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13 > Image 13 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 54. Hopkins County (Madisonville)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

~v?t Historical Sketch Russellville to the Highland Lick crosses Drake's Creek near Samuel Williams'; thence a straight line to the mouth of M'Far1in's fork; thence down the west fork to Pond River to the mouth thereof, thence down said river to the Hopkins' County line, shall be . . . added to the county of Hopkins." (1) The legis- lature approved an act sr January 51, 1844, providing for a resurvey of the Hopkins-Christian County lines. Daniel H. Harrison, of Christian County, and C Ambrose Gordon, of Hopkins County, were named commissioners to make this survey, but no changes were noted. (2) In 1847 all that part of Caldwell County lying north and east of Tradewater River was added to Hopkins County under provisions ` of an act approved January 50, 1847. (5) In l860%its boundaries again were altered when a portion of its territory was taken to create`Webster County. (4) On February 20, 1884, still another and final act affecting the county's boundary line was approved, authorizing a change in the Hopkins-Webster County line to include Slaughtersville in the county of Webster. (5) { At present Hopkins is bounded by the following counties: Webster on the i north; McLean and Muhlenberg on the east; Christian on the south; and_Webster % and Caldwell on the West. (6) Q Early Settlers _ In 1780, when Kentucky County, Virginia, was divided into three counties, 1 Jefferson, Lincoln, and Fayette, the tangled wilderness which later became known ' 1. ts_o_the General AssemblK_cf_the Commonwealth of Kentucky, 1819, p. 859, hereinafter cited as gts. M 2. gts, 1845-44, p. 19. _ L E,1M47,p.1L - V4. gets, 1859-60, I, 76. 5. Apts, 1883-84, I, 504. _ 6. Hand-McNa11v Commercial t1as_and Narketing Guide, 70th ed., p. 156.