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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1986, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

problems, and directs the Universitys chairman Hemenways service last fiction series for "Callaloo," the "Writing Across the Disciplines" summer as dean ofthe statewide magazine of black literature he t A effort. There is also a Center for Governors Scholars Program. edits at UK. _' Writing Services which English makes The English department has a Perhaps the best indication ofthe t available to businesses which need help, significant national research reputation. departments national stature is its r and a Center for English as a Second In the past five years, the department recent astonishing book production. l l Language, directed by Thomas Hudak, has received a half million dollars in Faculty members have recently which enables foreign students to gain research support. Faculty members published books ranging from English competency. currently hold research awards from biographies to textbooks to pop culture Of regional interest is the Kentucky such sponsors as the National commentary to scholarly discoveries. r Authors Series, a volume ofliterary Endowment for the Humanities and Alumni, too, are a part of this ` excerpts and biographical information Arts, the American Council of Learned productive tradition, recently . put together by English and University Societies and the Clark Library. One publishing works currently receiving Extension; a history of Kentucky professor, Charles Rowell, has received popular acclaim. And, several movie 4 ` " authors being written by retired English two major grants from NEA to support, studios are busy adapting alumni V professor William S. Ward, and respectively, a poetry series, and a created works to the screen. ` HAVE YOU READ .... 9 I Michael E. Adelstein, Contemporagr Business Writing, George Ella Lyon, Father Time and the Day Boxes, Random House, New York; with Jean G. Pival, The Bradbury Press. Reading Commitment (second edition), and The Writing Commitment (third edition), Harcourt Brace jananovich. Bobbie Amt Meseno Ia Craatoo Harper and ROW- R. Gerald Alver, Dulcimer Maker- The Cra]7 jHomer Ed McClanahan, Famous People I Have Known, Farrar, Leayord, The University Press of Kentucky. Straus, Giroux. Wendell Berry, The Wild Birds: Six Stories ofthe Port Gurney Norman, Kgnfggja-I Heritage Printers for William lldembershzp, North Point Press; Sayings G>Doings, Gnomon Press; Divine Right; Trip) The Dial pi-ess_ Gnomon Press. _ _ _ Donald A. Ringe, The Pictorial ModeSpace and Time in ] Bryant ~]r* Thr Cgmpamfonat SUILTISITBEP Johnson the Art zyrBgant, Irving and Cooper, The University Press of and Hzs Impeject World, The University of Georgia Press; Kentucky; with Lucy B. Rings:) Lime! Lincoln,. 0,] The *r/>aaatar Vtaa~?aar Ctmtaaa Artem a Srarrrl>rarar Leaguer MBoston by Jooooo Fenimore Cooper, edited with oo Plays' The Umvcrslty Prsss Of Ksrturkr historical introduction and explanatory notes, State _]ohn Clubbe and Ernest]. Lovell_]r., English UmVerStY af New York Prsss- R""i"_ The G""d fBH" The MaMma John T showorooo editor of Milton 1732-180]-The Press LTD. ' Critical Heritage, Routledge and Kegan Paul Limited; Guy Davenport, A,C}i,']0,}i0_t-Sapp}tt,-A[kma,,, Three With Mortal Voice- The Creation yParadise Lost, The Lyric Pools ofthe Late Greek Bronze Age (translated and with Univsrsity Press Of Ksntusky; sditvr Of The Camtalatr an introduction), University or California Press; Toitzo./, Parto afjaha Daaaa with introduction, <>tss and variants, Charles Scribners Sons; Da Vinci s Bigzcle, Johns DOUbled3Y Aneher BOOM} with Renald David Emma, Hopkins University Press; The Geography ofthe editor Of Laaeaaea Sofa ia MiltaaA Syareariaat ia Haaar o' Iyygggingfignj North Point P[sS_ the Tercentenary of Paradise Lost, Frederick Unger; with _ _ Michael Lieb, editor ofAchievements qfthe LM Hand, . Percival Everett, Walk Me To The Distance, Ticknor University Of Massachusetts press; with David} , and Fields; Suder, Viking/Penguin. Burrows and Frederick R. Lapides, editor ofMyths and Jamcs Baker Halt, Her Name) Pentagram PrSS_ Moto} in Literature, The Free Press; with Frederick U t Moo-koooo; Music ForA Broken Piano, Fiction Collective, Levers- Porta ard as Caaaraaaar- Aa Aathatao Exaaaaraa loo., Yates Paul, His Grand rrooroo, His rooooooo. Ralph Parra Farrar aad Theater- The Frsr Prsss Eugtm A/Imtymi photographer, Aperture, Inc. Gregory T. Stump, The Semantic Variabiligr ofAbsolute _]oan Hartwig, Shakespear/s Tragicomic Vision, Caartrurtiaar, D- Ridl PUbliSl'1ig C0- Louisiana State University Press; Shakespeare s Analogical S,.,,,,,,y Untwrstty Ot Nebraska press Gregory A. Waller, The Living and The Undeadfrom Stoker s Dracula to Romero s Dawn dthe Dead, University of Kevin S. Kiernan, Beowuy and the BeowuUManuscript, Illinois Press; editor ofAmerican Horrors: A Collection mf Rutgers University Press. Critical Essays on the Contemporaga American Horror Film.