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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 25, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX KITTENS TRIM BLUE DEVILS IN FAST GAME, 31-1- 9 3,000 FANS SEE ENTIRE WORLD FOR CAMPUS TENNESSEE WINS On Trial! ! KITTENS TACKLE IS HARD STUDY NECESSARY? U()0DLAND FIVE colleg- Does a boy or girl have to study The diary of the hard, put in long hours, in order to ian in the near future promises to in- Evils of College Football Are make a respectable showing in preselude accounts of such events as sleep-in- g Discussed at Educational ent day schools especially in col through a dull lecture in ancient j Parley leges and universities? If you will history, under the very shadows of ! believe the boys and girls the the Pyramids, or flunking a zoology mid-terwhile a school of sharks-- ' courses are terribly hard and they (From the Dartmouth) UniThe Kentucky Kittens stellar bas The University of Kentucky Kittens Butcher, hefty center of the studying. The University of Kentucky Kittens sport beneath the quiz room windows versity of Tennessee basketball team, Perhaps- the most outstanding fea ketball quintet had a very busy time have to put in long hours Of course it has been many years won their fifteenth consecutive game powerful basketball team ran their Sounds fishy, eh ? Saturday night, ture, from the point of view of actual last week, and according to schedule, since we went to school but we have by beating Woodland Athletic club by delightful little lived up to. his name Can you picture string of consecutive victories to sixEduca- they should have a much busier time moon, for at that time he and his cohorts accomplishment, of the recent tryst the a recollection that even then there teen Tuesday nighty in the Euclid lovedipping under ever-errin- g Hawaiin g Wildcats tional Parley at Wesleyan was th in their games this week. The Kit- was a similar line of talk by stu- 50 to 27 at the Euclid gymnasium frosh in did butcher the the Intercollegiavenue gymnasium by defeating the or Saturday night. tens have continued to mow down all dents. of the University of Kentucky by the discussion of the case of .famed Lexington High school Blue Che Dead Sea? Can you of the jour- score of 31 to 20 in the Euclid gym ate Football. The whole problem was opposition, having won their sixteen Although the Kittens got away to of We always have to laugh when we Devils by the score of 31 to 19. Ap- nalistic clique imagine a reporter Dean clearly and concisely stated by starts so far this season. They took hear this talk about hard study, of a slow start .and although their lead proximately 3,000 persons witnessed the University's publication scoop-- 1 nasium. 52-2- 4 Wilkins, Chairman of the American ing" the Associated Tress, on the disThe 'Cats were the first to score, Association "of University Professors. the Wesleyan Cubs over by a how stiff the courses are, of how high was small during the. greater part of the contest. score, and followed up a night later ? Jenkins making two field goals The rame had hardly started when covery of the missing link in Borneo with by, drubbing the Smith Specials, an the standards are, of how many hours the first half, they warmed up to the was the Conference, Helm quickly fol- The result rapid succession. Spicer, star Blue Devil center, broke And why not? one exception, stood unanimously op independent team in Richmond, Ky., are put in studying. We do not be- task in the latter part of the fir3t half All because the large -- number ot. lowed with another basket, giving the posed to lieve that courses are any harder through the Kitten defense to score the sport in its present stat by a 51-2- 3 count. Last Saturday college students, both graduate and 'Cats a 6 to 0 lead. But Butcher than they were in our day in school or and during all the second half, and a crip. Jeffries came right back with of definite and drastic undergraduate, who wish to travel, started and made nine points before us and in favor one exception was Mr. soon were so far out in front that no a free throw, following this immed"""" 7" L and feated the Woodland A. C. 50-2- 7, Tennessee revision. The while in the pursuit of enlighten- - Kentucky scored again. . iately with a goal from mid-floodoubt of the outcome was left in any3 Ai H. B. Holton, Chairman of the Wes .lasl rn tr:t. M - l nJiit ui cuuib Ul uiauia lu juanc lUCSUilJ IllgllL me xvibbcua mauin any school. Then Combs and Milward both regis-- r ment, has influenced the Universitya led from that stage to the end of the leyan Alumni Council. one's mind. It was just another game aged to eke out a victory over the fair record game. At one time in the first half making the score Travel Association to undertake tered from the floor, We have heard boys and girls brag for the Kittens. In the first place let it be said that Lexington High Blue Devils, 31-2- 9, novel kind of college course, in the Butcher had scored 12 of Tennessee's ': quarter ended. 7 to 2 as the the question was treated from the in one of the closest and most excit- about making "B's" as though they Jimmy McFarland was in the The second quarter was the most form of a cruise afounnd the world. 