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[6] > Image [6] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1887-02-jun1.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MIINUTIES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,June 1, 1887 - page 69-70 R. A. Spurr moved to amend Philip Birds substitute by increasing the salaries of all the Professors who now receive $1500 by an equal increasement viz: $250. The question being taken on R. A. Spurrs amendment to Birds substitute the amendment was carried. The question thks being taken on Philip Birds substitute as amended was lost. The motion on Dr. Clardys resolution to adopt the report of Gentl. Buell's Committee was then put to the house and was carried. The Ayes and Noes on Birds substitute as amended by R. A. Spurr are as follows. Ayes Nays Kinkead Buell Nicholas Clardy Bradford IUnthank Spurr - R. A. Bird That part of Gentl. Buell's report in reference to the Chemical Department was then taken up viz: " We recommend the consolidation of the Deptts. of Professor Peter and Professor Menke and the transfer of all the functions of the Agricultu,3ral Department not pertaining to the Chemical Department proper to the charge of Professor Scovell, Jr. In this arrangement the Committee deems it necessary to disperse regretfully with the services of Professor Peter who as a chemist in various important posi- tions has had a long and distinguished career not often equaled in honor and usefulness. " On motion adopted. Dr. Clardy moved that the courses of instruction in Agriculture and Horticulture proper,. instruction under the charge of Professor Menke be transferred to Professor Scovell and added to his duties as Director of the Station, thus establishing a closer and more intimate relationship between the Agricultural Dept. of the College and the work of the Experimenttal Station, and that eo Prof. Scovell is hereby instructed and directed accordingly. Adopted unanimously.