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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 25, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

TEtE KENTUCKY KERNEL .tnmtiiitiiiniiimmiiinimiiiiiiinum ternoon for the students and faculty of the University of Kentucky. SOCIETY NOTES CALENDAR chapter of Delta Tau Delta fraternity and the Northern and Saturday, February 26 Southern delegates who attended the Alpha Tau Omega Founder's Day conference held here last week, were banquet in the .ballroom of the Phoe- present at a banquet at the Phoenix nix hotel at 6:30 o'clock. hotel Saturday evening at 7:30 o'clock. Delta Delta Delta formal dance from Mr. Donald McWain presided as 9 until 12 o'clock in the men's gymtoastmaster and the following internasium. esting toasts were given:: Delt Dynameter Donald McWain, Delta Tau Delta Banquet Beta Chi. The members oi t!;e university D. T. D. Domain President Duerr, Chi. "Dixie Delts R.O.T.C. Uniforms Cleaned and Pressed Coats and Trousers Cleaned and Pressed $1.25 Pa - Gap Cleaned 25c. - - Tieggings Cleaned and Pressed 25c Shirts Cleaned and Pressed 4 , 25c Uniforms Pressed 35c PHONE 621 BECKER "Cleaners That Satisfy" 212 S. Limestone Phone 621 If Hon. Alben W. Dantzler Tea Mrs. L. L. Dantzler, chairman of the department of music, of the Woman's 'Club of Central Kentucky, entertained with an informal tea Saturday afternoon at the Chimney Corner, to meet Mr. Sylvio 3cionti Halian, Italian pianist, whp. presented ' the program at the Woman's Club just son. before the tea. " Honor guests were delegates from Y. M. C. A. Meeting the northern and southern divisions, Last Sunday evening at 6:30 o'clock who attended the combined conference Theta Sigma Phi conducted a-- "Friend- here. ship" program in the reading room of University Club Meets Boyd hall for the "members of Y. W. The Woman's Club of the UniverC. A. sity of Kentucky met last Monday Talks on friendship were given by afternoon at 3 o'clock in Patterson Miss Willie King, who was in charge hall. A very attractive program was of the evenings' program, Miss Lydia presented by the art committee of Fremd, and Miss Lucille Cook. Miss which Mrs. E. F, Farquhar is the Virginia Boyd entertained with sev- chairman. A short talk on "A Bir i's Eye View of Spain" was given by Mrs. eral piano solos. The benediction, closing the exer- Alfred Zembrod. This was especial'y interesting as Mrs. Zembrod has travcises, was said by Miss King. eled extensively in Spain, and all her Afternoon Tea material was gained by experience. Mr. Carol Sax entertained with a An exhibition of Spanish laces, emtea in honor of Mr. John Gould Fletch- broidered shawls and hand colored er, of London, England, last Sunday prints, which were for sale, was afternoon in the private dining room shown at the meeting. of the Phoenix hotel at 4 o'clock. Mrs. C. R. Melcher, the president Mr. Fletcher is an American poet presided at the brief business sesof renown. At the present time he is sion. The hostesses for the tea, which on a lecture tour of the United States, closed the program, was Mrs. C. S. presenting lectures on modern poetry Crouse, chairman; Mrs. S. E. Leland, and selections from his own writings. Mrs. L. B. McMullen, Mrs. A. Mrs. J. W. Whitehouse, McVey Tea Mrs. L. A. Piper, Mrs. E. L. Gillis, McVey en- Mrs. W. W. McGill, Mrs. E. L. Rees, Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. tertained with a tea at their home Mrs. B. B. Mclnteer and Mrs. Wellingat Maxwell Place last Wednesday af- - ton Patrick. y h, Monday CLARA Added Attraction Hello Everybody BOW 3- - in Elinor Glyn's . "IT" Co. Presents Antonio Moreno With Clara a Picture That's a In Positive Knockout Co-Sta- rs CLASHES OF 1927' A Musical Comedy With 20 People In Addition to 3 ITS A PEPPY SHOW See "IT" y, Pum-phre- y, SUNDAY ii Bark-le- Beta Epsilon; Willis Stewart, Lambda. Dad's Delt Deliveries.Clarence Eta. Dubious Divine Delts Rev. William S. Blackshear, Gamma Iota. Depsilon Delights Hulbert Crow-de- r, Delta Epsilon. The entertainment consisted of: Delt Dribblings Robert Heuck. Delt