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8 > Image 8 of Inventory of the county archives of Kentucky. No. 54. Hopkins County (Madisonville)

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

- vn VPreface K The Inventory 2_the County Archives pf Kentucky will, when completed, cen- sist of 120 volumes, each numbered to indicate its alphabetical position among the counties of the State. _ The Hopkins County Inventory, No. 54, is divided into two parts. The first part deals briefly with the history and government of the county, the housing and care of the records, and abbreviations and explanatory notes. The second part is devoted to the inventory proper. The arrangement of agencies in the inventory classifies them according to governmental function;_administration; registration of property titles; admin- istration of justice; law enforcement; finance; elections; education; health; and miscellaneous. Records are classified, in general, according to the agencies which make them, unless other deposition of the records is directed by law. Under agencies, records have been classified, as far as possible, according to the subjects with which they deal. Records are described in entries whose style is fomualized to give infor- mation concerning the title of record, dates for which available, quantity, labeling of volumes or containers, variant titles, description of record con- tents, manner of arrangement, indexing, nature of recording, size of volumes or containers, and location. V Under the supervision of John C. Simmons, Assistant Project Technician, the original survey of Hopkins County was begun in July 1959 by Alfred M. E Harrington, and was completed by Norma P. Allen in December 1940. Mr. Shmmons, who supervised the editing of the entries by Eugene Nicholson and N. L. Hilson, h also classified and arranged the entries, and supervised the writing of the indexes. The historical and legal sections were written by Joseph Gurganus, Richard Spriggs,and Arthur Best, under the direction of Elizabeth Johnston,