13 points. The score at the end of of the "mass" of college ing games they have played so far had accompolished something. It may Woodland lineup, and played a good - oTcitinir nnrc on me irarnir. m nwo A "college aboard ship" it has been the first half was, Kentucky 11, Ten stand-poibe that they have but there are still of this season. From the stand-poir-ifVin Rltio Tioviis. with Koden called, for the students sail in nessee 15, 12 of which were made by students. Irvine Jeffries managed the boys girls who make "A's" and game. those who actually play the game and of each year, spend the year Butecher. This week they play the University don't and leading, fought an uphill tight ana break down under the strain. freshmen in the absence of McFar participate on football squads, the adIn the final half-- the 'Cats managed vantages of the sport could not be of Louisville freshmen at Louisville. came within one point of a tie with the abroad, and return late in May. No doubt there have been advances land, and plenty of substitutions were This game should prove very good, as A faculty of about forty men and to cover Butecher and held him to . . yearlings as the half ended. Score: made in education. We hope and be women travel with the students, ar- one point, but he had already butech- - denied, but the part of the player is the Louisville frosh are reported to made. Freshmen 13, Blue Devils 12. plaudit and be considerably strengthened since lieve that most boys and girls know McFarland was high point man for How a far cry from that of the In the third quarter, with Combs ranging lectures and tours, and plan- ered the home boys enough. study while on ever, while the 'Cats were holding the plaudits are the mass. There is their last game with the Kittens. The more when they finish high school Woodlend with 14 points. For the putting 'em in from everywhere, the ning the courses of college than they did in our day. made to more Butcher the other Tennessee sharp only one player out of every sixty Georgetown Tiger Cubs will be en- and Kittens drew away from the Blue board ship. Visits are There should be advance in all lines Kittens, Lyons, with 16 points, was college students! In other words, out Devils rapidly. The blue team did than thirty foreign countries. shooters were romping away with of every sixty men in college fifty-nin- e gaged at Georgetown Saturday night, but the advance in education should high scorer, and Miller played brilwhich is selected for this the game. while the Centre Lieutenants may be liantly at back guard. jiot make a point in this period. The The boat get practically none of the ad- met, also. Thus, it is clearly to be be gradual from the first year in '"score at the end of the third quarter "ocean voyage" is equipped with a The lineups: Near the close of the contest Sharpe school and not 12, library, study halls, gymnasium and was injured and Ropke, who was sub vantages and practically all of the seen that the Kittens have quite, a years in, college. all come in the few Kittens (39) Pes. (27) Woedkad was: Kittens 23, Blue Devils evils connected with the sport in its task on their hands, but they are. peron even swimming pool, so that the young stituted for him, thrilled the.on-loo- k Lyons (16) . The two teams fought F. (14) McFarland present dimensions. With this fact fectly capable of handling the situaUnless times have changed greatly McBrayer (11) F. quarter, the fresh- - people may work and play, and en- ers with his long shots and (1) Brock . terms in the last as the axis, the case may be stated: tion, is is believed, and by the end of most students have too little to do Milward (11) .... C. content to hold the score gage in all their regular college activ- good playing. (2) Sidener men being That was the Combs 1. It is an absorbing recreation by the week, their list of victories should instead of too much. ities. . G - (7) King as it was Butcher, Dean and Rice were Ten means of which anxiety and staleness be considerably lengthened. condition 30 years ago. When we " While the- - "university afloat" is G. .. Adams Spicer was the mainstay for the Miller (2) For Kentucky, may be expelled and pep and fresh nessee's luminaries. boys and - Blue Owens, Devils. He was always in the primarily for college students who, if Kittens Substitutions: The frosh defeated the Smith Spe think of the thousands of Jenkins and Ropke played well. If ness instilled. girls who graduate each year from Ellis (4), McLane, Sisk (2), Williams game d thick of the fight. For the Kittens, they take passage for the year's trip, Ropke had entered the game sooner cials in an easy and colleges it is going to be difficult to (4), Torok, Meyers, Jones, Byrnes, Miller, Milward and Combs played and fulfill all the requirements, are 2. It is a means of strengthening Combs and Miller were the only regthere might have been a different tale convince us brilliantly throughout the contest. given regular college credits, a limitthe unison of the group, giving it a ulars to start the game. Lou' Ellis tion today. that it is not the condi- Hampton. Woodland Clark (3). to relate. Irvine Jeffries, playing his first game ed number of postgraduate students Referee Underwood, of Kentucky common interest and a common bond performed remarkably well, making It is surprising how easily the since he was hurt two weeks ago, re are also accepted. McGill Daily. Lyons