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Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 16, April, 1940 to May, 1940

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Vol. 1 April and May, 1940 No. 16 { V KENTUCKY FRUIT NOTES 3 W. D. Armstrong, Horticulturlst, Editor 11 [1 GENERAL ASSEMBLY Plans are being made by the Agri- Y ENACTS STRAWBERRY cultural Experiment Station and the k MARKING AND LABEL U. S. Agricultural Marketing Service ING LAW. to provide shipping-point inspection l` of strawberries where the service is ll Th General Assembly at the last requested by shippers. This service Y session enacted a strawberry marking wm be valuable for growers and ship, K and labeling law which commands the pers who wish to market etmwbeniee *1- attention of all strawberry growers on the basis Ot U_ S_ G,.edee_ L; and shippers in Kengucky Growers who plan to sell their straw- _ The law provides that every pack- ~ _;_ _ V berries on federal grades and who do {(1 age containing strawberries grown in not have mem inspected by the fd_ _(,_ gigiuggyggggzz i;'h$;;6;a;)12S;;i eral-state inspection service should be [W address of the packer or the person certain that their fruit meets the spec- M b ho aumcrit the St a b i S iiications of the federal grades; other- M Y W Se Y Y Y" an 8 wise, they will be vioiatmg me mark- se were packed I lng and labeling act. To familiarize Sh Every package must asc bear Fha growers and packers with the U. S. brand, mark, or grade of the berries lm and such marks must be in letters fideral gr;d?S' StaY(;agd;'land terms T" and figures of one-half inch size or t ESE are eng mm B BOW' lv ..,,. l"g"" umreo srAres GRADES AND V A person may sell his berries on STANDARDS HY U. S. grades, on private grades, or ungraded. When the strawberries are "U. S. No. 1" shall consist of straw- ud not sold on U. S. grades, the package berries of one variety, with the cap ` OI?] must be marked "unclassiiied". (calyx) attached, which are firm, not [ Fm Growers are exempt from the provi- overripe, underripe, or undeveloped, E mg sions of the law when selling straw- and are free from mold or decay and T Ylfi berries direct to consumers or when from damage caused by dirt, moisture, ; :2111 selling direct to a manufacturer for foreign matter, disease, insects, or `Om preserving, cold pack, or quick freeze. mechanical or other means. Unless mw The director of the Kentucky Agri- otherwise specified, the minimum size . mw cultural Experiment Station at Lex- shall be not less than threequarters of mu ington is designated as administrator an inch in diameter. .. Y Om of the law. The law became edective In order to allow for variations, Dm__ when signed by Governor Johnson and other than size, incident to proper Sup it applies to the 1940 strawberry crop. grading and handling, not more than i , New No appropriation was provided by the 10 percent by volume, of the berries A mw General Assembly to administer the in any lot may be below the require- ; hp act. Unless some funds are made ments of this grade, but not to exceed { available for the purpose the Experi- one-half of this tolerance, or 5 per- ment Station will be unable to carry cent shall be allowed for defects A out the provisions of the law. causing serious damage, and not more BULLETIN OF THE KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION Y LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY