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7 > Image 7 of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 2011-02-22

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-7- commencement ceremonies because of time constraints. The president was able to shake hands with all graduates and have pictures made with them. A more personalized commencement will also be held in May. To allow this, UK will reinitiate Founders Day, at which all faculty awards will be given the Sullivan Awards, the Kirwan Award, and other awards that have in the past been announced at the May commencement. The president thanked all who worked to make these changes possible. University Press Books Receive Acclaim The president urged board members to read all ofthe PR l articles, but he jumped to this item to speak about the University Presss outstanding accomplishments. He announced that, in addition to the books mentioned in the PR article, yesterday the Press published a book on President Frank L. McVey. Because there was no biography about President McVey to this point, Presdident Todd had wished to commission one and get it done before Dr. Thomas Clark, longtime UK professor and Kentucky state historian, passed away. Dr. Clark regarded President McVey very highly. The book did not materialize until now, however, and President Todd welcomes it. Three generations ofthe McVey family were able to attend the ceremony announcing the book. SKY BLUE House Featured on KET SKY BLUE House, which finished ninth of 20 competitors at the 2009 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition, was featured on a program that ran on KET, KET2, and KET Kentucky through February 22. UKs solar house team was an interdisciplinary group comprised of students, faculty, and staff from six colleges and 16 centers and departments within UK. The television program on the universitys solar house was produced, shot, and edited by the College of Engineering and the Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments at UK. President Todd elaborated further on why a benefit is derived from sponsorship of such projects for students when he described a grant offered by the Kentucky Highlands, an investor group from London, Kentucky. Part ofthe grant had the purpose of applying the knowledge gleaned from solar decathlon participation to make energy-efficient bulk-manufactured housing. This housing would be usable as standard housing as well as during national disasters where a large number of homes were needed in short order. The president expressed his wish that research we do here would furnish ideas and concepts that could be applied in other parts of the state so that we can create real jobs and put real people to work. Research really can make a difference in Kentucky, and the president is proud that our students are having success in their research. President Todd urged the Board to read all ofthe items in PR l. J. Waiver of Part X of the Goveming Regulations Pertaining to the Employment of Relatives: Brian P. Butler (PR 3) President Todd introduced PR 3 and asked that the Board authorize the continued employment of Brian Butler, the son of Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration Frank Butler, as required by Goveming Regulation X, Part X. Two years ago, the Board approved a waiver for Mr. Butler, and circumstances have not changed. Brian Butler is four levels removed from his father, and his father will not be involved in any personnel actions or decisions concerning his son. President Todd recommended that the resolution be passed, and