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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 12, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE THREE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SOCIETY NOTES UNIVERSITY HEN BREAKS RECORD ;;ii!:i;!titiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitmmt at 3:30 at the home of Mrs. Maurice 'Queen Marie" Has Laid 298 Eggs, Thereby Threatening Well on North Broadway. To Seize Championship Friday, November 12 The program for the afternoon was of the South Delta Zeta entertaining with a Tea in charge of the University of KenDance at Patterson Hall from 3 until tucky graduates in the club, and was HATCHED IN MARCH, 1925 G o'clock. given as follows: Amateur Night at the university to the Kentucky's contribution Southern poultrymen are following gymnasium at 7:30 o'clock. preservation of the ballads. Ken- with interest the record of Queen MaBallads, sung by Miss rie, a Barred Plymouth Rock hen that tucky Mountain Triangle Dance CALENDAR The Triangle fraternity of the university entertained with a dance in honor of the pledges of the fraternity Saturday evening at the chapter house on Forrest park road. Ferns, palms, and pink and white roses were the decorations for the occasion. Each girl was presented with a rose. The music was furnished by the orchestra. The guests of honor, the pledges were: Messrs. W. L. Alberts, E. M. M. Butler, H. M. Burley, L. C. Berry, C. R. Baugh, M. T. Carpenter, C. M. Davidson, R. F. Hayes, F. A. Kelley, J. C. Laughlin, R. A. Miller, H. Noles, D. L. O'Roark, M. Smith, R. W. Spic-eT. A. Walters, S. Wise. The active chapter, the hosts: Messrs. W. L. Bain, A. R. David, C. H. Dees, D. C. Edwards, C. W. Gill, J. H. Gray, J. H. Griffith, B. L. Hum-beB. F. Kells, K. W. Larkin, A. r, W. Lawrence, H. M. Moss, W F. H. C. Sewell, G. P. Sewell, W. J. Sparks, H. A. Thornberg, W. D. Westerfield, C. A. Poole, O. J. Stoes-ser, r, Lucille Dorsey, accompanied by tableaux, entitled (a) The Mountain Milkmaid Miss Rachelle Shacklette. (b), The Mountain Mother's lullaby Mrs. Carter. To Literature Reading from James Lane Allen, by Miss Lois Cox. To American Folksongs Songs from Stephen Foster, sung by girls' sextette, and illustrated by tableaux. (a) , Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming Miss Anna Louise Rice. (b) , My Old Kentucky Home Mrs. E. B. Sparks. Statesmanship-He- nry To American Watterson's address on Lincoln, delivered by Mr. Thomas Walters. . , To Education The University of Kentucky, a brief talk by Miss Sarah Blanding, Dean of Women. Song On! Onl U. of K. with tableaux. The College Girl Miss Marie Barkley. Ray-me- r. Dean and Mrs. F. Chaperones: Paul Anderson, Prof, and Mrs. D. V. Terrell, Dr. and Mrs. E. R. Rush, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dicker, Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Poole, Prof, and Mrs. L. E. Nollau, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Hoffman. University Women Meet The Central Kentucky branch of the American Association of University women met Tuesday afternoon Stroller Amateur Night This evening the annual exercises of Stroller Amateur night will be held at 7:30 o'clock in the university gymnasium. The three best plays which have been selected by the judges will be presented and a list of those eligible for the Stroller play will be read. The participants chosen on amateur night will be given two complimentary tickets for the Stroller play in the spring. The judges of the tryouts have announced that a great deal of excellent material will be available this year Christmas Cards With CREST For FRATERNITY OR SORORITY Transyivania Printing Iqmpany INCORPORATED Denfoaossiodd Co. mconpoRATCo 1 Co-E- Will Reap a Harvest ds of Bargains in our EXTRAORDINARY Sale Pre-Thanksgiving Watch Sunday papers for full