Ditties iNeil Sullivan, Delta Epsilon. .Russell Delt Dingles Gleason, Gamma Lambda. The banquet ended in the traditional "Delt Walk Around." Delta Tau Delta Formal Delta Epsilon chapter of Delta Tau Delta fraternity entertained brilliantly with their formal dance Saturday evening from 8:30 until 12 o'clock in the men's gymnasium. The honor guests at the dance were the delegates Di attending the Northern-Souther- n vision conference. The elaborate decorations were of crepe paper streamers in the fraternity colors of purple, white and gold The streamers formed an arch from which hung bunches of baloons filled with confetti. The Confederate flag placed at one nd of the hall and the Union flag at the other, were an additional compli ment to the Conference guests. Dainty programs in purple and white, containing the three dances were given as souvenirs. Music was furnished by the Parisian orchestra of Indianapolis. The hosts, the active chapter were Messrs. M. H. Crowder, W! D. Warren Price, Sterling Kerns, C. R. Jones, Carol Fortson, E. E. Eric- son, Robert O'Dear, Louis Wachs, M Crowder, John D. Nantz, W. R. Fer guson, John R. Bullock, Kenneth Kohl- staedt, Arnold Combs, Roy Eversole, Roy Kavanaugh, James Shropshire, Howell Davis, Finley Davis, William Patterson, Ollie Williamson, William Reep, Kenneth Baker, Bruce King, Penrose Ecton. The pledges: Messrs. Len Weakley, Carlos Jagoe, Walter Vest, James Hutchinson, Robert Hutchinson, James Chapman, Nando Kelley, Paul Averett, Milford Noe, Lawrence Shropshire, Charles Blackshear, Law-to- n Daly, W. P. Fowler, John Ben- Other High Class Vodvil Acts 3 and Feature Photo Play ., y-'- 4 Work Know Your Faculty Questionnaire pledges of Scabbard and Blade. on The Red Greenland .orchestra of Cincinnati and the Rhythm Kings furnished music for the delightful Committee of one hundred German students are coming to America to work in laboraDelta tories, factories and on farms. Omicron Kappa Considers Plans occasion. Between the third and fourth no-- ! breaks, the grand march, led by Cadet Colonel John Rachal and Miss Betty, Reganstein, took place. Following this, the Scabbard and Blade, honorary military fraternity, held pledging exercises for the following men: Messrs. LeRoy Miles, J. J. Richardson, Waller Jones, Stanley Stagg, A. H. Stephenson, William Maschmeyer, William Cntfcher and Hunter Moody. The closing number of the dance j was the playing of the Star Spangled Banner in which all stood at attention. The official chaperones were Presi-leand Mrs. Frank L. McVey, Colonel and Mrs. Horace P. Hobbs and the oth r officers of the military department and their wives. j Each year the managements of two The questionnaire committee of the theaters in the town offer a free Umicron Delta Kappa, honorary cam- Steamship Tickets . EXCHANGE NOTES VIA ALT. T.TNKS Redlands University object AND TO ALL PARTS OF S to the proposal that all dates be on THE WORLD FRATERNITY ROW 0 a basis. They say that "the The Alumnae members of Kappa woman pays for the date in listening To Delta sorority will entertain with a to the boresome 'lino' she receives benefit bridge Saturday afternoon from the campus ' from 4 until 6 o'clock at the Phoenix . $255 $725 hotel. Carbondale, 111. Students must Mr. Ben Polsgrove, of Louisville, sign pledge not to use tobacco or liqand Mr. Neville Sencille, of Frankfort, PRICES INCLUDE Round visited at the Kappa Sigma house last uor on entering the new college beTrip Ocean Fare, Hotels, Meals, ing formed here. Dances, fraternities, week-enRailroad Fares in Europe, intercollegiate athletics, and student Guides, MuseHm Entrance Fees; Mr. Jimmy Davidson, ut Cinolr.;;::", sw7srT,mnt also an prohibited. all Ex peases. was a guest at the Kappa Sigma house and attended the Military Ball. Information Without Charles G. Dawes, of Miss Dorothy Bedford, of Louis Obligation the United States, haa donated 5 ville, was the guest of Miss Lucille to the Walter Hines Page School Bywater at the Kappa Delta house of International Relations at John M. Molloy last week-enHopkins. This sum was Dawes' porAuthorized