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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky farm and home science, vol. 3 No. 4 fall 1957

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

~ - How Long Can ._ Preliminary results show flavor to be . . ,'ii satisfactory after various periods of stor- 7;, 3gG lQiIllS Hlld tl]lI)l'21tlllS; (ZOllOIlIlS A i are indicated - it . By WV. E. GLENN and T. R. FREEMAN l in Before \Vorld War II most commercial milk proc- bacterial action there is as yet no known procedure ~ " essing plants made home deliveries every day. During for restoring its original quality. The bacterial count ___, the war it became necessary to conserve manpower, of the raw milk largely determines the initial bacterial ~ gasoline, and rubber by delivering to the homes every count of the pasteurized milk. Apparently the number "V other day. \Vith greatly improved plant sanitation of bacteria generally found in milk increases very **7* and refrigeration, coupled with the high cost of labor slowly in milk stored at 35F, somewhat faster in milk . and the strong drive for economy now underway, stored at 41F, and considerably faster in milk stored **1 some dairies are now considering twice-a-week de- at 5()F. _ Jr liveries. As an outgrowth of this economy drive the As previously indicated, the usual bacteria ` Y University of Kentucky Dairy Department has under- found in pasteurized milk increase very slowly at YA taken a study to determine just how long commercially 35F, usually requiring 5 to 10 days before a sig- _' pasteurized milk will keep with an acceptable flavor nificant increase occurs. As the refrigeration tempera- ` at various refrigeration temperatures. ture is increased these bacteria grow faster. Coliforms Y grow extremely slowly if at all at 35F. They may or _,_ Pu"P$ f sl'dY may not grow at 41F. depending on the strain in- -1 Tl1iS Study is F may bt. &,xl);.CtQ(] to luwli " *'l at each of the refrigeration temperatures, 35O. 41O, and A Sutisfuctorv Havm. after 6 days of storage; at 4101: f) 5(lOF A Sllllllllc flilllll Eilcll Stfllillge telllllflliflllllic is about 16 days; and at 35OF about 26 or more days. withdrawn every 5 days for flavor and bacteriologieal If rurthm. Study supports thcsl, Hmiingx it w(,u]d J llllflll/Sls indicate the possibility of important economles in dis- 4* The lieslllts llftflli 6 lllllllllls (lf SlllY lllfllcflw tlllltl tribution and use of milk in the home. There are now i _ (ll The llilcfelllfll fllllill of fllg l`il lllllk lllfly lllhlct eommerciallv available table refrigerators holding two M the initial flavor score of the freshly processed milk. 1 _,, Once the quality of the milk has been impaired by ((;,,,,,;,,,,,,,[ ,,,, pug,. 3) ' Kizxruttkr FARM Axo lloxnc Sc:iitN<:i:FAi-1. 1957 3 {O 1-+