details. Coats, Dresses, Silks, Woolens, Linens, Accessories too, Hosiery, Bags, Toiletries, Art Goods, Lamps, House Furnishings, etc. SHOES and SMARTEST of HATS, too, TAKE VERY SPECIAL PRICES DURING THIS WONDERFUL SAVING OPPORTUNITY. Sale begins Monday morning, November 15th. A time for saving. A most opportune time to purchase your Thanksgiving needs as well as gifts for Christmas. "Make Our Store Your Headquarters When Down Town" atttummms on Sunday laid her 298th egg; Queen Marie has broken all Kentucky records and threatens to seize the championship of the South. It is about time for hens to stop laying for the winter, and as 'Queen Marie has not added to her record since Sunday, the chances are that she has laid, her last egg for this season. According to J. Holmes Martin, poultry expert at the University experiment station, the cold weather may be a prominent factor in keeping Queen Marie's total output for the year at 298, though she still has a chance to equal any record east of the Rocky Mountains until December 1. The champion is one of 25 hens in the experimental pen. She is treated just as the other hens that share her headquarters, and is given no extra care; Mr. Martin says that she lays under ordinary farm conditions. She is merely another one of the thousr and examples that poultry experts can point out to prove that good breeding will do more to increase a hen's output of eggs than all the chicken feed in the country. Queen Marie was hatched in March, 1925. Her mother's record is unknown, but her grandmother on the paternal side laid 293 eggs one year, establishing a new record for Kentucky over the former record of 292 held by Lady Walnut Hill, a White Plymouth Rock that was formerly the pride of the experiment station and that they are well pleased with the dramatic ability of those who have played before them. Zeta Taa Alpha Tea Alpha Chi chapter of Zeta Tau Al pha sorority entertained delightfully with a tea for their pledges last Thursday at the chapter house on East Maxwell street from 4 until 6 o'clock. The house was effectively decorated in autumn leaves and lighted tapers added to the beauty of the scene. Pledges of the various sororities on the campus were guest. Members of the active chapter: Misses Pauline Ashcraft, Gladys M. Wilson, Edith Thomas, Jane Ann Carlton, Nancy Mary Wilson, Benn Adrienne Mason, Mary Louise Mason, Nell Lacefield, and Elizabeth Strossman. Pledges of the chapter: Misses e Anne Elder, Katherine Foster, Byland, Gladys Tabor, Dorothy Monroe, Kathleen Carlton, Mae Gor Preston, and don Squires, Lucille Doxie Dexter. San-for- Ber-nic- Tuesday at 7 o'clock the Arts Club of Louisville entertained at the club rooms with their annual dinner for members. Mrs. Cale Young Rice was and the speakers were Dr. Frank L. McVey, Mr. Desha Breckinridge, Mr. Charles Snead Williams. Judge "William H. Field, Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Samuel toast-mast- Att-wo- n. , After the dinner a musical program was given by Miss Esther Metz, Mr. Reginald Billin, Mr. Dwight Anderson and Mrs. Newton Crawford. Kentucky Deans of Women Meet The annual meeting of the Association of Kentucky Deans of Wom en was held Monday and Tuesday at the Kentucky Wesleyan College in Winchester. Miss Marie Roberts, president of the Association of Kentucky Deans of Women, Eastern Kentucky Normal School, Richmond; was in charge of the meeting; Miss Oliva Orr, Dean of Women, Kentucky Wesleyan Col lege, hostess to the Association. Among those from the University of Kentucky who attended, are: Mrs Frank L. McVey, Miss Sarah Bland ATTEND CONVENTION Miss Virginia Boyd, delegate of Mortor Board at the University of Kentucky, and Miss Lily Cromwell left Tuesday night to attend a meeting of Mortor Board at St. Louis, M'v. The meeting will be in session from Tuesday to Saturday night. Miss Boyd represents the Kentucky Chapter