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MM? aaas 4 av HeST L.OD I- THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO Nuttlni spent the d at the Triangle house. Kentucky chapter of Triangle announces the pledging of Robert Crag, Schenectady, N. Y., and James Hite, of Paducah, Ky. Dinner guests at the Triangle house Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dicker, Misses Betty Baxter, Lcura Pcttlgrcw, and Jo Hazel Mr. Arthur LAFAYETTE DRUG CO. Our Specialty Malted Milk Served with whipped cream and wafers over our 100 per cent Sanitary Fountain. Whitman's, Hollinpsworth, and Rebecca Uuth home made candy always fresh. Phone Ashland 3.109 "The FREEZER" rsmar it HOME-MAD- SOUPS E REAL MEXICAN CHILI FOUNTAIN DRINKS HOT CHOCOLATE ALWAYS Just The Place To Go SANDWICHES Open Until Midnight Triangles Attend Game Sycamores silver In the long lane, Commerce College Smoker In between, Members and pledges of the TriShadders Ever'thlng quncky and shivery and angle fraternity attending the KentucDelta Sigma PI, professional comky-Centre game were: Pat Al- - merce fraternity, entertained with a snaky hnrta Wnllnpp Hoplnir. Benlamln Le- - smoker Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock Right arson' Hallowe'en. Roy, J. E. Hcndlcy, Jerome Alex- In Dicker hall for the members of V. S. B. ander, Roy Voclcker, Conway Hamil the College of Commerce. ton, Robert moss, ciuck Kasincr, This affair, sponsored by the fraCALENDAR nnv ITp19L Dnlnnov O'Ronrk. Joe ternity, and the first smoker to be rvnnnrlt. Jtnssptt Cuhbacc. Morris given In that college, was for the Saturday, November 2. O. K. purpose of enabling the professors Football name. Clemson vs. Uni Carpenter, Warren Moore, to become better and students versity of Kentucky at 2 o'clock on Sharp and H. v. smitn. acquainted. Stoll field. w. w. Anderson, of La Center. Sunday, November 3. week-en- d University Vesper Services at 4 Ky., spent the attending theat theYea Blue, Yea White! StateTriangle house, o'clock In Memorial Hall. Yea Wildcats! Fight! Fight! Centre game saturaay. Monday, November 4. Woman's Administrative Council All Makes meeting at 4 o'clock In the recreation room of Boyd hall. Tuesday, November 5. Stroller's Amateur Night at 7:30 o'clock in the Men's gymnasium. Wednesday, November 6. Sale or Rent Dr. and Mrs. Frank l. McVey at home to the students and faculty of the University. Rev. J. J. Clopton addressing the Dealer: L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters Assembly, Memorial Engineering hall, In the morning. fir THE FREEZER, Inc. East Main at Walton Kentucky vs. Clemson to WIN Saturday When good fellows get together it seems they always meet at the best known place where service, food and everything blends into making you have a good time. Enjoy a real meal in the newly equipped dining room of THE FAMOUS WILDCAT? LAIR QUICK DELIVERY ON NIGHT ORDERS Special Arrangement for Girls' Dormitory Orders THE WILDCAT LAIR CAMPUS HANG OUT Special Rental Rates to Students Opp. Courthouse Tea at Maxwell Place President and Mrs. Frank L. Mcwith a lovely tea Wednesday afternoon at Maxwell Place for the students and faculty of the University and the conference of county and home demonstration agents. During the afternoon Theta Sigma Phi, honorary journalism fraternity for women, held its pledging. Assisting in entertaining were: Mrs. Enoch Grehan, Mrs. Gerald Griffin, Mrs. V. R. Portmann, and Miss Marguerite McLaughlin. The members of Alpha Delta Sigma and Sigma Delta Chi, honorary Journalistic fraternities, also assisted. Masquerade Party Atpnpn Castellano Club Thp pnt.ertalned Le Cercle Francais evening, from 7:30 to 10 Tuesday o'clock, with a Haiiowe en masquerade ball at the Women's gymnasium. The members of El Ateneo Castel- lano were dressed in various Span ish costumes ana Le uercie xancais mpmhprs were dressed to reDresent the various French provinces. Games and dancing were on tne program. Mr. Martin Glenn, president of El Ateneo Castellano, and Miss Emily Hardin, chairman of the social committee, provided delightful enterwas The gymnasium tainment. decorated with the colors and designs of the Hallowe'en season. Thp r.hnnernnes were: Prof. H. B. Holmes, Mrs. A. W. Server, Miss Morooraf Wnrsflelri AnH Prof. B. W. Schick of ihe romance language de partment, and Mrs. u c. Kownson. TYPEWRITERS KSR STANDARD THE OREEN TREE The Green Tree Tea Room serves a dollar dinner each evening. Adv. WEST SHORT ST. Phone 1792 University Commons Vey entertained Curb Service Table Service Society