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Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary, 1925

Part of Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

l\ i{l·.N'l`lH`l{\' lltxxiiiuina; ll} I I SC1l()L;\RSllll'S ANI) PRIZES i RHODES SCIIOLARSIIIP I 'l‘l1¢: culleges of the Unitml States are ins V ih-ht·~1l tn the lnie <`e1·il .`l. lllimlvs fur l»1·· E I__ 1{uoathing zi fund 0uii of wliieh two scholar- I In 1 ships in the University of Oxforil. Eiiglaiid. I _I._ are given annually tu each state and ter- I ·- ritory in the United States. I In year. I lv I 11- I VII 1&1sN·rU(¤1;1AN * tu The SillllC‘lli.S’ annual publication is <·all1··l I III the l{e11tu<:kia,i1. This beautiful \'i)lllll1t‘, well I` ,.11 wn1·tl1y of its name, is compiled and puh- as lished by the grarlimtiiig class. with same ] a:~sisi.a11ee from the other classes. Each year the junior class elects an assistant, 1`y husiimss manager who becoines business . ini IllLl.llll;`{('1’ in his senior year and lilcewisv :1. , on junior editor, whu vtlits the hook in his - an ’ s·-nimr year. ,? 1l— I 1 l tI . Q , . , F W I U§lVEl{»S1T\ BUl.Ll*}1‘1}\ Ii TI]; ’l‘l1ll>< xnavle hy the siudenis. !