Steamship Agent Miss Virginia Conroy had as a tion of the 1925 Nobel Peace prize. guest last week, Miss Lucille Reed, 646 E. High St. Phone 3561 Under the auspices of the German of Paducah, who attended the Delta Lexington, Kentucky Students'- Tau Delta formal. Association, Phi Delta Phi, honorary law fraternity, announces the pledging of E Messrs. Bradley Combe. Whitesbure: James Burnette, Tompkinsville; George Robbins, Florence: Henry Cox, Lancaster; Theodore Johnson, 1 Youngstown, Ohio; Albert Ridout, D Ky.; J. W. Jones. Lexinar- Wilmore, ton. Initiation will be held Monday College Miss Of evening, February 21. at the Phoenix "BETTER VALUES FOR LESS" hotel. Pledges of Phi Alpha Delta are as follows: Messrs. Robert Bird, Williamsburg; Charles Daniel, Hopkins- 264 Main ville; George Huskey, Berea. Miss Jane McKee, of Lawrence-buriimiiimmmMnniHimg spent the week-en- d at the Chi Co-c- 50-5- Charles Joseph Turck, dean of the College of Law, is the youngest member of the faculty to hold such an important office. ,He was born in 1890 at New Orleans, La., where he received his early education. In 1911 he was graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences of Tulane University, where he was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa, national honorary Arts and Sciences fraternity. In 1912 he received the Master of Arts degree from Columbia University and the next year the LL. B. degree from the same institution. Following graduation from Colum bia, Dean Turck practiced law in New York City with the firm of Lord, Day and Lord until 1916, when he became Professor of Law at the Tulane University Law School. In 1919 he was educational director of the War Work Council of the Y.M.C.A. at Pen- sacola, Fla., and Paris Island, S. C, and was associated with Isaac Heller as counsel at law in New Orleans, La. The next year, Dean Turck accepted the position of Professor of Law and secretary of the Law School of Vanderbilt University. In 1924, Dean Turck came to the University of Kentucky as Dean of ft the College of Law. He is a and popular member of the university faculty, and it is under his guidance that the Henry Clay Law Society has progressed so favorably this year. Dean Turck is the author of "various articles which have been published from time to time in the American Law Review and in the Kentucky Law He is a member of the Journal. American Bar Association and of the Kentucky Bar Association, Phi Delta Phi, honorary law fraternity, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Nu, Rotary Club and is director of the Lexington Automobile Club for the ensuing year. prom-iner- Student Tours Europe to 'she-me- n. d. $15,-77- James Specializing in DRESSES CO-E- Particular Appeal to the B. B. SMITH & CO. West Street g, Omega house. Miss Frances Langford, of Richmond, spent several days last week at the Chi Omega house, and attended the Military Ball. Miss Polly Porter, of Georgetown, spent the week-en- d at the Delta Zeta house as the guest of Miss Mildred Cowgill. Alpha Xi Delta announces the pledg ing of Misses Louise Wendt, of Newport and Emily Hayes, of Owenton. Alpha Gamma Delta announce the pledging of Misses Elizabeth Hall, of Lawrenceburg, and May Baskell Bennett, of Fulton. Miss Virginia Hadley, of Sayre College, was the guest of Miss Marg aret Dickson, at the Alpha Gamma Delta house. Mrs. Palmer, of Ecron, Ky., spent the week-en- d at the Alpha Delta Theta house as a guest of her daughter, Miss Frances Palmer. Miss Frances Stallard has return ed to her home in Shelbyville to be with her mother, who is quite ill there. ANNOUNCING THE ARRIVAL OF THE New Florsheims ror opnng Baynham Shoe Co. EAST MAIN Th orpe NEAR LIME s 99 n Star and Triangle Club Initiates The Star and Triangle club of the university held its initiation services Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock in Boyd Hall. SILK EVENT OF THE SPRING SEASON Those who were initiated into the were: Misses Ellen Bell, Claudia Payne, Bess Ross, Mary Anna Ray, Mrs. N. T. Hook and Mrs. Susan Kidd Club : Slaughter. Following the initiation, refresh