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Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary, 1925

Part of Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

:1: liiexirueiur Illxnnuoox Itl·)Cl*Zl’CI`IOX (`OMMITTEE l 'l‘he Y. \\’. C. A. wants all the new girls to have :1. hearty welcome as soon as they iwucli Lexington. For this purpose n re- vepiion eomirrittee, uoinposetl of the cali- · inet and other members. has been forinetl. . These girls meet all the trains and may be ` recognized by their blue and white badges. I 'l‘l1e Cabinet will continue to wear thrse ` · vniblems two weeks after the heginning of :·t·hool, iner·\ing 5ou. 2 MEETINGS l .\t 0:30 every Sunday night se·rvie¤~s are li I l-t·l¤l at Patterson Hall. During the week, i on all nights except Friday unwl Saturday, llevotional servimls are eonnluetell in all the halls from 10 to 10:15. liible study vlussi-s are azarrietl on weekly in both. nlorinitories [ and fraternity housz-s. About once a month the Y. \\'. ll. A. anal tho Y. M. (T. A_ i-omv · iigether for it joint Sunday night meeting 1 which is held either at Patterson Hall or `1