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Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

Part of Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

. i . 1 I ]{lZX'I`l`l`I{\' ll.1>:1>1:1>1; 37 lg \\'()MANS SELF-(i()\'ERNM)lENT m I' .\SSOCI.\'1I()N IC f _'l`l1e g0\'FlIllil0llt of :1il w<111n11 stullents ` ;L 1 living 111 the hulls of residence, sorority of h;)u$i* li' l7l'i\ute boarsling houses is in l l <1:11g of th) \V. 'S. U. A. Tl ` ` 1 the :1ssoei1tio11 is `to rer l*1 mllObJ?Ct qt ,1, _ M . gu an t at nnttters i M { Di]`illlllli to the student l1te of its Yl'l8l]l i Im 1 hreis which do not [nil unrler the jurisdic- I tion ot gh? faculty; to foster at spirit of gi i 11111 y :111 ovultv to the iTlll\'l`$li\` of Ken- 1 . - " 1 lucky; to incrouse their sense of responsi i 1* bility toward each other and to be a medium l"* by whicli thc soniul SUlll(iill`(_iS of the, unlvcr- i la S1i.Lr('1;l1CiJ@ sliiltiig and kent high. 1 . Y. . . cn eavors, by use of the point . We 5 system. to regulate the girls activities. it .` controls the offices one girl Illfly hold and induces 111ors ~l t -; M'- : HH tics The (thigu s o .11Lt1 n1m_pusj1ct1\1 I i A . _ . .l1IITl1l1 of the Point system I ll; enminittee has charge of this work. 3 " V Even before zi girl actually becomes zi Ky. Z k io~e1 she is brought into (i\lliH(t with nn 1 1,. [ \'er growing trztditiontl1e Big and Little S yi. li Sister 111o\e111e11t. This is 11ot :1, l`ll0\`EIl`lH[ i nf of at small group of wninen. hut includes all S., the girls of the lvI`liYkl'Sil}` who are willing I dy to luke the responsibility of introducing uml its *`ii$11g' women into Kentucky life. This L! s)s`Q111 is snonsoreil byahe \\. S. G. A. { WH l lo cure mr the social activities of the i women students there is :1 social m11111nittee "' whose duty it is to plan all the get-togetlwr 'i parties through ihc_3eur. For the ent`o1ce ii ivaent of SCif-`0\`4il'l\lllCllt euch hull of res- l { l4i(llt)C(`l.Ild sorority house has at council. -1 > l-onsisiing of tl1e house \'lt(`*[`ll`E$l