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ANCIENT HISTORY, OR ANNALS 0 tERYTVMXn WITH A SURVEY Or THE ANCIENT MONUMENTS OF XORTH AMERICA, ,li-2 a, Tabular Viezw of the Principio Languages and Pn'roi- tive JVations of the vwhole Earth. By G S. RA-FIESQUE, A M, Ph. D, Trans. Univ.-Sup't. of thre T.ans Bot Csrden-Sec'y oftbO Kent. Institute, and member ofu e followiig Societies: Imp. Nat. Cur of Bonn Lit. Phil Soc. ot Nw York, Imp. Econ, Soc. of Vienna, Lc. of Nat. Hist of Kew Yorl, R. Inst. of SciencesofNapies, Ac, of Nat. Sc. otPhiladelphia, It. Ac. of Arts and Sciences, Antiq. Suc. of Iennessee, Lin. Soc. of Paris, Med. Soc of Ci-icinnati, Amer. Antiq Soc. Med. Soc, of Levxngton, Histor. Soc. of New York, 8C. C. CJ(umquam otioesu.) FRANKFORT, IN KENTUCKY. PRINTED FOR THE AUTHOR. 1824.