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10 > Image 10 of 1965 Kentuckian Centennial Year

Part of University of Kentucky Yearbook Collection

Registration may seem like an endless ordeal to students; yet the learning process runs smoothly because o Common concern for knowledge brings two students together in the library. Preservation ... a basic supporting function Even though the means of preserving knowledge have drastically changed since the time of hand-written scrolls, serious students today, as in past years, still make use of available materials. Without UK's libraries with their collections of books, papers, microfilm, and other recorded information, the University could not perform its teaching and research functions. After discovering this information the student must then absorb it for his future benefit. In many cases, as illustrated at examination time, he must rely on this store of knowledge. A college not only stores its knowledge in library volumes but also in the minds of its graduates. The long hours of study and preparation is the living link in preserving the wisdom of man. It is through the work of man that the achievements of our civilization are passed on to future generations.