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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 71, no. 4, Winter 2000

Part of Kentucky alumnus

;*r7A . :v "'7777_"' `YT '7"T77 7 7 7 ` ` A7 . N A 7 77 7 ` 77 t= 7` ,, Q.; I 7 A .: _ . 7 . s 77 7 $77; Til , 7 7 ` *= 77 A A 7. A;Q7;7Ar 7 A U in 7 ,- .. 7 `` **? 7 L . , _ 4_; ,_; 7 - 4 F . ___ , , _ s if i;,_,;._ , fi ` `.;=#ff*.i> _ii$. s A 7 7 . .A .LiaZ.L r 7 77 ei 7`' if '. '7 "e ` L A 7 ` ., 7 A 7 ~ A = M . :A1 V - i ( A I s , _ AA 4 . ` ,A _ i A " _ .. Q . s i.. Q;A.F ij; l l Glenn Leads Gommonwealths UK Posts Enrollment Increase With l Student Body Presidents Largest Freshman Class In 20 Years _ University of Kentucky Student Government President _ _ _ i l james H. jimmy" Glenn III has been elected the 2000-2001 The largest meemmg freshmen elass m ahem 20 ChaiI.prSOn Of the Kentucky Bcmrd Of Student BOdy Press years is about to complete its first semester of colleges dents Glenn, 3 Civil engineering Student, is the SCH Ofjim Banner freshman enrollment and aidramatrc increase in 2 and Cornelia Glenn of Owensboro. Glenn was reelected to the number Of Lexingten Cemmumty eeuege emdems 7 his UK post {Or the 2OOO_2OOi acadgmic year. have taken the University of Kentuckys combined The Kentucky Board of Student Body Presidents is an emeumem [O near BLOOD fer the em time _ organization that consists of the presidents of the states eight The freshman das? en the Lexmgten Campus lumped i public universities. The organization represents student IO 2*957 Stedeme an mcrese Of rlv _1O pefeem Over interests in higher education matters within Kentucky. ggugseedmg Yeah aeeerdmg [O r>rllr >llm Fraternities Relocating Neal- SOI-Ority ROW The increase in the freshman class is consistent with a record number of applications for UK undergraduate A plan t0 Create a "Grl< Park" at UK is taking <> time admission. Applications reached 8,528 during the year, s OhhOh$lOhS with lihe YOChl gYOUhdhYhklh8 fOr 2 hOW Sigma record since the University implemented selective i 7 Chi house at the corner of Columbia Avenue and Pennsylva- admissions iii 1984 hh SUOOY Oh OhhPh$ The Plah Calls {OY lhOVlh8 @hO hhlI`hl Undergraduate enrollment increased in the colleges I ties to the COlLlIT1bl3 Avenue 9.I`3, 2.Clj2lC1'lt to SOI`OI`llly ROW. Of Agneuluiyei Business and Eegngnrljesi Cginniunjea- I Sigma Alpha EPSllOh OPhOO hh hOW hOU$O Oh ROSO l~3hO tions and information Studies, Education and in the l 1 last year, and Sigma Phi Epsilon is expected to break ground Undergraduate studies pfOgf3m_ for its new building near the new Sigma Chi house yet this Graduate enrollment was up iii dis Cdiisgss Of i VOM i Agriculture, Allied Health, Architecture, Communications i COh$hhChOh fOr [hO hOW Slghlh Chi h3[OYhllY hOh$ and Information Studies, Dentistry, Education, Engineer- began in October with completion slated for july or August ing, ddd Medieine_ of I'lX[ YEHI`. House CO1'pOI`9IlOI1 pI`SlClI`1[ Kevin CO1'1I1ll of "Weie excited {O see sg nriany ygung pegple [aking Louisville SZllCl the fI`H{I`I'lll`y is excited 3bOL1[ I`plHClI1g llCS advantage Of the edueaijgnal Oppgnunities Of [he current house which is 40 years old. The fraternity, one of 22 University Of Ksnmckyyrr said UK pissidsiii Charles T_ i at UK, has hOh Oh Campus fOr hlOY Fhhh 100 YO*h$ Wethington jr. "Undergraduate education is extremely Hslghlh Chi has 3 $UOhg hisww hhd hHOlhOh Oh O3lhPhS77 important to the development of our communities, state l71 said. 77Tl71 Ch21p[I` looks f7OI'WZlI`Cl to COH[l.I`1L1lI71g that OUT and Unjvefsjtyj As [he university pyggyesses [gqrayd hW lO3llOh-77 becoming a top-20 institution, we are focused on . The hW hOh$ Will lhlUO Shim 3OhllhOO3tlOhS {OF 34 making the undergraduate experience here as rich as it i fraternity members. The fraternity has 65 active members Can bef i and 31 pledges currently. ? Meet Blue i Theres a new cat in Kentucky 7 7 . 7 and his name is Blue. You can see i - l him at the Department of Fish and l, QKVV 77 ~ \Vildlifes Solato Wildlife Center on 7_ 7* . is i . US 60 near Frankfort. Georgetown , l i artist john I-Iockensmith has captured ii} A "Yi 7 l the newcomer in a signed and ?*l;tl?iilllil)r.j numbered print shown here. .. 17 .; i" ' Proceeds from the print help support * i Solato. 7"77 777 77777 '77 KENTUCKY ALuMNus 3