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Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

Part of Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

l{i;xri~c1 ward realization of its calling. Q This happy condition owes itself as much __ te the admirable spirit of thc student body as it does to the acknowledged excellent. , [ leadership and vision of its faculty and it is _ confidentially believed that with contlnu . ation of`tliese happy conditions it will grad- E \. ually continue to go forward in the sublime i l`_ _ cause in the behalf of which its energies V M_ are enlisted. Q ll . I Tt is gratifying to' reflect that the ses E n i sion next preceding this one was an occa- Y. ll sion of outstanding achievement on the part f .. { of the student body, the administration and L ll- the teaching force of the university. But lj only a continuation of such loyal and sin- ' 1.;leheartcd effort can continue to produce tf these happy results. To that end. there- tc fore, this little publication is launched with k the confident hope that it may prove a *; guide and an inspiration to young men and ' women who are coming into our midst for the first time to remain for four years. I U ln behalf, tlierefore, of our common Alma ` Mater we greet you, we proffer help, we I hope you will permit us in some way at ( least to serve you that both you and we may be able thereby to serve the state and ~ humanity. _ .1. STERLING 'I`O\\'LES.