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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 1, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

y Available i? THE KENTUCKY KERNEL j Taylor Tire Co. SILVERTOWN TIRES AND TUBES i !; Complete Tire, Battery and. Ilrake Service I; ROAD SERVICE ij jj MaiiiuiiiiiitBaiiiiiiiiiiitc3iiiiiiiiiiitcaiiiiiiiiiiiicatimHiiiiiciiiiiiiifiicatiiHitiiHicaiiHiiiiiif f The Viaduct Barber Shop 177 CATERS I East High Street TO U. K. STUDENTS We Have Three Skilled Workmen A play at Pepys To the city Sat urday afternoon for rlalto roaming but could find no one to accompany me due to a neighboring football encounter. To several theaters only to find the managers out. Then to the Opera House to see "Ken" Cartler and found him very busy with sundry duties. Wandered around back stage and enjoyed a short talk with He probably Ounard HJertstcdt. didn't know or care who I was, which rather amused me. As soon as I began to be In the way of people I left. Up Main street past the ten-cestores and was attracted by a boy In one of the windows dem onstrating the lntraclcles of Yo-Y- o to a gaping crowd of rustics. Evidence of good business at all the movie houses. To the Kentucity theater for "The Hottentot" and the house was full of children. Picture terrible. So to my dwelling place. I 5 1 (Formerly of the Lafayette Hotel Barber Shop) fflllllllllllt3IIIIIIIIIIIIC3lllllll!IIIIC:illlllllllllJIIIIIIIIIIIIC3ll!llllllllltlllllllllllllt3lllllllllllli WHEN BUYING Candy FRESHNESS is the fundamental point to consider. And this is one thing you need never worry over when you buy s Fresh Daily 70c Per Lb. 114 SOUTH LIME This week's winner Lola Combs RENT A STUDEBAKER or a NEW FORD Hour Charge Sat Nites and Sun. Only No Deposit Required from Students Studebaker Co. U-Drive-It LEE W. WILKERSON, 333 E. Main Mgr. Phone 7070 WWW 3 i One of the biggest Jokes in the history of this state Is in the announcement of Clara Bow's appointment as a colonel on the staff of Governor Sampson. Now cuswhere is the No doubt tom of Kentucky? several tombstones were severely rocked. TLR "The Cockeyed World" opens at the Strand Sunday for a week's run and of course you will see it. This picture Fox Movietone has received a great blast of public ity by breaking the world's money record and I must admit that it is some achievement. This Is a sort of sequel to "What Price Glory," being authored by the same men and acten ed by the identical pair, Victor and Edmund Lowe, that appeared In the first ribald slant at war. "The Cockeyed World" tells of Sergeant Quirt and Captain Flagg in the Marine Corps and Lily Da-ml- ta is in the cast for plenty of reasons. Raoul Walsh, who made "What Price Glory," also directs this "laugh riot," and I suppose he has done a good job. With that title, a story by Lawrence Stalllngs and Maxwell Anderson, the cast and the direction, "The Cockeyed World," has every opportunity in its favor. Its humor is chiefly of the bawdy type which adds to Its power at the box office. TLR My heartiest congratulations are extended to Frank Fowler and the Guignol theater staff on their Initial offering' of the season. Although I was denied the pleasure of attending the opening night (the first I have missed in years) I am thankful that I got to see "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" In time to express my opinion of the production. The Guignol has done a very fine piece of work, and those of us who appreciate a good stage play are doubly grateful. TLR The Alney Alba Players open Monday night with "Kick In," billed as the world's greatest crook play, and all I can say is that if former standards are upheld you are assured of getting a good show. "Kick In" is authored by Willlard Mack, whose name is known and respected throughout the theatrical world. Perhaps you are familiar with the talking movie, "The Voice of the City," which he wrote. He also adapted "Madame X" and' "His Glorious Night" to the audible screen. "Kick In" tells of two youthfuls who have lived outside the criminal law and who try to fight their way back Into society. I hope Francis Sayles has a good role. You had better see "Kick In." I recommend it on the strength of the playwright and the superior merit of the Alney Alba Players. TLR Much favorable comment has been heard on Will Rogers' first talking picture seen at the Strand this week. From Fox studios comes the announcement that his next will be called "By the Way, Bill," OFF-CAMPDean Alvln E. Evans returned from Memphis, Tcnn., last Thusday, where he attended the annual session of the American Bar Association. The representatives of the night 1 law schools attempted to break down the present requirements of the day schools, claiming that the present Homelike Atmosphere and Unexcelled Cuisine requirements deprived the poor boy of the opportunity of obtaining a legal education. They also contended that requirements now demanded LEN SHOUSE, Jr., Mgr. were obtained by a packed assembly and were passed in a fraudulent manner. The day schools were IIIIIIHIItlllllllHWIClllllllllllllClllllllllllllCllllllllMIIIClllllllllllllClllllllllllllCltlllllllllllClllUl branded as aristocratic. Dean Evans said that this was probably the best attended meeting of the session. Ten speakers presented the case of the night schools to an assembly of a