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27 > Page 27 of Address at the three hundredth anniversary of the settlement of Jamestown / by Hon. Thomas Nelson Page.

Jamestown took on for me that night a new significance. It became the emblem of that earnest, devoted and patriotic zeal which inspires the heart of every true Freeman. In that mysterious haze all parochial lines and insular confines dis- appeared, and it became the real Cradle of the American People wherever they may be, and of that for which they stand fundamentally, however they may express it. By her shores glided the James bearing its flood of tempered waters to the great ocean whose currents help to crcate or temper the climates of the World. The Avon to the severn runs, And tie Severa t) tnie Sea, And Wyckliffe 's du3 is spread abroad Wide as the wa-es be. Thus, the James cutting away through the long generations the edge of this Island in which lay interred the mortal remains of most of those who first came to seize this land for England and her civilization has borne that dust to all shores, and thus the work they performed has been borne on the tide of time to leaven and advance all the institutions of mankind. This is no occasion for sectional or personal-selfgratulation. On this spot, at this time, such congratulation as we may venture to feel, if properly informed, must be National and Racial. The work, the deeds, the acts performed here belong not to us alone; but to every part of this country, and, in a larger sense, to every part of the world w-here men strive and aspire. From this spot wvent forth the streams which have made the great main of American life, and in a way, of all life which has been af'ected by the Ameriean life. Had this Colony not had being. it is possible that no other English Colony might have taken root on these shores. Had this Colony not had being it is almost certain that the life planted here would not have taken the form which it did take. Had this Colony not had being, it is possible that this republic might never have been, and that all the blessings that have flowed therefrom, including the blessing of human liberty, might never have been. 27