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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1987-03-apr7.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

,. Mr. Ramsey placed in nomination the name of Mr. James L. Rose as a replacement for Mr. William R. Black on the Executive Committee. There being no nominations from the floor, Mr. Ramsey moved acceptance of the nomination. The motion was seconded by Mr. Watson and unanimously carried. Mr. Ramsey next placed the name nomination for Secretary of the Board. closed. On motion made by Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Hayes was elected by acclamation. of Mrs. Edythe Jones Hayes in Mr. Clay moved that nominations be seconded by Mr. Clay and carried, D. Committee Appointments Mr. McCowan reported that Mr. Clay announced in the Finance Committee meeting on the morning of April 7 that he would like to remain a member of the Finance Committee but would like to be replaced as Chairman. Mr. McCowan stated he would honor his request and thanked Mr. Clay for his tremendous contributions to the University of Kentucky during the past eighteen years. President Singletary, speaking for the administration, also expressed his appreciation for Mr. Clay's many contributions, following which Mr. Clay was given a round of applause. Mr. McCowan then announced appointments for 1986-87: Finance Lawrence E. Forgy, Jr., Albert G. Clay Tracy Farmer *George W. Griffin Walter D. Huddleston *Brereton C. Jones *R. Larry Jones Robert T. McCowan James L. Rose Jerome A. Stricker Chairman Investment Henry E. Hershey, Chairman Ted B. Bates Albert G. Clay *Ronald G. Geary T. A. Lassetter Frank Ramsey Jerome A. Stricker Billy B. Wilcoxson Honorary Degrees Walter D. Huddleston the following revised committee Student Code Bobby Watson, Chairman Donna G. Greenwell *George W. Griffin Edythe Jones Hayes Nicholas J. Pisacano Julia K. Tackett Constance P. Wilson Hearing *R. Larry Jones, Chairman Raymond F. Betts David R. Driscoll, Jr. Edythe Jones Hayes Julia K. Tackett Billy B. Wilcoxson Council of Supervisors University Hospital Albert B. Chandler, ex officio (Other members are appointed by the Board of Trustees.) *The six-year term has not expired; legal issue pending.