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Image 8 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 63, no. 2, 1993

Part of Kentucky alumnus

. l ` I i I v V_VV I I ° t vv_v [VW · , l ‘·. I Q Q I I' l ` ~· id Q I PAIIIIETT K I VA`_A When thinking the tutelage of Madison. I P|_AY[|] M _!_ ~ about professional Although jeff likes to joke that I UK F|]|]M 23* athletes who are UK he and his former UK teammates could I l98l]-83_ _: ° men, Cliff Hagan, Dan Issel, have been track stars after all the quarter- . KY Sam Bowie, Kenny Walker and mile sprints Madison made them run, jeff ``—, T I Rex Chapman immediately credits his former college coach EIS 3 major '“*`°»·`N come to mind. All of these influence in his development asapitcher. · have one thing in common — basketball. “Coach Madison taught me the impor- However, many lail to realize that former UK tance of not overthrowing,”jeff said. “One of baseball player jeff Parrett came within two the things that can mess up a pitcher is that games of being the first UK man to pitch in one out of every 10 times, I’m able to throw E the World Series. the ball as hard as I can. And then the next I jeff, who pitched for baseball coach Keith nine times, I can’t throw it that hard, I Madison`s Wildcats from 1980 through 1983, although I try to; so I tend to overthrow. The I had his linest season in professional baseball important thing to realize is that the ball may I this past year. l·le led the American League be reacting differently than the way I perceive I with nine relief wins, while being the most it to feel. He taught me to pitch my best no I consistent middle reliever on the Oakland matter how I felt on a given day.” ,#\thleties, the American League West division jeff enjoyed pitching at UK, but he also champions. This year he`s playing for the enjoyed the fun ofbeing in college. I expansion (Zolorado Rockies. “You've got boundless energy when you’re I _|el`l`was raised in Lexington, and attended in college because you’re in the prime of I Lafayette High School, where his heroes were your life,” jeff fondly remembers. “You can I Pete Rose, Tony Perez and other members of stay up until 3 a.m. studying, wake up at five, the (Iincinnati Reds teams that dominated and not feel a thing. Living in Kiiwan Tower I » baseball in the l97()s. was a lot offun.” I .—\t that time._]el`l`could only dream he would Although jeff pitched for UK for four I someday play major league baseball. But it was years, his funniest memory at UK on the base- I at l'li that jeff blossomed as a pitcher under ball field involved umpiring, not pitching. l ,,i,,. , ,, , , ,7,, , BY RUB MISEY { I 43 Keritttrkx .\|mmms Summer 1993 I