ments of brick cream and cake were served. Military Ball Opening Monday, February 28th New- - Spring Silks Bought Under Unusual Fresh Crisp Market Conditions Which Makes Possible This Astounding Values to $3.50 and $4.00 a yard. Offering. Thousands or Yards at the One Price $1.89 yard ;. MILES SILK SHOP, Inc. Full Announcement in the Sunday Papers show-t-o the students and faculty of South pus leatiears' fraternity, met Tuesday afternoon for consideration of the Dakota State College as an appreciaquestionnaire which it expects to pre- tion of their patronage during the sent to the student body soon. It is school year. desired to get the opinion of the student body on certain important campus problems. The members of the committee are: Watson Armstrong, Earl Sherwood, Frank Brown, Charles Heidrick, Grant WUIey, and Doctor Funkhouser advisor. The date for distribution of the questionnaire was not announced. Study Circle Meets Mr. James William Cammack, Jr. The study circle of the American Association of University Women met on Thursday, February the sevenon Monday afternoon at 4 p. m., with teenth, Nineteen hundred and twenty- seven Mrs. Wayland, Rhoads at her home, Owensboro, Kentucky 1435 South Limestone. Prof. Clay At Home C. Ross, of the university, led the After the first of March discussion. Shelbyville, Kentucky p. Mr. Cammack, who formerly attend Fraternity Luncheon Members of the Arch Chapter of ed the university of Kentucky, was n football player in 1925. Delta Tau Delta and other members of a the fraternity, were the guests of He is the grandson of Mr. Elijah Al Messrs. W. E. Davis and Willis Stew- len, of Owenton, and teaches and is A unique plan has art, for luncheon at the Phoenix hotel athletic coach of the Shelbyville high school. been started at the College of BusiSaturday at 12:30 o'clock. ness and Industry of the University of Wichita. In this department of Catholic Club Meets Alliance Meeting Mrs. Bedford Brown and Mrs.. BuThe Catholic club of the university the University there are fortv-on- e llitt McCoun were hostesses Saturday met in the palmroom of the Phoenix men enrolled. They are divided into at the home of Mrs. Brown, on South hotel at 10 o'clock Sunday morning. two groups. One group works while I the other group attends classes. Thev Hanover avenue, for the Delta Delta Mr. Elwood Schulte presided at the Delta Alliance monthly meeting and meeting' and the Reverend Father alternate every few weeks. H luncheon. Punch delivered a short talk to the Spring flowers, pink sweet peas, members. tulips, and pink candles in silver holders were the charming decorations. Fraternity Supper Sixteen guests were present for The Sigma Nu fraternity enter the luncheon. tained Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock at their chapter house on Wins- Gilmour Cammack low street, with a dinner in honor The following announcements have of the members of the fraternity who been received here: reside-iLexington. Mr. and Mrs. John Gilmour anonunce the marriage of their Council to Meet daughter The regular meeting of the uni Sarah versity council will he held this af to ternoon at 4 o'clock in the office of the president. MILES 11' PAGE THREE One of the most impressive and beautiful dances of the school year was the Military Ball which took place Monday evening from 9 until 1 o clock in the men s gymnasium The decorations, carrying out the military effect, were of red, white and blue crepe paper streamers with draped flags and machine guns placed in various parts of the room. The programs were white booklets tied with blue ribbons containing six dances and an extra one for tha active members and the LANG ROCK America's1 Smartest College Clothes We Know It! headwear we are When we recommend Knapp-Fe- lt speaking from wide acquaintance with this splendid years the trade mark merchandise. For seventy-fiv- e has represented correct style and honest craftsmanship, and well dressed men throughout America have learned to depend on it. R. S. Thorpe & Incorporated MAIN and MILL STREETS "THE MEN'S STORE OF LEXINGTON" Sons - J