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64 > Image 64 of Kentuckian Volume VII

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Ef K ENTUC K I AIM JiE^J^I&l NINETEEN TWELVE j5 ADOLPH WATSON, B. C. B. Lexington, Ky. Thesis: Railroad Location. Alpha Tau Omega; B. C. E. S.; Tennis Club. "He seemed for dignity composed and high exploit. But all was fake and hollow." Although I have been here only two years, I am better known than many who have been here for four or more. The Profs like me because I do not attend class enough for them to lose the good impression I first make. The girls are crazy about my dancing. Can I play tennis? Well, I guess, I can beat any grasshopper you ever saw! Civil Engineering has never bothered me much while 1 have been in school, and will give me less cause to worry after I have my degree, for I am my daddy's only son! ALGERNON SIDNEY WINSTON, Sturgis, Ky. B. C. E. Thesis: Contracts and Specifications. Alpha Tau Omega; B. C. E. S.; S. U. A. A. "Love makes fools of us all." At last I have found a class which T think is worthy to have my name on its roll. I started in "She Pat's" Department, but I have profited by my long drawn-out course, as my record during the Senior year will show. For many years I was a regular patron of dancing school where I made many friends, some of whom still recognize me. My greatest achievement has been the winning of a fair damsel's heart. I heartily recommend to the faculty that all "Strollers" be excused from chapel attendance, as they can make more profitable use of this time. 54 II If '. _______ . _________~u_____i~Li