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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 71, no. 4, Winter 2000

Part of Kentucky alumnus

if B liii B it B 1 B 5 9 i . i Cr fii 0 i ifi 5 iiii Y i %~ 5 . A V T - ,2; [,..4; . . . is ~ { l * . ` Z ` " ` 0 " ' . . ,-, Y V t= -e its-? ..=< . . iw; '..e.~ai:** ~?. .4> Je2r . ef - "=: lk 5 A A ,V ii . . Q? * U T ' i`` i ` . : l " VA=- L .V~LA j . ...,. -. ..4v.i . . . 4,d ? ew - . to Q = -. UK Research Center Surveys Men on Father-loss . I About 60 percent of men cry over and gather a representative sampling Or elrtigs te egpe ih the aftermath of the , the deaths of their fathers, but of the country, Chethik commis- death, including a quarter of men who contrary to what many psychologists sioned the UKSRC IO COr1ClL1Ct 21 were ages 18 to 52 when the death Q believe, sons who shed tears are no national telephone survey of 500 occurred less likely than others to have trouble men. Working with UKSRC director a mans relationship with his recovering from the loss. A far more Ronald Langley and several grief spouse or partner was twice as likely to important factor in how a son specialists, Chethik devised a ques- get better than worse following the recovers is whether he had a good tionnaire of 79 questions. death of the mans father relationship with his father while Chethik says Dr. Langley and his 28 percent of sons talked to, growing up. staff did a "tremendous job" of prayed to, or in some other way tried to These are among the noteworthy convincing men to complete the communicate with their deceased dads findings of The FatherLoss Survey, a telephone survey. ln the end, nearly 68 percent of sons dreamed about first-ofitskind national study con- half of the men contacted who were their deceased fathers ducted by the UK Survey Research eligible to take the survey reSpO1'1- 95 percent of sons who got Center (UKSRC). The results of the dents had to be at least 18 and have involved in the latelife care of their survey are presented in the new lost their father to death) agreed to fathers said that such involvement book, FatherLoss; How Sons of All spend 15 to 20 minutes answering helped them later in coping with the loss Ages Come to Terms With the Deaths questions about the loss of their 74 percent of sons who saw their of Their Dads (Hyperion, fathers. fathers body after the death said that the $25.95), by Lexington journalist Among the surveys results: viewing was helpful in their coping with Neil Chethik. 60 percent of sons said that at the less c Chethik began research for his the time of their fathers death, it 8 percent of sons sought profes- _ book in 1997 after getting an enor affected them more than any previ- sional help to deal with the loss, and 96 I I mous response to an article he wrote ous loss in their lives percent of those sons said the help was ; ( on the death of a mans father. ln a man who had a bad relation- valuable in coping with the death P 1997 and 1998, he interviewed 70 ship with his father in childhood was 15 percent of sons became more I men indepth about the loss of their twice as likely as a man who had a reljgigus after the death of their fathers; 2 I fathers. Then, in 1999, in order to good relationship to have problems percent became less religious. ( bring more definition to his findings recovering from his f21[hf5 death More information about the survey is I 12 percent of sons use alcohol available at E Search for UKs Next President Continues 5 _ According to Committees Schedule ( g , - r. I .i __ W i The UK search for a president continues on sched r ;;;;;;; i ule. More than 1,500 people participated in the public r I I I I I , I t l l i i forums held throughout the commonwealth injuly and I ..... ,- .,.. -..-. .-.-- . nv ****""' "'""" I August- J . _ l _ I There have been more than 170 nominations for the ( . . it if V ` . .' r position. Ten people responded to advertisements in I __ I I r EI N IV'? higher education publications. . . at ' A QI 1 ` Of those with whom the committee has had conver i sations, half have been women or minorities. As a part I I Q`.; of the review of credentials and nominations, the com- t ._ I _III It _I mittee had 18 conversations with nominees in October. 1 a-j.e$.. Additional conversations with eight to 10 potential can- ( _ %`fQl,,. didates are taking place in November. 1 l ` ` " ```' J i i R The remaining search timeline calls for offcarnpus 1 What do you pac/.2 when you leave home? Astronaut Terry Wilciat interviews of semi-finalists in November and December; 1 risrta/lr takes a Big Blue pernzarit or flag with him. Bach from his most determination of finalists injanuary; on-campus inter- I recent trip to outer space, he presented Athletic Director Larry Ivy with views Of fmalists in pebmmy and the extension Of an l this celestial mwtlwlto. Offer March ]_ T 1 ( 6 KENTUCKY ALUMNUS