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Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary, 1925

Part of Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

i{lTNTL‘l`K\' ]i.'\Nl`rB(lUl( 17 . BE A FRESIIMAN i"l'l\lll the president. of the university on WV- tlown to your own self every man who is a niomber of the university nrust go through I WN the experience of being at Freshman. It is f not a dis;·;race. Mw You will be ragged and ehaffed it little. and uml sub_im·t<·` Do not attempt to conceal the fact that li - you are a, Freshman. The seasoned col- Y 'orth ; lege man can identify a.Freshman one hun- ` g dreml yards off; unless the latter should try 1 root. ; to disguise the fact that he is TL Freshman, ` i in whivh eatsu ho can be recognized at half '* Ulu}, . 1; inile. Q ' Y ) . I Ask questions. Bc natural. Do not ho A JDM . loo vhatty with upper-t·lassmen. Having fi l been provirloil with t'wo oars, two eyes and I l"E“"i‘ gi only one mouth. the rgtio should he oI»» l _ · soryc-il lo thi- point of hearing and seeing "'("[‘ twice as much as one t:LTks. This is an ini- E I iuzdent ri~mark. It is also true. i llvll ii 1 ul " srmxu A N·\'· Spring is :1. young gml 5 ( In green sandals i atreet. Tapping at the window { . Of zi. hermit`s eottage. i unda) —\'lRGIL LEON STURGILL, 'ZS. {