor of Laws James W. Martin Doctor of Laws W. D. Valleau Doctor of Science Amry Vandenbosch Doctor of Laws Dr. Oswald reminded the Board that copies of the biographical sketches on these men had been mailed in advance and that he would not, therefore, add any additional comments except to point out that this was the first time in many years that recognition through the awarding of an honorary degree had been recommended for members of the University faculty. It is particularly ap- propriate, he said, that during the Centennial year the University honor certain of its distinguished retired faculty members with honorary degrees at com- menc ement.