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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1986, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Unprecedentecl Success 'Crck Detectives ~ 2 The University Artist Series brought If Sherlock Holmes practiced in Ken- gations surrounding such things as . "A Season of Stars to Lexington dur- tucky today, he might go to the Depart- leaky swimming pool lines, automotive i ing the 1985-86 season and attracted ment of Metallurgical Engineering and accidentseven a broken artificial hip I the largest audiences to date for its five Materials Science at the University of joint. concerts of classical music. The Kentucky when looking for a break to Using materials analysis instruments University-sponsored series marked its help crack acase. like the scanning electron microscope, fifth season with the largest number of In 1983, several cars ofa freight train they are able to pinpoint reasons for subscribers so far: 972, more than dou- derailed while rounding a bend near fractures in various structures and iden- ble the number for the season before. Louisville, breaking through the wall of tify microscopic traces of elements on A comparison of the 1985-86 season a printing firm. Half a dozen pressmen certain kinds of evidence. if with that of 1984-85 shows subscription were saved only by the fact they were But consulting is secondary to the sales in all categories rose dramatically: on a coffee break away from the presses. teaching and research goals of the de- 1. Student series sales nearly tripled, The railroad company suspected a partment. rising from 41 to 117. manufacturing defect in one of the box- Recent departmental research in- 2. Regular series sales rose 26 per- cars. They hired Robert De Angelis, a cludes areas such as catalysts, alum- cent, from 413to 552. researcher in UKs materials science inum can formation and electronic 3. Faculty/staff series sales were tal- department, as a consultant. properties of polymers. lied for the first time in 1985-86; the Using Xray radiography equipment Materials scientists work touches total for this new category was 303 sub- and the scanning electron microscope, nearly every other area of research, in- scribcrs. De Angelis found a high concentration cluding other engineering sciences and 4. The total subscriber base more of copper in the fractured portion ofa medicine. In medicine, materials sci- than doubled, rising from 454 to 972 sideframe (the part which connects a ence experts are involved in biomedical (70 percent of available seats). boxcar body to its wheels). It wasnt engineering projects ranging from arti- Subscription sales combined with in- supposed to be there. ficial hearts to new dental processes. dividual ticket sales to give the Artist "Copper, introduced into a steel "Material is basic," says Larry Rice, i Series its largest audiences to date. casting in sufficient amounts, leaves the laboratory manager and primary in- University Artist Series presenters material brittle and weak," De Angelis structor and operator of the depart- hope to achieve even greater success in explains. "Apparently, copper blocks ments electron microscopes. "l cant the 1986-87 season, which bears the used in the preparation of the mold may think of a major industrial firm without slogan "Come Face the Music" and have accidentally fallen into the molten a materials person." boastsaline-up that includes the Cleve- steel during the casting of this side- This department is not as large as land Orchestra, Roberta Peters, the frame." others in the UK College of Engi- 1 Kings Singers, and the Guarneri The mistake was invisible until the neering, but their graduates have an } String Quartet. broken part was analyzed in UKs excellent record of career placement- 1 p Materials Science Department. The "nearly 100 percent," says Peter Gillis, ii _ railroad company used De Angelis evi- department chairman. _i . dence when it successfully sued the 2 boxcar manufacturer. EU __ Acting as consultants, faculty and ' i Q; staff in this department of the UK i r _; College of Engineering have provided _ A information for numerous legal investi- Q T` * M Flutist JeonPierre Rornpol "sold out" ot the UK Center for Arts in the l985B6 University Artist Series. 4 UK