of Mortor Board, of which she' was elected as delegate in the October meeting. Miss CromwelJ. is director of five Mortor Board chapters which are at the University of Ohio, Purdue University, Depauw College, University of Indiana ;.nd the 'University of Kentucky. She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and alumnae of Mortor Board. ing, Miss Rachelle Shacklette. There were also delegates from Hamilton College, Sayre College, Georgetown College, Berea and various other colleges and high schools throughout the state. Mother's Club Entertains The Mother's club of the Delta Zeta sorority were hostesses for a benefit bridge in the palmroom of the Phoenix hotel, last Saturday afternoon. The attractive decorations were of roses and fall flowers and prizes of hand painted pottery were awarded at each table. About thirty tables of guests were present. by the New Republic, which has been asking questions of a group of students in a representative university. They are not trick questions either, but ones which the committee thought been answered by anyone Dr. Van Antwerp To Preside should have moderate amount of genwho had a Over Two Day Program; eral reading. Oliver Cromwell, we Many Prominent Fruit discover from thi3 questionaire, was HORTICULTURIST MEETING AT U.K. Growers To Attend WILL USE STOCK PAVILION Our HOT FUDGE A meeting of the State Horticulturists society will be held in Lexington on Thursday and Friday, December 2 and 3 includ- ing many prominent fruit growers throughout the state of Kentucky will attend this meeting, which is to be presided over by Dr. H. Van Antwerp, manager of the Pioneer orchards at Farmers, Ky., and president of the society. All sessions are to be held in the new live stock pavilion on the university farm, where a hot cafeteria lunch will be served at the noo'n hour, at a very nominal cost. The program of the meeting follows: Thursday, December 2 9:30. Diversified Horticulture A. J. Olney, Professor of Fomology, University of Kentucky. 10:00. Saving Time and Money in Starting an Orchard W. W. Magill, Field Agent in Pomology, University of Kentucky. 10:30 What Experience Has Taught in Variety Selection Fred C. Van Hoose, Orchardist, Mingo, Ky., V. C. Razor, Orchardist, Flemings-bur- Alumnae of Alpha Xi Delta sorority met for luncheon Saturday in the private dining room of the Lafayette Ky. hotel with a number of out of town 11:00 The General Trend of the alumnae in attendance. Commercial Fruit Growers John Dyer, Orchardist, Vincennes, Ind. The alumnae of Alpha Xi Delta 12:00 Lunch. sorority entertained with a benefit 1:20 Fruit Growing as Viewed bridge Friday afternoon at the La From the General Field of Agricul fayette hotel. ture Dean T. P. Cooper, Head of About forty tables of guests were College of Agriculture, Lexington. present for the occasion. 1:50 Handling a 12,000 Bushel Peach Crop R. E. Nute, Mgr. Ky. Kappa Kappa Gamma Entertains Co., Valley Beta Chi chapter of Kappa Kappa OrchardsPeaches in Station. 2:20 the Purchase Gamma sorority entertained with an Uhas. Rotgering, Pres. of McCracken afternoon tea and bridge party at Ky. chapter house Saturday afternoon in Fruit Growers Assn., Paducah, Peach2:45 General Discussion of honor of the alumnae members. es. The house was beautifully decorated 3:00 The Present Status of Dustin roses and asters and refreshments Ben E Niles, Secy. State of coffee and sandwiches were serv- ing Society, Henderson, Ky. ed. Friday, December 3 Prizes for the first and second 9:00 Status of the Farm Orchard scores were awarded to Misses FranW. W. Magill, Field Agent in Pomces Carbon and Mary Stofer. Miss ology, University of Kentucky. The guest list included: 9:30 Growing Cherries in KenMargaret Arnold, Mrs. Richard C. Barbee, Miss Sarah Blanding, Mrs. tucky Dr. Jordan, Orchardist, Ky. Gess Bosworth, Miss Louie Duncan 10:00 Practical Hints on