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Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

Part of Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

in_ioynrent when one has some- t thing really antt truly wonderful to discuss. t \\'hat eoultl be more interesting than the E Y. \\'. tj. A.? livery organization has wished ’ I you new girls 0. hearty welcome and wt-. too, want to say "h0wdy" and add our greetings. l’erhaps some of you may not V know what the Y. \\'. C. A. is and what it ·lot·s; it is to you that we are tlireetint: Q Q this inessage. l—Zvt·ry member of the Y. \\i'. . .; wants you to know that sl1e is interested in ` ; ` all you new girls antl will help you in every ' Z? possihle way. Une eau never forget the first. yt-ar—we all know its ups and downs. , :2 and if there is anything you need to know, ’ or il' anything puzzles you, ask us and w·· H van ht-Ip you. : i E Z! "` = Q ~ , l TOWN GIRLS , t . \ \\'o nt·t·d not only the ltr·lp of the girls ' _ ( that live in the tlorinitorles hut also the eo- ; operation of those who live out in town. ‘— ` livery University girl is needed to make ‘“‘ ` this org:tnization's work effective. There _ has l»t’·t·n a speeial eoniinittee appointed to r ‘ arouse the interest of the town girls. \\'e Y [ hope to have all the girls attend the Sun» ‘ day night services and also the soeittl fune~ V _ tions whi<·h the association gives. ]i` we all work together we shall have rt truly tlein— Y T. oeratic spirit in the Y. \V. C. A. i