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Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary, 1925

Part of Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

___ 1xl.NlLIl`|x\' ii:\N|lllL)Ul\ 29 _ ‘ one of the nnvst bountiful purls of the Blue UW" Ridge mountnins, tthnut sixteen miles from "l"' .\sln~villt=. The insnirzitilnnil lectures und the l·h" \\'ll\lir*$l\lll\' ntlnnsphere of the place, leave _ *0***** ;t lasting iinprt-ssinn that is worth at year of ` m"" vnllege wnrl;. Any student of at southern K liu ··¤>llt»;·e wlin is nt gotnl elmracter may at- , ;"`i’i lnlllli this t·t>nl`<~renue. ` p uns 3 bod) .___ zit t»t` tin l·})ll’ll()\`)lENT { The Y, M. L`. A. on-opeiuttes with stu- Nt-nts who nre tlvsirtitts of ohtrtining work l for ull or pnrt of their expenses while ut; 1l<‘i*‘** tln~ l`ni\‘t-rsity liy helping them to find em- 5 fm ployiiietit tliruugh these efforts. The secre- \\'*"`h t;.ry und tht· nssoeiulion ure anxious to co- f |<·H\l=~ tineiutte with nny student in securing em- K L plny1nr·nt. nti·s.~, ; _ flu- ti { (hiv- 1 ¤·l‘¢ll_ , This t·lul> cn·;;:inizetl through the guithmex- Q U" I nl` the Assnviaition is for the purpose of (hw" l»i·inging the 1`orvign students into tt closer ` " untlt»rstnndin;‘ of Amt·ricun students und to i I help tln~in to lonrn American ideals and cus- i ;[ twins, llil<¢—n·is·i for the Amerituiu student i N =** ` lo llll· t;i·t»wii tu it nn~nilwrship of about eighteen ¥ 1 Ihr sttnlwnts. und i`zu·ulty, nine of which are ;\,’>=. t`·:t·t-isn lmrn. Meetings have been held each mtrni· g[ month, ltztving ;t different country presented '\l\i`*"Y" I lly its i·t·pi·c—s<¤iit:iti\‘es ezteh time. Several so- thirde E ··i;lls wt·i·i· ln·l•l in connection with these s » nd- t nl··etin;:<. 'l`ht— foreign students are officers udvui l ··t` tht: t·lul», whirh. gives them opportunity § H the ll In tlvw-lop tht-ir t·x·~t:ulive ability. * ins ul lnt· is : nth- i i ted il: i i