week-en- Fall Semester, 1929 MEAL HOURS Breakfast - - - Lunch Dinner - - - - 11:1512:45 - - - 9:15 7:15 man's MEN'S preference for isa plenty the pipe positive. But do you know why? We'll tell you. First, pipe tobacco's different for instance, Edgeworth. Second, tobacco smolders as it should in a pipe. And third, these mean you get more satisfaction greater relish of the good old savory burley, soothing fullness of rich smoke. There's even a fourth reason: you g like good company. The brotherhood is that. Tobacco's at its best in a pipe. It gets a chance to be itself there to loosen up as it comes to life, to expand and take in air and glow. Only the choicest leaves get that chance, moreover, for pipes tell the truth about tobacco. Choice leaves, choice blends, and mighty careful handling. Edgeworth comes up through eleven distinct processes. before we're willing to pass it on to you. If you keep on missing all this, that's your fault for we're waiting to send you your first pipefuls of Edgeworth. See the coupon? Fill it out, get a good pipe and the postman will bring you a neat little packet of good old Edge-wort- h. Edgeworth if a careful blend of good tobaccos selected especially for Its quality and flavor never change. Buy it anywhere "Ready Rubbed" and "Plug Slice" 15 pocket package to pound humidor tin. SODA FOUNTAIN HOURS 9:00 A. M. McVey Hall J LARUS ot BRO. CO., Richmond, Va. I'll try your Edgeworth. And I'll try it in a stood pipe. Name. J Ascend South Stairs to Commons j I Street or I 'JZ'iH Afternoon Tea Tuesday the Alphi Chi chapter of Tau Alpha sorority of the the Zeta University entertained with a formal afternoon tea at their chapter house on East Maxwell street from 4 to 5 o'clock, in honor of the mothers of the members and the patronesses of the chapter. The house was decorated with ferns and garden flowers and the sorority guests About seventy-fiv- e colors. called during the afternoon. THP! GREEN TREE The Green Tree has special rooms parties. college entertaining for Main, opposite Ky. Theatre. Adv. A contest that is open to all America Ritrmn nhnnter of Alnha Siema Phi wishes to announce the pledging of Milton James uavana oi inwa Falls, la.; and Harold Butts, of Misses Alice Bruner, Shirley Grief, and Millie Nelson were dinner guesis at the Alpha Sigma pm nouse aun- Week-en- d visitors at the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity nouse were: Sam Manly, of Cincinnati, and nnhnrt finrriean. of Erlaneer. Both of them attended the Centre-Stat- e game at. Danville Saturday. Guest of Honor Hon. Fredrick Alfred Wallls of Paris, Ky., former commissioner of immigration and convocation speaker last Tuesday was guest at luncheon with Dr. and Mrs. Frank McVey after the speaking, at Maxweu Place Beat Clemson Select an All-Americ- Football Team an There are no limitations Everyone is eligible 10 Learbury authentic styled college outfits consisting of suit and topcoat to be awarded by Learbury to ten contestants whose selection is closest to the one picked by COLLEGE HUMOR (The College Man's National Magazine) Call for entry blanks with complete information for this contest which closes November 23rd. Becker "Cleaners That Satisfy" Lexington Master Dyers and Cleaners 212 S. Lime (Incorporated) Ready for the Game Saturday am WMm mi urn-diiikiJ- Becker ai right off the face of a record andbeingperfectlycharmingto you it'ssoniethingmore than singing. You'll find all the familiar Morse magnetism charging Loth the song hits on her newest Columbia record. One is a lively number in dance tempo the other a crooning intimate ballad crammed with " lots of Before your dealer wraps this one up for you, have him play these steppers, too . . . LEE MORSE has a tricky way of stepping "come-along.- Sweethearts Holiday 1972-D- , 75c Lee Morse aud Her Blue Grata Boya Vocals Record No. 1970-D- ,, Biccer and Better Than EvER(froui "George White' ScaudaU") Bottoms Up (frowMGeorge White's Scandals") Record No. Piccolo Pete colleciate sam "Cleaners That Satisfy" 'StW THAT WAY! Love Me R. S. THORPE & SONS "The Men's Store of Lexington" she's. wjxny Record No. Have Your Clothes FoxTrots 1973-D- ,t. 75c Fox Trots . Ted .Wallace and Hit Campus Boya , 75c .i . Harry Keser'a Syncopatora $' Columbia "" "NEW PIIOCESS" Rcf. U. 8. VivU'tOHml 1 EDGEWORTH 6:00 P. M. I Third-Flo- . tHkk. Tobacco's at its best . . . in a pipe 6:30 5:00 - lbaaaBaaB'BBBBBaV. i 'IBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBV fsb OsT. Recording RECORDS w - The Record without Scratch in i" imi i ?