thousand members who voted twenty to one to maintain the present requirements. The section of criminal law made a report on psychiatrical Jurisprudence. It recommended that every court have available a psychiatrical report upon the criminal and that no one be convicted of a felony until such report had been filed. President Nichols, of California, made an address to the Association in which he excoriated the lawlessness of this modern era. j Stomas OSfl TLR. MR. A. E. Warren, Prop. The Lafayette Hotel I ! Phone Ashland 3931 346 E. Main St. aunt1HmtCmmiMICtW1Hmrrt1IMUlltlMC3niMIIMMIC3MIMllUIMCJIMIt1lMI!tlIIIIIIfmirC EVANS ATTENDS MEETING OF THE AMERICAN BAR ij i PAGE FIVE and that It will be directed by William K. Howard. TLR Everyone han heard the phonograph records made by Moran and Mack, "The Two Black Crows," and now their first talking picture, called "Why Bring That Up?" opens at the Kentucky theater Sunday. This Paramount picture tells a story of backstage life and is said to be quite authentic In detail. Needless to say, it is highly amusing, as those boys have a showmanship ability that has been proved time and again. A friend of mine has known Moran for a number of years and he tells me that the picture In many respects resembles his life story. You know all that stuff about the worm and the horses, et cetera, et cetera, so you will want to see "Why Bring That Up?" I am sure that I do. TLR They tell me that Willlard Mack and "Ken" Cartler of the Alney Alba Players are good buddies. Mack Is the author of "Kick In," next week's offering of Lexington's stock company. It is said that Mack told Cartler that "Kick In" is the best play he will ever write. All of which sounds encouraging for the next attraction t the Opera House. TLR One of the greatest stage stars of our day is Lenore Ulric and her first talking picture, "Frozen Justice," will open at the Ben All Sunday. This Is a William Fox picture directed by Allan Dwan and has a remarkable cast including Robert Fra-ze- r, Louis Wolhelm, Ulrlch Haupt, and many other well known personages. "Frozen Justice" Is rather sordid In its plot. Perhaps too much so for the average American audience, but'it should be seen for nothing more than the star's reputation as one of our really great actresses. TLR CURRENT ATTRACTIONS "The Four Devils," Fox picture, Strand. Directed by F. W. Murnau with Janet Gaynor and a good cast. Somewhat overdone. "If I Was Rich," Opera House. An entertaining vehicle for the Alney Francis Sayles is Alba Players. great. "Young Nowheres," First National picture, Kentucky. Richard in a good picture. Surprising, isn't it? "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary," Guignol Theater. A sparkling English comedy1 done to perfection. "The Awful Truth," Pathe picture, Ben All. With Ina Claire. A highly dramatic piece that is wobbly In spots. There Is No Justice, Even in Tennessee! KNOXVILLE, Term., Oct. 29 Official sources made known today that, federal prohibition forces, the Knox county sheriff and city police have enlisted the aid of University of Tennessee authorities In their efforts to prevent drinking at football games here, and particularly game at the Vanderbllt-Tennesse- e November 16. J. Carrol Cate, prohibition administrator, said that about 75 bottles of liquor were taken from spectators at the Alabama-Tennessgame, but that no arrests were made. LAMP AND CROSS ORDERS COLORED FELT BLAZERS Lamp and Cross, senior honorary fraternity, has ordered special felt coats In the form of blazers in the colors of their order, bearing small DENTISTS Drs. Slaton & Slaton 204-- 7 Guaranty Bank Building Phone 3616 WE ARE FOR YOU, U. OF K. HEADQUARTERS FOR ALL UNIVERSITY STUDENTS U. of K. BANNERS and PENNANTS WITH UNIVERSITY SEAL 75c to $5.00 Law College Gets California Volumes All Laws of Western State, Including Community Property Books Contain Come in and See Them Campus Book Store The Law College has Just obtained volumes which constitute the complete statutes of California. These volumes include all of the laws passed since California first became a state. One of the features of the California Laws is the community property system, according to Dean Evans. California is one of the eight western states which have this system incorporated in their statutes. The community system comes down from the laws of Spain and was instituted into the Mexican legal system. Whlje California was a part of Mexlco.the community system was a part of its common law and when it became a state It made it a part of the statute law. This system is concerned with the property and property rights of the spouse. In Kentucky, when the husband acquires property it belongs to him. and the wife has no titular interest in it,. but under the community system' the property belongs to both the husband and the wife. emblems In one corner. These coats are to be worn by the members as a special distinction to these outstanding seniors. The members are: Morris Carpenter, president, Paul McBrayer, Jack d. McGurk, Tom Stevens, Stanley Frank Davidson, O. K. Barnes, James Dorman, and Clay Brock. McVey Hall 49 , Graybar Radios Toasters Lamps Irons Lighting Fixtures ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CORP. ALLEN-HARPE- R Phone, Ash. 6415 206 S. Lime Hit That Line, Big Blue! 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