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Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

Part of Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

} _ Kigxrucxr liaxuuooic 13 i " V ucrc constructed; in 1900 the Civil and [ll l`hysits and Mining buildings were fitt- its islied; in 1910 thc new theinistry building Wl was built, and in 1018 the new work-sltops `4 in the mechanical department were con- `Sl structed and equipped. in 1923 a new Bas- g' 0l , lretball building was built and a Stadium is `. to now under construction. ln 1893 the Nor- . .vl\ mal School was organized and in 1908 al- xtc tt rations were made and two full collegiate E NY . courses were substituted. ~ i in 1869 the first B. S. degree was con- I ; ltrred upon a man, \\. B. Munson, and in l 1S8fl the first B. S, degree was conferred L upon a woman, Mrs. Fharles Kay. , IF. I This, in brief, is the history of the Uni- yl` versity ot` Kentucky. Uollogcs have been i lcd Q ' added through the years until now there are gl"' * five, namely: Arts & Sciences, Agriculture. ,_ W V Education, Engineering and Law. There l rc.: i are over one hundred and fifty instructors ` ni { and hundreds of workers employed by the 5 m ~ university. The instruction serves over ? `S` 1 l three thousand students from all parts of "L l the globe. The Extension Department of `ES` the university serves about one thousand Q UP people by giving correspondence courses and y \,l" i sending instructors to different parts of thc mg state to teach classes. The Military Depart- E, W3" gi nrent has been a lasting feature of the in- - 3-lm stitution and is one of the strongest li, O, 'l`. 1 (`. units in this corps area. V Ex- The University of Kentucky is, at tho l Om [ present time, supported by appropriations sec- l. by the State Legislature of tho State of hctl l