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4 > Image 4 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-02-22

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-4- President Todd began by introducing his guest speaker, Mr. Vince Kellen, Chief Infonnation Officer, who joined UK in January 2009 from DePaul University. He lauded Mr. Kellens expertise and enthusiasm for dealing with all parts ofthe university, including the academic and the medical areas. H. CIO Update on Infonnation Technology Mr. Kellen thanked President Todd for asking him to speak about his area to the Board. Within the past two years, much has happened regarding information technology at the University of Kentucky. Faculty and student adoption ofthe universitys leaming management system (Blackboard) has grown significantly, and faculty are quickly using the new lecture capture system (Echo 360) and web conferencing systems (Adobe Connect pro) recently funded by President Todd. In November 2010, the IT unit launched UKs mobile application available on iPhone, Blackbeny, and other mobile phones, with over 5,500 uses adopting. Use of wireless devices is growing significantly on campus for academic and health care purposes. UK IT also helps lead the development ofthe statewide networks KyRON and KPEN connecting universities, working with the CPE. Continued leadership in this area is critical for extending education and telemedicine across Kentucky. Looking ahead, the IT unit is currently proceeding with several projects in an effort to reduce the demand for computing services in the universitys on-premises data center through "cloud services. These projects include student email, enterprise systems, and high perfonnance computing (HPC) cloud projects. The university expects electronic textbooks to increase in use in the coming years, which will increase student demand for more wireless access as many of these books will be read on iPad-like devices. Open educational content (free electronic textbooks and course materials) are likely to grow as some state systems adopt open content in an effort to reduce the students costs of textbooks. Funding and strong support by the President, Provost, and the Executive Vice President for Fiscal Affairs have enabled this recent progress in these critical areas. I. Presidents Report (PR 1) After thanking Mr. Kellen for his presentation, President Todd had some good things to discuss before moving to PR 1. He praised DanceBlue for its February 17 and 18 dance marathon in which students raised $673,000 for the pediatric oncology childrens unit at the UK Childrens Hospital. DanceBlue once again eamed a record amount for the benefit of the children. President Todd asked representatives from DanceBlue to stand and receive a round of applause from the Board. The president also informed the Board that this Wednesday Kentucky satellite number 1 will go into orbit and will cany a proj ect into space which will orbit the earth and allow school children to access it. Also, UKs College of Engineering houses a command center for projects connected to the Intemational Space Station. Individuals, including students in schools throughout Kentucky, are allowed to suggest an experiment to be done in space, to access the space equipment, and to communicate with the astronauts. A current project involving nanoracks should receive some coverage that board members are likely to hear about.