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2 > Image 2 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-02-22

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-2- FCR 3 Human Development Institute Fund for Excellence Quasi-Endowment FCR 4 Gifts and Pledges from Don L. Jacobs, Sr. and Don Jacobs Charitable Foundation, Inc. FCR 5 Gift from the Kentucky Christian Foundation D. Chairs Report Dr. Brockman spoke on behalf of himself and the Board in expressing condolences to Ms. Patterson and her family on the passing of Ms. Pattersons husband, Mr. Bill Patterson. He recounted that Mr. Patterson was "part ofthe Board and that he would certainly be missed. Dr. Brockman moved next to CR l, which contains the appointment of a committee that will be titled "The Celebration of the Lee T. Todd Presidency Committee. The committees charge is to plan a celebration of President Todds ten years as president ofthe University of Kentucky. Persons selected for the committee are Board member Teny Mobley, the committees chair, Board members Ryan Smith and Everett McCorvey, Presidents Chief of Staff Doug Boyd, Alumni Association Director Stan Key, Vice President of University Relations Tom Harris, and Director of Campaign Services and Donor Relations Paula Pope. Mr. Smith requested that First Lady Patricia B. Todd be included in the celebration, and Dr. Brockman concurred with his request. Fonnally put, the committee shall select an appropriate site and make appropriate arrangements to celebrate the decade of change and challenges that President Todd has brought to the university with his vision and his limitless energy and passion. Dr. Brockman called for the Presidential Search Committees report. E. Presidential Search Committee Report Mr. Stuckert, chair ofthe committee, reported that the search committee had been very active since the last board meeting. He thanked everyone who had helped them with their activities and expressed particular appreciation to Ms. Peggy Way for keeping the activities flowing. Next, he announced that Ms. Curris and Ms. May would conduct a presidential tour of the Commonwealth and requested that they describe their upcoming activities. Ms. Curris discussed a chart that she had given board members called the University of Kentucky Presidential Tour ofthe Commonwealth. The background of this project is that in 200l a similar tour was conducted by the Board and the search committee across the Commonwealth in order to keep citizens updated as to what was happening during the process of choosing a new president. She and Ms. May will likewise conduct a similar tour during this search process in which they will share with Kentuckians what is going on and at the same time engender any comments that they would like to have brought back to the board. Ms. Curris showed a map with Kentucky divided into five regions, which were detennined with the help of UK Public Relations personnel as being central to and inclusive ofthe regions. Dr. Lee Meyer ofthe search committee has contributed the services ofthe Agricultural Extension Center to collect data in each county on local groups availability for meeting with the search team. In addition, Mr. Stan Key will engage the electronic services of his alumni database to help get the message out to alumni about the tour. Meetings will be planned, two per day, for the month of