made 13 and 3. It is a clean and interesting topic eight points. ceived a slight injury to his ankle Milward had a total of 10 points to youBg people can make their parents of thought and conversation. (7) Spicer believe this propaganda about how Milward (10) .... C. .. and left early in the contest, but 4. It is a means, by virtue of the his credit. Moberly was best for the (2) Bronsten Combs (9) . .. G. .. near the .end of the game. gate receipts it draws, of maintaining Independents, making 12 of his team's hard they study, when the parents G know how little they worked when H. Miller Miller (3) The lineups: other sports, less profitable financial points. they were in school. We do not blame (19) Lexigton Substitutions: Kentucky Ellis (2), Po9. Kittens (31) ly, with the college. In the Wesleyan game Jeffries was the young people but we do believe (8) Boden McBrayer, Williams; Lexington . Jeffries (3) . ... F. The evils of the sport on its present unable to participate on account of his parents were not so gullible (2) Kleiser Roberts, Davenport. Lyons (2) . . .. F. Kappa Sigma and Sigma Nu scale are: ankle. Milward was the star of the that if many students would do much better Occupy First Place in Inter-fraterni- ty 1. It tends to distort in the stu game, making 16 points. At the be more. League; Others dent's mind the normal scale of values ginning of the second half, the sub work and learn much average Anyone who has intelli The stitutes were given a chance and of colleee work and of life. Follow Close Behind gence, knows how to study, and wants football captain as campus idol high every one performed creditably. Tur to learn can make a fairly good rec Our fountain is equipped for the best newspaper ner was Wesleyans star performer, FURTHER PLANS STATED pay to professionals in school and not fancy drinks and sandwiches glamour alumni insanity enormous and besides playing a good floor ord or girl who will work hard. A boy really study COME IN basket- financial outlay high pay to coaches, game, he contributed 10 points to his three or four hours a day can easily In the field of intra-murside's cause. ball, the leadership in the fraternity etc. graduate from any college but boys 2. It causes general over-exciThe divisions remains unchanged. One of the closest and most inter hysteria" neglect esting basketball .games seen this and girls are no different from men Kappa Sigmas, with five wins and no mentA"Saturday and women and we all like to pose losses, and the Sigma Nus, with four of work absence from classes in season came off last Tuesday night at as hard workers although few work victories and no defeats, are tied for attention and loss of interest in fun the university gymnasium. The Kit very hard. Hillsboro Ohio News- first place in Division 1. In the sec- damental interests and concerns. tens defeated Coach John Heber's Herald. ond division, the Alpha Sigs are lead- which interferes with and often dis Blue Devils, but the game was no Hark, ye knights of by a long shot. To give ing, with Alpha Gamma Rho and rupts the normal pursuits of both the walk-awa- y Brown University Dairy compa the squared circle! The In the, college and the individual. Sierma Beta Xi close seconds. some idea of the closeness of the nies are swamping the coaches and 3. Minor evils such as drinking, dis scores, the Kittens led by 7-- 2 score at athletic directors new boxing gloves and other two divisions, Men's Dorm and with requests to dishonesty in ticket the end of the first quarter, but only This sipation, betting, Company C are the leaders. ring equipment has ar- write articles on the strength-givin- g week's clashes wind up the. prelimi speculation, and financial support of 13-1- 2 at the half. The Kittens start- qualities of milk. The world will not rived. We are prepared players by alumni, all of which re ed off with a rush in the second half, be let in on nary games. From the looks of things to furnish you with all the secret if the football reh fleet not only in the individual and his and their greater endurance and now, it seems as though the team is a successful next season as your needs. program moral character but upon the good serve power enabled them to draw was the milk-fe- d contest of the entire team of the past . away at the third quarter by a 23-1- 2 will be unfolded on March 1 when the name and reputation' of the college. season. With college football fast becoming score, and the game ended 31-1- 9, the Kappa Sigs and Sigma Nus meet, probably for the division champion- the most popular of all American teams holding just about their respec A star halfback of the University sports, and with its unique qualities tive distances as to scoring. ship. of Iowa was arrested and fined $25 Bicycles, Spertiag Geeds, for the development of leadership and Jeffries, in the time he played, was and costs for tackling a Christmas March 14-1- 9, after basketball closAthletic Supplies strength of character in those who an outstanding star. "Spooks" Mil tree free-thro- w es, there will be an intra-murand carrying it down the street 128 North Lisa est ese Street Each entrant will play as well as the other advantages ward was high point man with a to- for a touchdown' a few days before contest. to abolish Lexingtea, Ky. throw fifty times. There will