Growing Brown, Miss Curtis Buehler, Miss Sara Carter, Miss Jo Carter, Miss Frances Raspberries Frank Beach, HorticulField Coleman, Miss Grace Davis, Mrs. turist, Ohio State University, ColumEugene Gorham, Mrs. Alex Hall, Mrs. bus, O. 11:00 President's Address "Annual Robert Hawkins, Miss Emily Hollo- way, Mrs. Ada King, Mrs. S. A. Krin-e- r, Business Meeting" H. Van Antwerp, Pres. Ky. State Horticulturist Society, Miss Lulie Logan, Miss Maria Mrs. James Park, Mrs. Bart Farmers, Ky. 12:00 Lunch. Peak, Miss Fan Ratliff, Mrs. Field 1:00 Address, "Modern Apple Or ing Rogers, Mrs. William Rodes, Mrs. Grady Sellards, Mrs. A. F. Shouse, chard Management." Frank Beach, Miss Mary Watson, Mrs. E. B. Webb, Horticulturist, Ohio State University. 2:00 Codling Moth Experiment in Mrs. Horace Wilson, Miss Mary Van Meter, ,Miss Maryanne Young, Mrs 1926 A. J. Olney, Prof, of Pomology, George Dunlap, of Versailles; Miss University of Kentucky. 2:20 Marketing the 1926 Apple Mary Elizabeth Hayes, of Winchester; Mrs. Henry Campbell, of Louisville; Crop Will Stites, Orchardist, Hen Miss Patsy McCord, of Richmond; derson, Ky. 3:00 General Discussion. Miss Marshall, of Lexington; Miss 3:30 Adjournment. Mary Peterson, of Cynthiana; Miss Cornelia Stofer, Miss Mary Stofer. COLLEGE STUDENTS LACK GENERAL KNOWLEDGE FRATERNITY ROW Miss Elizabeth Roff of Ashland, College students may know a good Ky,. national inspector of Delta Delta guest deal about athletics and even a good Delta sorority was a week-en- d deal gleaned from text books, but they at the chapter house. are incredibly shy of general inforMisses Margaret Averill and Edwards visited in Louisville last mation. The fact is revealed anew SUNDAES Are just a little different. at the University of Kentucky. More than 110 horticulturists, merely a prohibitionist. Edison's claim to greatness is his ability to do without sleep. Cervantes discovered America. The Yosemite is in North Carolina. Martin Luther was a botThe answerers' minds were anist. full of blanks in several places. Only eight out of one hundred knew who wrote the "Inferno." OaWCottagb J. A. VonderHaar ALL MAKES W. C. Stagg TYPEWRITERS FOR SALE OR RENT SPECIAL RENTAL RATES TO STUDENTS QT A WH ADH TYPEWRITER J a Jni l is lv t fxttf a ivyte1. 2NE westrt OPP. COURT HOUSE n jl-- Tonsorial Artists Student Barber Shop J. T. SHUCK, Prop. Corner Lime and Maxwell t::ii::::::i::::;:t:i:;:ii:i;::ii:t:ii:;;ii;ii:i:i:::t:i "To Your Health and Happiness' Horti-eultur- al Truel n, y, week-en- High Grade Chocolate Candy PHONE YOUR ORDER IN Our Delivery Service Covers Entire City PHONE 249 Lexington, Ky. As a climax to hazing held at Connecticut Agricultural College last year, the class of 1928 will have to pay 55.000 damages to a student; who suffered in the hazing activities. 152 W. MAIN ST. Special Sale for Week End on COATS, DRESSES HATS and We handle the Hart, Schaffner & Marx Line of Sport Wear for Women. d. Mrs. Robert White, of Morgantown, W. Va., national inspector for Alpha Xi Delta left Wednesday for Gaines ville, Ga.; after spending several days at the Alpha Xi Delta house on East Maxwell. Balanced Reading NEW YORK Galahad Erskine Story of Philosophy WHOLESALE MILLINERY CO. Durant Colony Bookshop W. MAIN STREET 317-31- 9 One hundred and sixty-eigmen and women have been leading colleges among forty-on- e in the United States following their arrival in Seattle. Our Co-E- Special d for Saturday (BJB . Smith &Cc 250 Slave BRACELETS CORRECT APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES 264 W. MAIN ST. Lexington, Kentucky Ml feet just naturally it feel BETTER RjORSHHM shoes. AH the "elbow room "youwantphs the right amount ofsTMigcxjmfoTt,too.You'dnever guess how long I've worn these babies. It's been plenty. FlORSHEIMS hold the record for holding their shape. Baynham Shoe Co. 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