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[4] > Image [4] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1965-04-apr6.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

4 Dr. Murray made the motion that the President be authorized to confer the designated honorary degree upon each person recommended at the com- mencement exercises on Monday, May 10, 1965. His motion was seconded by Dr. Sparks and approved unanimously. (See PR 5 at end of Minutes.) I. Name of University Faculty Changed to University Senate The University Faculty, the governing body of the faculty, at its meeting on March 8, 1965, voted to recommend to the Board of Trustees that its title be changed to the University Senate. This action was taken to eliminate confusion which arises from the ambiguity in the title and also to make the title conform to practices observed in other universities. On motion by Mr. Butler, seconded by Dr. Bushart, and without dissent, the official name of the university-wide faculty governing body was authorized changed froin the University Faculty to the University Senate. J. Committee to Codify the Governing Regulations and Prepare an Administrative Manual Authorized The last complete revision of the Governing Regulations occurred in December 1960. Many changes have been made since that date, such as ap- pointment and promotion procedures, departmental chairman policies, policies relating to non-academic personnel, and many others. These changes have been officially approved by the Board but they are not reflected in the current issue of the Governing Regulations. It is, therefore, desirable that a committee be ap- pointed and charged with the codification of the Governing Regulations. It was pointed out that at present the Governing Regulations are a mixture of Board policy and administrative rules. The committee should, therefore, be further charged with the task of separating the Board policies from the administrative rules and preparing an Administrative Manual which would contain the latter sections, now a part of the Governing Regulations. Mr. Smith suggested that it would be appropriate for the committee also to consider t e Trustees Retirement System for Class II employees so that the University might have a complete retirement system since it is now apparent that with the rapid turnover of Class II employees, a better system can be pro- vided through Trustees' funds than through the state system. A committee of six members was recommended by the President with three being chosen by the University Faculty ard three by the Board of Trustees. Mr. Smith suggested Mr. Kingsbury, Mr. Hillenmeyer, and Professor Oberst as the three members from the Board to serve on the committee. Judge Sutherland made the motion that Mr. Kingsbury, Mr. Hillenmeyer,