be fra- mentioned above, however, stamp out tal of ten points, while "Pisgah' Christmas. ternity teams, composed of ten men the whole sport in order to would be, Combs garnered nine markers. Lou to it Ellis, who substituted for Jeffries, each, of which the highest eight will the evils correlative Suitable cups tritely, to cut off your nose to spite played a very eood game. Len Miller compose each team. should be rather played, a wonderful game at guard, will be awarded. The last week in your face. The aim track meet will first to limit the evils in so far as pos- and Lyons completed the brilliant March an intra-mur- al sible without harming the sport as teamwork of the Kittens. Boden and ir r n " ii be held, and after that, an intra-mur- al the m. boxing contest, with seven weight a whole, and second, to secure to now Spicer were outstanding for the Blue l wn air in divisions, from bantam to heavy. greatest number the advantages few. Devils, scoring eight and seven points by'Jthe Miller at guard was Tennis and baseball will also be so exclusively shared following pro- respectively. also an outstanding cog in the Lexing played, trophies being offered to the With this in view, the FROM CATS GOOD TEAMS IN FINAL FROSH UPSET HEBERMEN THIS WEEK IS EASY FOR KITTENS " it TIE CONTINUES IN B. B. LEAGUE McGURK and O'BRIEN SPORTING GOODS ,1 BURKE'S SPORT SHOP You Can Get A i n His honor, old Squire Pipe is unques; tionably the world's ablest judge of pipe tobaccos. Who else is by nature, training to try a and experience so tobacco and hand down a decision on it? .. So, in the case of Granger Rough Cut, the plea is that Judge Pipe's verdict be accepted as final! To make a long brief brief: Character witnesses everywhere have sworn to Granger's sterling quality. Experts have vouched for the superiority of its rough cut. 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Such a rule would have the following advantages, it would mean the academic work of the player would be interfered with during only one season; it would secure to a much greater number of men the advantages now enjoyed by a comparatively small group; it would cause a decrease in individual publicity and glorification valwhich tends to distort the proper ues; it would eliminate "alumni buying" of players for the college; it prejudices would eliminate class-roosail- and the possibility of a player Keeps Your Hair Neat, Rough Cut uum tin cents, th package, gkssine, respective winners. Liquid Hair Dressing GRANGER The Travelers Courtesy Card 1i Made for pipes only! that natural, rich, well groomed effect. it stiff and artificial looking as waxy, pastes and creams do. Lovelay also keeps the scalp soft and the hair healthy by restoring the natural oils from which the hair derives its health, life, gloss and lustre. For sale at drug stores. LOVECRU LABORATORIES Granger Rough Cut is made by the Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company iiiiiiitnmfflmfflfflHn.tniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinuuuut FREE ton High team. All in all, the game was excellent, and the Blue Devils proved themselves a powerful quintet. ASK FOR IT ing through college without having to measure up to the conventional schol astic standard; it would bring a wider technical understanding and apprecia tion of the sport by permitting more to participate; and lastly, it would not noticeably decrease popular inter est in and enjoyment in the sport, per se, which means that competition among candidates for teams would be as strong as ever, that the financial support for other sports gained through the gate receipts would con tinue, and that the publicity enjoyed by colleges concerned and the desire to have good teams would not be re A LARGE SIX CYLINDER CAR Now Ready For Your Use Is $5.00 HERTZ FOR PER 24 HOURS DRIV -UR - SELF STATIONS 234 E. MAIN STREET INFORMATION PHONE 3008 L. W. Culley, Mgr. duced. Intercollegiate football has been on trial for three years. It is now I major concern in almost every Amer ican callege, and it is time something were done. The above statement we trust will clarify the issue so that Dartmouth, of all colleges one which should be most deeply concerned, may judge it. The Dartmouth stands heartily in accord with the reform of some kind, be it costructive or radical. We invite discussion and plead for action. WANTS TO BE AN ANGEL ld Mrs. W. M. writes: "My little girl said to me the other day, 'Muwer, how long is it to my birth- day?" " 'Not very long, dear,' I told her. " 'Well ' she asked, 'is it time for me to begin being- a good girl?"' Boston Transcript. - Music won a vjctory over notoriety last week when Fritz Kreisler's violin attracted nearly twice as many people in Des Moines, Iowa, as did Aimee Aimee's attraction was McPherson. free but people preferred to pay to hear Kreisler. Who said people are not improving in their tastes? University of Southern California has issued an edict which bans smoking at functions of any kind in university residences or on the campus. THE LEXINGTON PLAYERS Present "THE BRIDE" This is the play in which Peggy Woods chose to return to the stage. Thursday Night Is COLLEGE NIGHT Get Up A Party Lower Floor 75c First 2 Rows in Balcony 50c Gallery 25c Balance 40c Matinee Wednesday and Saturday Call 2835 for Seats 10c and 40c