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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky farm and home science, vol. 3 No. 4 fall 1957

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Virus Sylnptolns in Lcgumcs A. l l)ALAPt)N TREATMEl\TS t Q _ Strip l (5 lbfacre rate) Boom spray. Minor yellowing of a _ (C*"*U'*d lim"' Pvge 5) limited number of Scotch pine needles. Fair to good grass ` control. Little or no eftect on most weeds. at l imc virus mPlmSlZ$ thc (llmculty if 'mt impossibility Strip 2 (ll) lb/acre rate). Boom spray. Serious tree dam- ii of identifying virus diseases of red clover on the basis age, with more than half ol the trees completely browned ` nf field Symptoms nlnnn Wjthnnt the hen) nf ]nbtnat(ny and the rest in varying degrees. Good grass control. Sonic _ li tests. eftective browning of weeds. *?<,4 Also the presence of such diverse genetic reactions pslnp 3 (20 lb/" mm} _BOOm Sptuyi Almost tml two *` * _ ill. ,\lmost complete grass control. Ian to good weed ton- ~ - to the virus suggests the possibility ot breeding virus- not { l resistant lines of red clover based on clones selected Plot 1 (5 lb/acre rate) Gun spray. Some tree damage. Y?. {tn. l.(.SiStnnC_ with scattered trees showing complete browning of needles. el? _ This variant from strip l may be explained as resulting ` Iirom the difference in spray application. Fair-to-good grass il" . - control. Poor weed control. ` HOW Long Can Bc kept? Plots 2, 3 and *1 all showed serious tree damage with (Continued from Page 3) good grass control and increasing degrees oi weed control. _>, B. AMINO TRIAZOLE TREATMENTS _ , 3-gallon metal cans for automatic milk dispensing plot 1 (2 lb/acm mic). No Hl)Pm.m tmc (tmmlgcr M(,(n_ `* , in the home. lf the demand arises, no doubt smaller tim grass C0mmi_ Slight yyggd cOmm1_ gg/YK capacity units would he offered to thc consumer. Plot 2 (4 lb/acre rate), No apparent tree damage. (lood Since these refrigerators maintain the milk at 35F. grass <<>tr<>l. S1ightt0mcdium wccd control. F~i h((lu(>]]Cy of (l(HV(]y Could hp greatly I(>du(jd_ Th( Pl()l 3 (8 ll)/2I(`l`C TEIIC). A/I&Il((l ('l]l()\`t>SiS Ulf ll`(( Il(((ll(`S. 1 _ re-usable metal containers could reduce the packaging (;""l grim "`l Medium `{ """l _*. cost of milk considerably which, together with one tz. MINERAL SPIRITS PLUS PENTA TREATMENT | stop per week for the delivery man instead of the Spotty tree damage. Poor lasting grass control, Metliuni- ;_ A present three stops, would make milk distribution and *0d Wd 60mm}- 4 lltllldlillg more p1()i'ital)lC, 1`edtlCe the retail p1'iCC to D_ NIALEIC HYDRAZIDE TREATAIENTS (BIH gg) the Oll$Um(`l` OY both- Plot l (4 oy/5 gallons ol water). No apparent cflcct on - . trees, grasses or weeds. Plot 2 (8 o//5 gallons of water. No apparent eflect on M WPBII klllll (;klSS C0lltl`0l trees. grasses or weeds. litv ((7mi!inuc1] from Page 6) GI1Il Comment l The results so far obtained from this work illustrate mineral spirits and pcnta cliloroplienal showed an tho tn{t]Cn]ty ttncnnnttn-(td in nttglnnting tn cnnttnl V, almost complete browning of all vegetation and S()l11t wntittn and thirass in Cntisttnns tt-et. nlnntjngs bv C]nnn_ t t"*`*` }"ll"l"i AS this Slmly was `$$"tl*lll}' il Colltiwt icals. Of the materials tested, only the aminoitriazolc =f