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Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary, 1925

Part of Otis Prather University of Kentucky Varsity Handbook student diary

l{nx‘1·uri4r Ilitxiniooi: 7 I 'l`antly Ellis was born at Ghent, the pic— turestiue old town that it is, Carroll county, np on the Ohio River, June Sl, ISGS. During; 1SxS untl 1389 he was a student at the V l'nix·t~rsity along with Senator A. O. Stan- 3 . ley and t’aleb Towers. His r0eit:2.l of ni`- ’ l fairs at "Old A. & ll." in those days is very ‘ i interesting. Mr. lillis is known all over . ‘ Kentueky for his qualifirrttions as an en— _ terlainer und, by—the—way, there isn't much f` of the State that he enn’t tell you about. He is now engaged hy Kentuvky Reel {V V ‘ t`orpor:1tion for whom he has written L ` ·"I`lie Flash of the Flintl0ek" for prntluction { npon the svreen in the near future. i "B:1<·k to Old Kentucky" was written by ‘ Mr. Ellis about fifteen years ago and he t I has graciously presented it t0 you for your l entertuinnient and memory hook. l i I V F E [ l·Z¤litor’s Note——\\'hile this poem tloes not *_ ontelass "l\ly Oltl Kt-niucky H0me," its up- , l ]>earan:·e here is not intentletl to convey that itlen, and is not as fainous as "ln Ken- lllt'l()',n written by Judge James H. )lnlli— 2 E ( gan, who lived in the old "Maxwell 1‘lace," Q l 1.r.w owned hy the university for the pres— Q [ i I