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22 > Image 22 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 71, no. 4, Winter 2000

Part of Kentucky alumnus

r [ a lu m " " "` "%.r t f r attic was so treacherously located l Wettnet new many manttsenpt tne ssrcrs efe and what thc femlly l [hm he did nm Want [O undertake burners there are rn the weekly, relations are,_and who can recall , Climbing up there until Cl2,yllgh[_ roundup! The new bnde, who is many of the incidents that resulted in H6 asked me ,0 Come back the out to display her housekeeping their Creation, next day and pmmlsed that I before her husband and her rn- It is an irony of fate that papers , could have the papers. The next telnet ts et eelnr eenenlnnng cristurc tt3V6 it h9[bt[ cf 86[[tS t[O [tt6 r morning, as SOO,] as it was day with no sentiment about the old hands of queer people. have at light, I was on my way. We pro- tntngsf Att Stt6 W?ttt[S [O t[}t at thc mcmcnr tcllms mc cf thc lccs- ~ , in the gable end of the store, and But tne mgtnen lady ls as alle` tlen ct Pgpcts and eenflng the tnte l T" climbed up. He went up first and getnef eltffefent pfeelenl elle le nennenttlenr "Bc meet teetftll*_be` just as he stuck his head in the meet eften tne keepef cf tne Snefen CBUS6 [h6 OWtt6t`$ ?t[6_OOWttt`t8tt[ P6- Openlng hg ShOutd rrlrll bg name and honor of the family, and culiar_" Personally, I like them *' damned rr I knew it gms useless her sense of these precious respOn- peculiar because that means I will for me to go farther; the tone of Snnnnes neeenlee isrcsstticct Wttn 6V6[[t?tttY 86[ [tt6 P3P6[$t_EV6t'Yt?OctY - nts veree reeked wrrrr bad news. 636tt Stt6666rttcr ef ft neenentlee slsteft fee fpfespeettl Wes tn eefl l Went dcwc invariably positive and final. Ev- up Wltn tne Sqttnbnllngr tnfews tne ct [cna ttcttt [O 3 bcctt`OOm dOOt nnn erything she cannot dust away pspcrs tWnY Of nes [tcm ellfned te rhcrc lnytne men tn bctr Wltn en ~.a,,. . tt with a mop, she burns. A few Settte [tte t`OW N6?tttY $[5 bait, [h6Y ev1llook1ng Colt forty-frve strapped yum ,,,,0 l illswvcmcl [lm, an lml_ may divide the records page by to a bedpost. I sat down and talked mate friend of mine, an excellent Pnge nnnl tne neelnnente src Se te tne tennnnen men fef 3 tcw /l housekeeper but also the wife of a llnelly ttlnlelefl and Scattered that mtnntee BY eleelelent l ellseevelied t ` t husband who had suddenly ar- OtttY ct PLt[t6t`t[ Stcttnet cnn cvcr _tt`nek [ttm hc ttctct O66t't 3 bnttte ctette tn [ne rived at the doorway of literary tttcm elewn ef [65[Ote ttrcrr Oftgtnat tt[[te rcwn Whcrc t W6[t[ tc tttgtt rw r fame, was burning his letters and efelef eelnetlnlesr heweven fl fem- Selleelr nnel is el few misutcs We nrrners. rerrrrrrrrrery are rrrrd, rrr are tty crururcl WM play mrs thc hsscts wcrc rslkrrrs abcut cvcrvbcciv and " ' -ee time of this discovery, burned only ct et eelleetef _ lf ne elnlvee at tlle [ttett bttct ctuas tO [hc Vtttctgc tl/tY_S6[ .r J" J [hc lim ,l,.ll,l,lC Of lcllcls md p1.,,C_ right moment. l ting the records became only incr- "" te tically none of his other papers; l ne Went te my tnbllte te thc nentnl MY neW'fennn trtcsct tctct me 4 Z and I persuaded her to clutter up tmtctcs lnely te Wnenf pefnnpsr t [ttm OO[ OOtY cOtttct t tt?tV6 [hc Pnlncts H P. llc,. llousc enough [O keep the p,,_ have been unreasonably harsh. She in the old storehouse, but also I l */ pcm is perhaps, after all, the biggest as- might have his attic-full of papers rf I ee t , A new bride in an old house Set is prcscwtss tnnnnSenttS lt ts cO[ttct P6tS[tt1S1VCt Here I learned a httl HQO1`6 [[tttY ct 1 A- l . l_,mgL_mCm` uml um Cl,c,,.l,,lly them aslthe lrvrng embodiments of lesson that evely mzmllscmpl COHQC- Q destroy rrre eenrenrs er old chests, ttst t=tt?tttY~ mt tmY ***6 [tt6 ttmttY tcr str<>u1ctrcpctr<> hrmsctf cvcrv 7 trunks, and attics in general. When eelleettene wnlell tmc bccs elle ct?tYt DO[tt[ [gtk tcp much; cmct dcut I read the society page on Sunday, pcscct ct Senslltly by tlle Stllvlvlng ask fOt` 6V6tY[ttt8 in [tt6 fttst ttt[ct" _,__, tr ` an ` female. It is she who knows where art . l\lxUCl